The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 162 They Deserved It

"There!" Lana pointed the two cakes in Raine's hands. "She took it."

The reason that Lana gave, really sounded so ridiculous until one of the customers chimed in and spoke in the same loud voice. "Following your logic, the rest of us are thieves then, that's what you mean?!"

Afterward there were waves of mumble of agreement from the rest of the people there. After all, they couldn't judge someone based on that logic. That was so stupid of her to give a reason like that.

"But, she will not be able to afford to pay those cakes!" Lana retorted angrily.

This time people were laughing at her stubbornness and stupidity.

"Look at the man beside her, I don't think he is short of money!" The same person talked back while laughing heartily. But, her laugh abruptly stopped when she realized who the man was.

She almost didn't believe her own eyes.

"Do you know that this girl is from orphanage? How she could afford to buy something from this store?!" Lana spoke unhappily.

"Miss, I think you have made a wrong accusation, this gentleman is with this lady and he was about to pay when he heard there was a commotion here." A female shopkeeper talked in matter of fact. She had her eyes on Torak since the first time he arrived at this store with Raine.

The manager sighed. "I think this is only a misunderstanding. Young lady, you owed apologies to her." He wanted to short out this matter quickly, this was the end of the month so he had many things to do.

"I don't accept their apologies." Torak talked rigidly, he glanced at Raine beside him. "They had accused my woman." He stumbled with the word that would suitable to address Raine. "I want you to check on them. I am afraid it is them who had stolen something from this store."

"Impossible! We didn't steal anything from here!" Diane was agitated.

Torak didn't want to argue with insignificant people like those girls, so he simply talked to the manager. "These girls are from orphanage, I don't think they could afford something from here." He used the same words to accuse them.

Upon hearing Torak's words some of people covered their mouth and giggled.

"Miss, please show us your bags." After considering the situation, the manager chose to follow Torak's words, there was no harm for that.

Because compared to the three young girls, he chose to not offend this man.

Agitatedly, Lana, Selly and Diane throw their bags on the floor and let the securities to pick it up and check it.

"Do you think you will find something?!" Diane asked in high pitch tone. "It's impossible for us to steal something from here. We had come a couple of times already!"

"That's true! It is a humiliation!" Selly said angrily.

But, before they could complain further, two securities pulled something from their bags. It was two chocolate cakes from each of the bags.

"What!?" Lana was flabbergasted. "No! That's impossible!"

"We didn't take that cake!" Diane's eyes opened wide in horror while Selly shook her head in denial.

"How those cakes are inside our bags?!" Selly snatched her bag from the security. "I didn't take that cake!"

All the people who watched this sudden turn of event, were shock as well. They didn't see it coming, how could the situation was turned to the worse for them?

The manager also was surprised and didn't know what to say, but since the evidences were already in their hands, there was no point to deny it.

In this case, Raine was holding the cakes in her hands, which was a normal thing, while those three girls put it inside their bags, of course it wasn't normal.

"I think all of you can explain it inside my office." The manager gestured to the securities to take those three girls away. These three girls had dug their own grave by shouting at someone else as a thief while they were the true thieves.

With screaming and cursing, the securities brought Lana, Diane and Selly away. Once they had disappeared behind the door that had a warning sign 'Staff Only', the calm atmosphere returned and the other customers resumed to look for the cakes that they wanted, but the event before was still on their lips.

"I am sorry for the inconvenient that occurred." The manager talked to Torak and looked at Raine. "As the compensation, I will give the two cakes on your hands for free." He said generously.

"There is no need for that." Torak cut him off curtly and talked to Raine. "Do you need anything else from here?"

"Huh?" Raine was spacing out and didn't manage to hear his question.

"I asked, do you want another cake?" Torak repeated his question patiently.

"Oh, no." Raine averted her gaze from the two Lycans in front of her and looked at Torak. "Mmh, I think I want two more." She changed her mind.

"Alright." Swiftly, Torak took two more cakes from the rack. "Is it enough now?"

"Yes." Raine nodded.

"Sir, please. We will give those cakes for free as a form of our apology." The manager kept insisting on that.

But, Torak frowned. "I will not give my woman free things. You can keep it for yourself."

After saying that, Torak left the manager who was standing there dumbfounded. There was nothing cheap from this store because they used the best product for each of the cakes and all of that was handmade.

Yet, that man still refused to get it for free, with that simple reason.

"Oh, I really want a man like him" The female shopkeeper from earlier looked at Torak with adoration, she cupped her hands as if she was praying. "God, please keep one like him for me."

"You better continue to work." The manager glared at her and left.

Outside the store, after Torak had bought those cakes, they walked toward the entrance of the mall. Above them the sky had started to turn dark.

But when they were outside, Calleb and Raphael had wait for them inside the car.

"Torak, you tricked them." Raine said after she got into the car and greeted Raphael and Calleb cheerfully.

"Yes, I was." Torak admitted it directly. "You don't like it?"

Raine contemplated for awhile and shrugged her shoulder while smiling cheekily. "No, they deserved it."