The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 160 You Look So Cute

Raine felt her brain cramps, she didn't want to think anymore. Those studies almost killed her and drained her energy.

"I want ice cream" Raine nuzzled Torak's neck childishly. "My head burning."

Torak couldn't help but laugh by the way Raine complaint. "Alright, I will order someone to buy an ice cream for you. What flavor do you prefer?"

"Let's go to the park." Raine abruptly raised her head and almost knocked Torak's jaw. "I see there is a park near here." She saw it on their way to his office.

"Park?" Torak asked. "There will be a lot of people at this hour. Will you be fine with that?" He was worried for her.

Yet Raine shook her head. "I think I will be fine." She said in high spirit with her face beamed with eagerness. "I am with you after all." She grinned.

"If that what you want." Torak sighed helplessly. How he could turn her down when she acted this way? "But, I think I need to change my clothes first."

Torak was wearing his business attire, clad with tie and suit, it would be attracted unnecessary attention if he went to the park that way.

"Okay." Raine nodded vigorously and jumped from Torak's laps to tidy up her book.

Torak comeback a minute later in his white polo shirt and washed off jeans, he wore a dark blue baseball cap and brought another one in the same color.

"Let's go?" Torak put the other cap on Raine's head and took her hand.

Torak's office was in the nineteenth floor, the highest floor in the building and the elevator connected directly to the parking lot, where Torak's car was parked.

Torak took the car key from Gregory, the driver, and drove the car himself.

"Watched your head." Torak mumbled when Raine got on the car and covered her head with his hand. After he buckled Raine up, he got on the driver seat and started the engine.

"Ready for ice cream, my angel?" Torak teased her and Raine giggled as a response.

It was 15.27 p.m when they drove away from the parking lot. Torak had informed his Beta and Gamma where he would go.

Because Torak wanted to keep it low, he didn't bring any of the guards with him and instead there were only two Lycans in their beast form followed behind him, far enough so Raine didn't notice them. Just in case.

After five minutes drive, Torak stopped and parked the car near an artificial lake and turned off the engine.

He looked beside him and watched Raine unbuckled herself. "Let's go!" She said cheerfully. "What flavor do you like?"

Raine looked so bright when she was in happy mood like this and so adorable in the way she waited for Torak's answer until he couldn't help, but leaned over to peck her lips.

"I like this flavor better." Torak whispered to her ears and just like what he thought, Raine's face turned crimson and nothing could make Torak happier than to see this response from her. "Let's go."

Torak opened the car door and walked toward Raine's side and opened it for her, her cheeks still slightly pink, but she smiled widely at him.

"Keep it down." Torak said while pulling down her cap so it covered half of her face. He didn't want someone caught him there with Raine, not because he didn't want their relationship was known to public, but it would only make Raine felt uncomfortable, and it wasn't the time for that yet.

Raine and Torak walked in comfortable silence while enjoying the view around her, in the other hand Torak enjoyed the only view that he loved the most.

They walked almost fifteen minutes before they could find an ice cream stall.

Raine chose vanilla flavor while Torak well, he chose the same thing because he wasn't a big fans of this kind of dessert.

Torak accompany Raine to walk on the park while explaining many things to her when they stumbled on supernatural creatures, like a shifter.

She was still a bit afraid to see them, but since Torak was there, somehow, those creatures tried to avoid him. Probably because they sensed greater danger than themselves.

This was the first time after such a long time Raine was walking under the sunlight in broad daylight, but she felt safe and protected. Before, she would avoid to walk in the open area like this, afraid to those creatures that she met.

"Are you hungry? There is shopping center there." Torak pointed at the bustling street at the other side of the park. "Do you want to see it?"

Raine nodded eagerly and together they walked over there.

Both of them walked down the street filled with many small shops and stalls before they could reach the entrance of the shopping center.

This was one of the famous malls in this city, many people would go there to buy an expensive and precious things, or only to have a fancy meal.

"What do you like to eat?" Torak rested his hand on her waist protectively as once in a while he would play with her hair.

"I am not really hungry" Raine finished her ice cream and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. "I think I want some cake" She contemplated, thinking what she would like to eat.

Thus, Torak led her to one of an expensive cake stores that served various cakes in cute design. He thought Raine would like to eat something cute and adorable like this, Calleb told him about this not long time ago.

However, when Raine said she wanted to eat cake, what she meant was a simple chocolate cake and would never have thought Torak would bring her here.

With these cute and lovely cakes around them and the pink background, Torak's figure was so out of place.

Even the two ladies in the entrance giggled when they saw Torak entered the store with Raine. He was the only male customer there and Raine couldn't help but laugh as well.

"What you are laughing at?" Torak frowned, he didn't see something funny there.

"Nothing." Raine shook her head and kissed his cheek. "You just look so cute."