The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 166

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 166 Don't Say Anything About This To Him

"Torak" Raine grabbed his arm before he could charge forward and stormed angrily over to Serefina. "Torak, please" She whined and almost screamed when Torak turned his head and his blue eyes had turned red.

This was the first time Raine was this close with the angry Torak's beast, only by looking at him, her whole body was trembling in fear.

How Serefina could manage to infuriate him every time they met? Didn't she afraid, one day she would be death in the Alpha's hands?

Torak seemed ignored Raine's words, but he kept his bloodshot eyes on her, his body also trembled. His human's side and his beast's side were fighting to take the dominance, conflicting between tore the witch's throat or stopped himself in order to prevent his mate from seeing a gruesome scene.

A low and deep growl rumbled in his chest, the sound of it was like dozens of angry wolves were ready for battle.

It was a very hard decision when Torak's beast chose to leave the room, he had turned into fully beast when he leapt above Serefina and Calleb's head, busted down the window and dashed away, leaving a trail of broken pieces of glasses and debris were floating in the air.

"Torak!" Raine was shock, she thought Torak would kill Serefina when he darted toward her, but he didn't.

When they heard a long, aggravated howl, only then they realized Torak had been somewhere else, far from this place.

"I will look for him." Raphael prevented Raine from coming closer toward the shattered fragment of glass on the floor, from outside there were six or seven guards trying to see what was happening and why the window was broken.

Raphael walked to the broken window and talked to the guards and issued an order to them, but Raine couldn't hear what kind of explanation that Raphael gave to them, because her mind was on the certain someone.

After a few minutes in dazed, the first thing that Raine felt was Calleb's hand that held her shoulder, just in case she wanted to rush near the window and hurt herself in the process.

And the second thing was Serefina's voice, she was speaking arrogantly and annoyingly.

"It looks like your Alpha is still having a hard time to control his beast." She said it scornfully.

Raine didn't know what possessed her, but the thing that she knew next was; she had slapped Serefina's face harshly.

The sound of it reverberated inside the room and made Raphael and the other guards outside the room, turned their head toward her direction in perplexed expression.

Raine was also surprised by her own action, everything was blur as she felt anger bubbled up in her chest upon hearing the way Serefina's talked about Torak.

However, she quickly regained her composure and let her anger flew through her veins, she didn't hold back at all.

No one would expect Raine would do something so daring like that, even Calleb also caught off guard by her, he gawked and blinked his eyes at Raine.

Serefina also didn't expect this, especially from her. The girl, whom not long time ago wasn't able to look at her straight in the eyes, now was brazen enough to lay her hand on her face.

Nobody had ever slapped her before!

This fact alone turned the witch became furious. "How dare you to slap me!!!" He roared at Raine and stretched out her hand.

Seeing that Raine was in predicament, Calleb came out from his stupefied state and grabbed Raine's shoulder to pull her back.

The Gamma's reaction was just in time, when he covered Raine's body with his, a gushed of sharp wind cut his back ruthlessly. He groaned in pain as he felt blood trickled down from his back.

Raphael waved his hand toward the guard that were still looking at the strange incident that was happening inside the room. "Scram!" He growled roughly, which startled all of them.

Hastily they left the scene in matter of second.

Once no human was around, Raphael bent and leap forward in his beast's form, there was eerie sound of bones were being dislocated during the process.

It only took Raphael's beast a single move to close the distance between them, but once Raphael just landed, there was a sudden force that knocked him aside.

His body collided to the wall and left a big dent and he fell on the ground.

Serefina was livid. A whirl of wind conjured in both of her hands as he strode toward Raine. She made a slashing movement and sent Calleb flew a few feet away from Raine, leaving her standing alone, facing Serefina there.

Raine was about to step back when she felt her feet were not able to move, as if they were freeze. She had felt this feeling.

Serefina had done the same thing to her the first moment they arrived in this city, at the airport. The feeling of being controlled was awful and now, she did it again.

Raine stared at Serefina's hand that grabbed her neck, suffocated her. She tried to move her hands, but they simply didn't listen to her order as she felt her chest burned because of the lack of oxygen.

It was a torture.

From the corner of her eyes, Raine could see Calleb had turned into his grey wolf, but neither Calleb nor Raphael were able to come closer than a meter away from Serefina, as if there was invincible wall that prevented them to go through it.

Raine could see the two beasts roared in anger, but heard nothing as she saw black dots started to spread on her vision.

If she kept like this and did nothing, soon, she would begin to lose her consciousness. Would she die? It's mean Serefina killed her?

And she wouldn't be able to see Torak again? Why she has to die when her life started to get better?

Raine had never felt the urge to survive like this, she felt like there was a strange energy that seeped to her body through every inches of her skin.

The strange feeling that forced her to lift both of her hands, it almost like her hands had turned into heavy stone.

Despite Raine's attempt to move her hands was akin to a labor work, she could move them nonetheless.

As she tried to pry open Serefina's fingers, she found a fleeting fear passed her lime green eyes, but she wasn't sure because of her condition, probably she just sees things.

Raine panted heavily in her attempt to make Serefina let go of her neck and her attempt to breath the air.

Gritting her teeth, Raine used all of her will to scratch Serefina's face instead since she wasn't able to break open her fingers from hers.

It worked.

Serefina covered her face with both of her hands, feeling the sharp, stung pain across her skin, she cursed under her breath.

With her spell, Raine shouldn't be able to move! However, why she even managed to hurt her? That shouldn't be happen!

With Serefina was shock and lost her focus, the spell broke.

Raine fell on the ground, her knees collided with the floor and made a loud thud sound as she was gasping for air while holding her painful neck.

Calleb and Raphael's roared angrily and was about to bit down Serefina's neck when she suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Raphael hurriedly turned back into his human form and came over to Raine. "Raine, are you alright? Are you hurt somewhere?" He tried to scrutinize her body that was trembling out of fear. There was no trace of blood, and there were no visible bruises.

However, Raine was covering her neck, thus he couldn't see it properly. Raphael caressed her back soothingly, to stop her from trembling.

"Torak" Raine said between her gasp, despite no tears came out from her eyes, her voice choked in her throat.

"I couldn't reach him. He blocks us out." Raphael said.

In order to appease his beast, Torak had to leave. Raphael could understand that, because of Raine was there, Torak had to suppress his violence side.

The Alpha wouldn't have thought that his mate would stand up for him and slapped Serefina. Actually, nobody would expect that.

Raine surprised them again and again.

"I will bring you upstairs." Raphael said as he helped Raine to stand up, she was still holding her neck and her hair that covered her face made it hard for Raphael to see whether Serefina had left bruise on her or not.

With the help of Raphael, Raine trudged to the second floor. Calleb tailed behind them, still in his beast form.

After they entered the bedroom, Raine was sitting on the sofa near the door to the balcony while hugging herself.

"Drink some water, it will help you with the shock." Raphael gave her a glass of water while Calleb sat on his hind legs and rested his snout on the armrest beside Raine.

She took the glass and gulped down the water, as the liquid went through her dry and painful throat, she felt slightly better.

The grey beast nudged her hand with his snout while making a face that Raine assumed was a smirk.

"Let me take a look on your neck." Raphael said worriedly, if it left bruises, the Alpha wouldn't be please to see that.

Raine put down her hand and scratched the back of Calleb ears. The grey wolf closed his eyes and enjoyed being scratched.

Seeing this, Raphael threw him a gaze as if saying 'oh please, have some dignity!' kind of look.

Raine tilted her head slightly up, so Raphael could have a better look, with that her cleavage slightly could be seen and her fair skin was exposed.

However, strange enough, there was no bruise or any mark that indicated Serefina had just tried to choke her to death. Her skin was flawless.

"What happened?" Raine asked, watching the strange expression on Raphael's face. "Is it that bad?"

Yet, Raphael shook his head. "No. Actually your neck is fine, there is no bruise at all." He said in bewilderment.

"Impossible" Raine suddenly stood up and walked toward the mirror, she raised her chin and looked at the reflection of her neck.

Just like what Raphael had said, there was nothing there, not even a scratch.

Raine frowned, because she still could feel the pain on her neck that Serefina had inflicted. It was so strange. She knew herself, with so much force that Serefina had exerted, it would leave mark at the very least.

But, her neck was fine like nothing happened.

Raine turned around and faced Raphael and Calleb. "Can you please help me?" She said in soft voice, but there was an urgency laced in her tone.

"What is it Luna?" Raphael asked.

"Please don't tell this matter to Torak, can you do that?" She implored.

"But, why?" Raphael stood up and walked toward Raine. Why she didn't want for Torak to know about this? It would be best if the Alpha was informed about what Serefina had done.

Even Calleb growled in disagreement.

"This is not the right time to show a mercy on Serefina, Luna." Raphael stopped right in front of her, looked down at Raine, whose height was only barely reached his shoulder, he didn't understand with her decision. "In my opinion, it will be better to not hid anything from the Alpha."

Raine understood that, she didn't want to hide anything from Torak too, but there was something that she wanted to find out by herself and let Torak knew this matter wouldn't help it.

"I am not planning to show a mercy on Serefina." Raine said sheepishly, despite her body that fidgeted nervously, she still continued to speak. "She doesn't deserve it."

"I am glad you know that." Raphael said. He nodded in agreement.

"But, if Torak knew this, he wouldn't allow Serefina to come again, while I still have many things that I need from her." Raine tried to explain her intention.

"What do you need from her?" Raphael frowned. He couldn't see the point of Raine to meet Serefina again after her attempt to kill her.