The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 164

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 164 I Will Do Differently Next Time

Glancing toward the window, Lilith noted that the light, steady drizzle had not abated, turned the room became gloomier than it supposed to be.

"How long will you stay here and do nothing while that woman run around, betraying us?" She whined.

Lilith was sitting on a bar stool while sipping her drink, her hair was tied up into a bun atop of her head, resting her head lazily on the table.

It must be because she has been hanging out with sloths for too long, that's why she felt so lazy. What a bad influence that Belphegor has.

Meanwhile, the said person was sitting opposite her and leaned his back against the backrest, his golden eyes were staring at the ceiling dumbfoundedly, as if there was something there that worth to observe.

"Hell! Say something!" Lilith abruptly sat down and threw the empty glass toward the Sloth, but that wine glass stopped a few inches before it could hit Belphegor's face and dropped to the floor.

Strangely, instead of shattering into pieces, the glass just produced a soft thud when it collided with the ground.

"Lower your voice." Belphegor still didn't look at Lilith at all and kept his eyes on the ceiling where sparkling dust flew in the air. "We are just a meter apart. I can hear you clearly from here."

"Damn it, Sloth!" Lilith cursed. This wasn't the first time he had kept the plan for himself and order her to run his errand.

"I am damn for long time." Belphegor replied, there was no change in the way he talked as if the woman opposite him wasn't in fury. "I don't a reminder."

Lilith threw up her hands frustratedly. "Alright, at the very least, tell me why did you allow that woman went to Torak's place after you told her some of our plans!?" She hissed irritatedly. "Are you crazy?!"

They had been waiting for her to awake, but once she had woken up, Belphegor easily let her went back to her former pack.

What was the point of them to take care of her all this time? Lilith really couldn't read what was going on inside the head of this devil.

"So, she could use that information for her benefit, so she could enter the pack again, but worry not, because she will come back." Belphegor said, this time he hummed a strange song while knocking his fingers on the armrest chair. Ignoring his surrounding.

"How sure you are that she will come back?" Lilith leaned her body over, interested to know what this devil had planned.

But, as usual, the Sloth too lazy to explain this to her. Everything that he had done or the thing that he would do, only he himself knew.

Lilith had known this, it was pointless to ask him, but she still questioned him anyway. "Aarrgh! I feel depressed to help you!" She knocked her forehead on the table, a bit hard until the bottle of wine on the table was shaking.

But, her action only regarded a single glance from Belphegor before he resumed his thoughtless gaze on the ceiling.

Of course, Jenedieth would come back, where else she would go after Torak banished her? Her father also had died and it was impossible for her to be back to his former pack.

Belphegor was sure that the Alpha wouldn't receive her back after everything that had happened.

Jenedieth's father, Alpha Xavier, was killed because he tried to hurt the guardian angel, and before that, Jenedieth herself was punished because she treated that girl badly.

There was no way the Alpha would take her back into the pack, and based on Jenedieth's nature, she wouldn't be able to read her situation and only made things became worse for her.

Belphegor sighed. How easy to read their movement and predicted what would happen

Only by taking a closer look on their characters and natures, he was able to plan all of this slowly but surely

He just hoped his fellow devil wouldn't ruin everything that he had planned and stayed away from his target.

The time ticking along with the sound of rain pattering on the roof and the window.

In the other hand, Lilith was tired to pester Belphegor and made him spill the information, while Lucifer was being away these past few days and nobody knew where he was, Lilith stuck with Belphegor in the end.

It was tiring to help both of them back and forth, especially the Sloth.

When Lilith was about to go back to her bedroom upstairs, suddenly someone opened the door harshly.

"What is that?" Lilith shrieked and whipped her head toward the door where a woman was standing there unmoved.

Belphegor smirked ever so faintly when the person that he had been waiting for finally came, he stretched out his hand toward her as if welcoming her presence.

"Come here Jen" Belphegor stood up, with his hand still stretched out.

Jenedieth, whose body was thoroughly drenched as the droplet of water continued to spill the floor, trudged inside the room.

Her blonde hair and pale face spoke volume about what kind of suffer that she had been through.

"What the hell happened to her?" Lilith cursed under her breathe, she would never have thought that she would see Jenedieth in this kind of condition. "What is it? Your pack threw you to a ditch?"

"Bring towel for her." Belphegor ordered Lilith while he pulled a chair for Jenedieth.

"No way!" Lilith rejected his order in an instant. Why she should do something for this wrench woman? Who the hell did she think she was?

However, Belphegor didn't accept her disobedience and glared at her menacingly, thus with no other option, Lilith stomped her feet on the floor and went to retrieve the towel that Belphegor asked.

"It must be hard for you" Belphegor caressed Jenedieth's soaked hair and patted her shoulder. "I have warned you, haven't I?"

Jenedieth stilled and refused to talk, not only she couldn't snatch the position as Luna with the information that she brought and lifted her punishment, but she was banished from the pack.

Her father died and no one from that pack stood up for her. The once an Alpha's daughter and respected Lycan, now was nothing except a rouge that didn't have a place to go.

It was quite a blow for her, especially when she watched how Torak treated Raine right before her eyes, it was humiliation! And she wouldn't accept that!

Jenedieth balled her hands into fists and gritted her teeth. "You said you can destroy Torak." Jenedieth looked at Belphegor beside her. "Is that true?"

"Depend on how you will help me." Belphegor took the towel that Lilith put on the table and wiped Jenedieth's face. "Are you interested?"


Raine was very tired last night and didn't even awake when Torak put her on the bed, but it caused her to sleep longer than her regular time, thus when the sun still not yet appeared on the horizon, she had woken up.

Raine blinked a couple of time before she felt a warm breath on her neck, she knew exactly who the person that was so close to her.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Raine turned around slightly and found Torak's sleeping face right beside her. This movement made Torak grunted shortly before he pulled Raine closer to him. Even in his sleep, he was aware with his mate's presence.

Because of this, Raine's face stuck on Torak's chest. She found herself having a hard time to breath and started to struggle.

"Can you stop move around? This still early to wake up" Torak mumbled in sleepy voice and put his leg atop of hers to make her stop moving around.

"I have to wake up I have not done my homework yet" Raine said, poke her head from Torak's arms. "Mrs. Martha will scold me"

"I will fire her if she scolds you." Torak grumbled in his half- sleeping stated.

Raine chuckled upon hearing that. "Let me go, will you?"

"Never." Torak insisted to keep Raine on the bed.

This time Raine laughed. "I really have to do my homework." Though that was what she said, instead of getting away from him, Raine nuzzled her head on Torak's chest. It felt very comfortable to be held like this.

"Five minutes" Torak mumbled. He was sleeping very late last night and now, only barely two hours since he fell asleep.

"You can continue to sleep and I will do my homework." Raine tried to talk to him.

"I can't sleep if you are not here" Torak frowned, he opened his eyes slightly and stared at his mate sullenly. "Five minutes?"

Raine yielded and hugged Torak back. "Five minutes."


"Stop kissing me!"

Raine glared at Torak that she thought it was intimidating enough to make him stop, little did she know, it didn't affect him at all, instead, she looked so adorable when she frowned sullenly.

Five minutes that Torak said extended to one hour.

The moment Raine woke up, Torak had dressed neatly, clad in his business attire. She jumped and hurriedly dressed as well while complaining; why Torak didn't wake her up?

In his defence, Torak said that he had tried to wake her up, only Raine was sleeping too deep and he was unable to wake her.

Actually, Torak indeed had tried, but his method needed more effort than only caressing her face lightly for a minute and gave up.

Raine was trying to finish her homework before they arrived at Torak's company, but it just too much and Torak didn't help at all.

He had been bothering her since they left the house and, seemingly, became more elated when he managed to make Raine more frustrated.

Calleb who was sitting on the shotgun seat wished he wasn't there in the same car with the couple.

"They are always like this?" Calleb whispered to Gregory, the driver, beside him.

"Yes" Gregory whispered back to Calleb before he put his focused on the road ahead. He was a man in his early thirty with tan skin and a strange accent.

[God! Raph, I hope I am in the same car with you!] Calleb whined through mind- link as he stared at the car in front of him. The Beta took different car from them.

However, Raphael ignored him.

The moment they arrived at the company, there were still five numbers left that Raine had not yet answered, she hoped Mrs. Martha had not arrived yet and she could finish it.

"How many numbers have not been answered?" Torak asked when they were in the elevator to his office.

"Five." Raine said sullenly while hugging her book, she kept looking at the number of the floor that flashed, hoping she still had time to finish it in time.

Usually Mrs. Martha had never been late, because it Torak had arranged a driver to pick and drop her.

When the elevator's door was opened, Raine hurriedly ran toward the spot where she used to study and failed to see a faint smile on Torak's face.

Second by second, minutes by minutes, and when one hour had passed, Raine was finally done with her homework, only then she realized her teacher had not arrived yet.

She frowned and looked at the time, it was almost eleven o'clock, that meant Mrs. Martha had been late almost one hour. What happened?

Raine glanced at Torak, who seemingly was really busy, she wanted to ask him about her teacher, but seeing him very engrossed with his work, she kept silence.

Raine didn't know what happened to Mrs. Martha and why she had not come yet.

When the time struck twelve, Torak put down the doc.u.ments in his hands and walked over to Raine, who was re- reading her book.

"It's lunch, let's find something to eat." Torak rubbed her head to get her attention.

Raine tilted her head and frowned.

"What happened?" Torak asked, though he knew why she made that face.

"Where is Mrs. Martha? Why she has not yet come?" Raine asked, Torak must know something about this.

"Ah, right. She is not here." Torak looked around and didn't find the middle age woman.

"Don't you know where is she?" Raine was a bit worried, maybe something happened to her.

"I will make a call." Torak walked back to his table and took his phone while Raine followed him.

She stood beside him and tried to listen the other parties voice when the call went through, but Torak was too tall and he didn't want to bend his body and let Raine to hear it.

Thus, she only could ask after he hung up the phone. "So? What happened?"

"There is nothing to be worry, they just got flat tire. Mrs. Martha will be here after lunch." Torak kissed her forehead and took her hand as he walked toward the elevator. "Let's eat something." He said.

Raine was relieved to hear that, but she felt there was something wrong with it. Such a coincident was actually happened? When she needed time to finish her homework, out of the blue the car that picked Mrs. Martha got flat tire?

"You have nothing to do with this, right?" Raine asked Torak when they were inside the elevator.

"With what?" Torak frowned, but there was mirth dancing in those blue eyes, which gave away the obvious answer.

"Torak." Raine cried and slapped his hand lightly. "Why did you do that?" she didn't believe Torak would go to that extend for this trivial matter.

However, the Alpha laughed cheerfully when his little trick was discovered. "Alright, I can't lie to you." He tousled Raine's hair and pinched her pouted lips. "I can't stand it, if someone scolds you, that's it."

Raine was speechless when she heard that. It was a simple and obvious reason if you knew him well.

"Don't do that again." Raine said helplessly. Actually, it was sweet of him to make his own car was having a flat tire, but if this kept going, Raine wouldn't be able to learn properly.

"Alright." Torak relented and opened the car door for her before he sat on the driver seat. He decided to drive the car alone. "I will try another thing next time." It meant, he would try it again in different way.

"Torak!" Raine swatted his arm playfully while she laughed at his ridiculous words.