The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 161

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 161 Stealing Something

Because of Torak's outstanding figure and the fact, even though half of his face was covered under his baseball cap, the callous aura that surrounded him was so different that attracted many people attention to glance at him twice, but Raine didn't mind it.

She busied herself to choose a cake that she liked, looking through rack after rack and because the cakes were so pretty she didn't have heart to eat them.

Yet, in one of the rack, Raine found an interesting cake and giggled when she watched the image that printed on it, she took it and showed it to Torak beside her.

"I want this." Raine showed a chocolate cake with cute wolf printed on it.

"A wolf, huh?" Torak smirked meaningfully. "So eager to eat me?"

The smile on Raine's face faded as she pouted, made her looked more adorable under her baseball cap. "Yours is white, this is grey." Raine retorted and made Torak laughed at her. "I think this resemble Calleb more than you."

This time it was Torak who looked at her sullenly. "Don't buy this." He snatched the cake away from Raine's hand and put it back on its original place. "Choose another cake."

"Huh?" Raine flabbergasted, she would have never thought Torak has this side of him. "Are you jealous?"

Torak didn't answer her and grabbed her hand as he strode away from that cute wolf chocolate cake.

"Are you jealous?" Raine poked his waist with her forefinger. "Are you jealous?" She kept bothering him with the same questions again and again. She found it was actually really funny to see Torak like this.

"No, I am not." Torak said curtly, but didn't turn his back to see her.

With that obvious lie, Raine laughed heartily. Somehow, for some reason that she didn't know, she loved to see the Jealous Torak that refused to admit his feeling.

Not the one that who would kill other people without a second thought.

After sometime they were roaming around the cake shop, Raine chose a pink bunny cake and one rainbow cake. Afterward, both of them walked to the cashier to pay.

"I want to buy some cake for Calleb and Raphael too." Raine said before it was their turn to pay.

Upon hearing that, Torak was about to go out of the line and followed her, but Raine pushed him back.

"Just stay here, it almost our turn, I will be right back." Because the cake shop started to get crowded, the line in the cashier also get long, if Torak also followed her, it would take longer time to start line up again.

Raine went back to the rack where she found the cute chocolate wolf and got two of it. She wouldn't be the one who ate that, so Torak would be fine with that right?

However, before she could go, someone held her shoulder and forced her to turn her body and face them.

It happened so fast and Raine was caught off guard when the other person snatched her baseball cap and revealed her face.

"See? I told you it is her!" One from the three girls, which blocked Raine's way, talked in her coquettish tone.

"Oh, right! It is really her!" The other girl chimed in and closed her mouth exaggeratedly. "How she could enter this shop?"

"She definitely want to steal something from this store." The third girl eyed Raine face, traced down to her hands. "See? That the evidence!" She pointed her finger to the two cakes in Raine's hand.

Raine recognized the three of these girls, they were the girl from the orphanage, the girls who always bullied her and talked bad about her.

It was so unfortunate for Raine to meet them here.

"You must be here to steal something, right?" The first girl in floral dress that only reached half of her thigh, raised her chin arrogantly. Her name was Sally.

"Sally, did you forget that she is mute?" The second girl with stubby face, wearing black shirt and hot pants, reminded her fellow friends with disgusted look in her eyes when she saw Raine. "There is no point to ask her." Her name was Lana.

"Why don't we call the security?" The third girl said, her name was Diane, compared to the other two, she looked more beautiful with her curly long hair and slender body.

Raine really didn't want to talk to them or stayed longer there, so ignoring their rubbish talk, she turned around and was about to leave when Lana grabbed her hand again.

"Where do you think you are going?!" Her voice was so loud, and she did that intentionally. "Are you trying to steal here!?"

Diane and Sally smiled excitedly because they had drawn the attention that they wanted.

Raine was getting nervous because of this, not because she became the center of attention, but she was worried with Torak's reaction when he found out about this.

"Why? Are you afraid now?" Diane asked and walked, in the way that she thought elegant, toward Raine.

"What happens here?" Speaking of the devil

Torak had stood behind Raine and glared at the three girls in front of him viciously. His scary expression alone, managed to make Diane and Lana took three steps back.

"What is it?" Torak tilted his head at Raine questioningly. "Do you know them?"

"Uhm yes, we were in the same orphanage." Raine told Torak.

With the mention of the orphanage and the way they talked to Raine, Torak could have guessed how they treated Raine when they were there.

"What is going on here?" A man in his mid thirties approached the crowd, he looked at the three girls, who had made the commotion. "There is something that I can help?" He asked politely, especially when he saw Torak. His bearing alone told him that he wasn't someone that simple.

At first no one answer the manager, but then, it was Lana who spoke out loud. "She was trying to steal cakes here."

The manager stared at Raine, but the way Torak looked back at him, made him shudder and turn his attention toward the three girls instead, who were less scary. "Do you have evidence for that?"