The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 165

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 165 The Purpose Of Your Life

Mrs. Martha came after Torak and Raine returned from lunch and apologized for being late. She said the car had tire flat and because the driver took a different route than usual and this street was a desolated place, she couldn't find taxi or other transportation, thus she had to wait until someone came and to do the tire changed.

Where exactly Torak asked the driver to go?

Raine glanced at Torak, who seemingly didn't pay attention to Martha's words. He was busy with his doc.u.ments and phone calls again.

"I am sorry for it Raine." Mrs. Martha said while pulling out some book from her bag.

"It's not your fault Mrs. Martha." Raine grimaced. This is Torak's fault. She wanted to say that, but instead"Let's we start, shall we?"

"Right." Mrs. Martha agreed.

A while later, Raine had engrossed with her study and didn't even aware when Torak stopped his work and watched her instead.

[Raph.] Torak mind- linked his Beta.

[Yes, you need something?] Raphael was only a room away from him.

[Call Stephan Magnus to come to the house and meet me.] Torak said.

Stephan Magnus was the dragon shifter who had come with him to this city as well, while his brother, Reynold Magnus, stayed in the Red River city to take care the business there since his own company had been acquisitioned by Torak.

[Anything else?] Raphael picked up his phone to give a call.

[That's it.]


After Raine had finished study, they went home right away and would have dinner at home. As substitute because Mrs. Martha didn't fill the time in the morning, she gave Raine more material to read.

"Don't you feel that's too much?" Torak glanced at Raine's note about new material that she needed to learn.

"I can do this." Raine said optimistically.

Recently she was in high spirit and spent her time reading many books and practiced to complete the task. She was very eager to go to University.

Since Raine started to talk, people could see that she was actually a cheerful and lighthearted girl. She was very different from the girl that Torak met months ago.

Except for the fact she was still a bit nervous to be near stranger, but she always been the brightest side of herself whenever she was with Torak, and he loved her more for that.

Raine now, was like the warmth of the sun that shone in the winter season, bright and charming, until Torak was having hard time to take his eyes off of her.

He wanted to be with her, holding her close and being able to witness every smile that grazed her kissable lips. He felt like he was going crazy.

"I am fine" Raine smiled when Torak rested his head on her shoulder.

"Don't overdo yourself and become sick." Torak said in complaining tone.

"Okay." Raine said and patted his shoulder. "We are at home."

Before this, Torak had never considered any places as his home, they were only a simple building for him to rest, but now, whenever he was with Raine, he felt at home. "I am at home."

Torak helped Raine to get off from the car, regardless she didn't need that, but Torak kept doing it.

While they entered the house, Raine was trying to arrange her time, so she could catch up with her study and rest early.

However, her plan seemingly should wait, because the first person that she met when they arrived in the living room was Serefina.

The witch was wearing a black leather jacket and boots with the same color. Her dark jeans and white shirt under her jacket hugged her body perfectly.

"Finally, here you are" Serefina clapped her hands, and like usual, ignoring Torak's unwelcomed look while she strode across the room and approached Raine and Torak.

"What do you want?" Torak asked coldly. After being missing for weeks, she finally showed up and acted strangely like this.

"I know what she is." Serefina ignored Torak's question, the same way she overlooked Torak's hostile stare.

"What do you mean?" Torak was squinted his eyes.

"I know how to evoke her power." Serefina said it gleefully as if the news that she brought was very important. "I have thought about it for weeks, but I need more information to assure my speculation." She explained herself for being missing.

"And what do you get?" Torak asked, his focus was in her now.

"The guardian angel. She. Who. Guard. The Time." Serefina stressed every syllable to emphasize the importance of this information.

Raine frowned as she looked at Serefina. What's again she was talking about? She looked up to see Torak's expression, he also has the same inquiry look toward the witch, but his has different question from hers.

"Let's talk about it inside." Torak mumbled as he took Raine's hand and walked toward the study room. There were many guards there and this kind of conversation wasn't for them to hear.

Raphael and Calleb were also called to listen to Serefina's explanation.

When all the people have already inside the room, Serefina continued her unfinished words from before.

"Here is the thing." She started, her face was so calm and her lime green eyes shone on Raine, as if she was bewitching by her, the kind of look that Raine dislike.

They were sitting on the sofa with the shape of letter 'U'.

Serefina was sitting in the middle while Raine and Torak were sitting on her left side, and Raphael and Calleb were sitting opposite them.

The atmosphere inside the room wasn't really good as the tense of this meeting was palpable. The four of them were waiting for her explanation and where was she all this time.

This didn't mean they expect her presence, but simply because Serefina was supposed to take care of Raine and figure out her strange condition.

Now that she was here and has something to say to Torak about Raine, it was only natural for Torak to be this tense.

Moreover, he had never heard about something like 'She, who guards the time'. Probably, because Torak had never put any interest on them, not to mention the guardian angel had been extinct since the last great war between the Lycanthropes and the devil.

"The reason why you were able to travel back to thousand years ago is because you have this rare ability. There was only one guardian angel who possessed this kind of power." Serefina said.

The four of them were waiting for Serefina's next explanation, but she didn't say anything after that. The silence that stretched out among them filled with unanswered questions.

"So?" Calleb couldn't help, but asked. "Who is this person?" He felt like has an obligation to keep this conversation going because Torak had never been in the mood to talk to Serefina since the disappearance of Raine, while Raphael, he was simply waiting.

"She lived long time ago." Serefina shrugged.

Raine frowned, the senses of time for those immortal creatures was a little bit different with her. "How long that actually?"

"Long before the great war happened." Serefina beamed with delight as if this piece of little information was something worth to celebrate.

"What should I do then?" Raine was at lost and Serefina didn't help at all. The witch should just spill all the things that she knew instead of talking mysteriously in circle.

"Of course, you have to meet her." Serefina said that in the tone like saying 'isn't that obvious?'. "Only by meeting her, you will learn how to control your power and became strong."

"Wait, I think I don't get it." Calleb threw up his hands as he shook his head. "This person is still alive?"

Serefina frowned. "Of course not! Are you an idiot? Guardian angel had been extinct for many centuries!" She glared at the Gamma.

Calleb really wanted to crush the witch head for calling him an idiot. "So, how Raine supposed to meet her?!" He roared, now he understood why Torak and Raphael was so reluctance and avoided to talk with her in person.

It really needed a great patient to come to terms with Serefina's way of talk.

"Use her power." Serefina shrugged carelessly. "If she could go to the day when the village of angel was being demolished, she must be able to go to the time long before that too."

Raine grimaced with the word of 'demolish' from Serefina, the way she said it as if the villagers of that place weren't people that worth to mention.

But, before Calleb could talk or there was anyone was able to react Torak had stood up and glared menacingly at Serefina. "You can keep the idea for yourself." His voice was rough and stern. "Raine will not going anywhere."

Torak's canines elongated as he tried to keep his beast at bay. He had just lost Raine not so long ago, the panic and fear that he felt at that moment still remained, but now Serefina said she would take Raine back to do that again? To go back to thousand of years ago, where those beasts and supernatural creatures were at their peak of their ferocity and brutality.

How he could possibly let his mate went to that kind of place? He must be crazy to let her go.

Serefina's temper flared up. When Torak opened the door, she shut the door right before Torak could walk past it with Raine.

This action almost crushed Torak's fingers if he didn't have a remarkable reflex.

"I am not work my *ss off just for you to walk away like this!" Serefina was livid, no one had any idea, how she got this information for Raine. "This is important for her to learn her own ability!"

"She is fine the way she is!!!" Torak barked at the witch. "She doesn't need to learn that! I will protect her!"

Serefina scoffed upon hearing this. "You will protect her, huh?" She stood up and put her hands on her hip. "Do you forget about the purpose of the guardian angel is being resurrected? How do you plan to protect her?!"

Torak started to shift into his beast as white fur spurt from the follicle of his skin. He released Raine's hand in his grasp as he was afraid to hurt her when his sharp claws came out from his nails.

This happened once again, whenever Torak and Serefina were on different opinion, they tended to tear the place, they were in, apart.

"Let me tell you the true purpose of your life." Serefina shifted her lime green eyes that squinted alarmingly at Raine behind Torak's back. "Since your mate plans to keep it a secret from you, right Alpha?" She asked Torak, taunting him to show his ugly side in front of Raine.