The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 163

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 163 The Sold Soul

"What happened?" Calleb looked at Raine and Torak through the rearview mirror, while Raphael was sitting on the shotgun seat, typing something on his laptop.

Raine recalled what she had seen inside the cake shop earlier.

When the argument was happening between Lana, Selly and Diane with the manager of the store, she watched two Lycans were putting the cakes inside their bags, and since no one could see them, nobody knew about this except Raine and Torak, of course.

It must be Torak, who had ordered them to put something inside their bags.

"Nothing." Raine said mysteriously and that only made Calleb frowned. "I bought something for you two." She pulled out the chocolate cakes that had a cute wolf printed on its surfaces.

"Chocolate cake!" Calleb was elated when he saw the wolf.

"Thank you Raine." Raphael smiled gratefully and took both of the cakes from Raine because Calleb was driving.

"Don't eat my cake Beta, I warn you!" Calleb glared at Raphael beside him that only made him rolled his eyes, his warning sounded ridiculous. He wouldn't fight over a cake. "How do you know I like sweet things?"

"She didn't know, she just bought random cakes, so don't make it sound so intimate." Torak glared at Calleb through the rearview mirror.

"Yes, Alpha" Calleb gulped hard, afraid of Torak's sudden outburst. He felt with the day that passed, his Alpha became more and more possessive toward his mate.

From his demand to be with Raine twenty four hours until his jealousy, that was simply unreasonable for him. However, when Calleb thought about it again, would he act that way if he found his mate?

On the other hand, Raine was giggling to see their interaction, she opened the bunny cake and ate it. "Try it, it taste good." She put a piece of the cake on Torak's lips, asking him to open his mouth.

Torak did it and bit the sweet cake, actually, not like Calleb, he didn't really like sweet things, but since it was Raine who had fed him, the taste was fine for his liking.

Meanwhile on the road, there was a car accident ahead of them, so the traffic jam was awful, that supposed to be only took fifteen minutes to reach their home, it took more than one hour and half before they could arrive.

By the time the car had parked, Raine was still sleeping soundlessly. The exam was around the corner and there were many things that she had to learn for the examination entrance.

Sometime she would read a book until late at night and fell asleep while reading it.

In all honesty, Torak didn't want to let her enter the University, because he wouldn't be able to be near her and protected her personally there.

But, seeing how she determined to study and all of her effort now, how Torak could have a heart to forbid her from doing something that she wanted to do?

Torak felt complicated with this matter.

In the other hand, he wanted to give Raine a normal life like what other girls had, but another part of him knew that was almost impossible for her to be as normal as them.

Raine mumbled something in her sleep and nestled her head on Torak's shoulder.

Carefully, he cradled her in his arms while Raphael was holding the door for him. Torak carried Raine and let Calleb brought her backpack to their bedroom.

Raine was still sleeping deeply even after Torak put her down on the bed and covered her in a blanket, today's lesson must be very hard for her.

"Good night my love." Torak kissed her forehead and then he walked out of the bedroom.

Outside his room, Raphael and Calleb had been waiting for him, Torak had asked them to wait outside through mind- link.

"There is progress about Jen?" Torak asked them straight to his main concern. He had asked Calleb to put someone to follow Jenedieth since the last time she came to this house.

"Our people said, she has been living inside an old house at the outskirt of this city. But, they couldn't confirm whether Jen is living alone or she is with Lilith or Belphegor. They couldn't smell their scent." Raphael only reported crucial information for Torak to hear.

"What else?" Torak leaned his body against the door of his bedroom.

"The strange scent that we smelled from her" Raphael said with furrowed, he couldn't find the right words to describe it.

"What is it?" Torak stared at his Beta, this was the part that he wanted to know.

"The smell of it, it's the smell of the dead of Lycan." Calleb answered it. "That's what Raphael thought." He added.

"What do you mean with that?" Torak frowned. "She looked alive for me."

"Yes, she is alive, but the wolf inside her was no longer there." Raphael tried to explain. "There was a rare case in the past where the wolf of the Lycan was being killed, but the owner body was still alive."

Torak had never heard this kind of things. "How a Lycan live without their wolf?"

The inner wolf for Lycan was like their own soul, what would happen if someone lost their soul?

Not only Torak, Calleb and Raphael also confused with this tiny information that they found, because after that, there wasn't any record about it again.

"Shifter without their inner beast?" Calleb contemplated and mumbled that words.

"It almost like they had sold their soul to the devil." Torak thought about it. It was the same method that was used to sell someone's soul to the devil, and in this case, it must be Belphegor who had done it, since Jenedieth had mentioned she was with him.

"What would happen if you sell your soul to the devil?" Calleb asked his Alpha.

"That person would be the devil's slave." Torak replied it rigidly.

Hence, no matter what Jenedieth would offer to him, in the end, she would put her loyalty on Belphegor.

Everything had been arranged neatly as Belphegor planed by using Jenedieth, Torak would show some mercy on the female that he had known for decades.