The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 167

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 167 She Wants To Know Herself

When you can't control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening. That's your power is.


"I need an explanation." Raine said determinedly. "I want to know about the possibility of my power."

"We will find another way to figure that out, but I still think it's better for you to just say it." Raphael disagreed.

"But if Torak knew that Serefina almost hurt me" Raine subconsciously touched her neck, the fear was still etched on her mind. "Again" She added. "Then, Torak will never allow me to meet with Serefina."

Raphael knew that was exactly what Torak would do, he would put Serefina on blacklist for the people who were not allowed to come near his mate, yet it was only natural for him to take that action, because Serefina was more likely to harm Raine than she protected and guided her.

Actually, Raine felt so strange to talk about this. If it was months ago, she would never be able to ask for anything from Raphael, not even looked at him in the eyes like what she was doing now.

However now, Raine was standing there while looking at Raphael's eyes and voiced out her own opinion.

It has been a long time since she determined to do something.

"And also" Raine stopped mid- sentences and blinked her eyes nervously.

"And also?" Raphael prodded. He would have never thought Raine would have her own opinion and asked him to do something against Torak's will. Torak would be displeased if he knew Raine was hiding something from him, despite her reason.

"I want to know about the person that Serefina had mentioned." Raine said it without hesitation.

"Raine Torak is right, it will be so dangerous for you." Even though Raphael had not yet lived that long, but he knew how ferocious those shifter and supernatural creatures in that era. He couldn't imagine Raine, being as kindhearted as she was, survived from that.

Ignoring Raphael's concer, Raine spoke. "I want to know about the prophecy, why the guardian angel is being resurrected. In this case, it is me" She wasn't use to mention herself this way, but she couldn't find the best way to say it in another words. "Will you tell me?"

Raphael felt a bit complicated.

Torak had not yet mentioned anything about the prophecy, thus that was the first time Serefina brought the topic and this made Raine wanted to know more about herself.

In this chaotic situation, where her world turned upside down as she no longer knew where was the lne between an imagination and reality because everything seemed so real for her, added that to the fact many creatures wanted to harm her.

She wanted to stand up for herself and knew herself better.

Maybe it sounded strange, but Raine felt Serefina didn't have intention to kill her when she strangled her, knowing her power, the witch would be able to kill her with only a snap of her finger.

She didn't need to immobilize her and took the job by her own hand.

Though that was a ruthless way, but Raine was pretty sure she didn't have intention to end her life since she had taken a great risk to look for information about her, at least that was what she said when Torak wanted to leave the room before all the chaos happened.

"It is not because I don't want to tell you, but I am not aware of this prophecy, the resurrection of the guardian angel, until recently." Raphael only knew about that when Torak told them the moment he brough Raine to the pack house. "The prophecy which was told by the Moon Goddess herself, was something that Torak heard it personally, I think it is only a handful people that knew about this."

"Do you want to say that it is much better for me to ask about this to Torak?" Raine concluded. It was a good thing that she didn't let her hope high as she was aware Raphael wouldn't say anything without Torak's concern.

"I think the Alpha could explain about it better than me. He got to hear the prophecy personally after all." Raphael suggested.

"I got it" Raine nodded. She would ask this to Torak, if he had calm down. "But, could you not tell him about what Serefina did to me? I will let him know later."

Raphael didn't answer her and only patted Raine's head.


Raine was waiting for Torak to return until late at night, as her sleepy eyes couldn't stay awake much longer and she fallen asleep.

Even so, when Raine felt the bed under her dipped down, she stretched out her arms and hugged the familiar warm body.

"Did I wake you up?" Torak asked in very soft voice as he put his arm under Raine's head as a pillow and pulled her closer.

"I am waiting for you, but I fell asleep." Raine nuzzled her head against his chest as she mumbled, the sleepiness still possessed her. "Where have you been?"

"Running." Torak kissed his little mate's forehead and breathed on her scent.

"I want to ask something" Raine said in sleepy voice.

Torak chuckled and patted her back. "You can ask me anything tomorrow, sleep for now." He cradled her in his arms as he lulled her to sleep.

Torak knew what questions that Raine wanted to ask. Raphael had told him the moment he returned.

In the end, the Beta couldn't lie to his Alpha as he told him everything, including the part where Serefina tried to strangle Raine.

Torak crushed the glass in his hand when he heard that. He should just kill her in the first chance was given.

"But, Raine asked me to not telling you about this." Raphael added when he saw the anger started to consume the Alpha. "She wants to do something about this."

"What she wants to do?" Torak was squinted his eyes dangerously. He was enough with Serefina's idea to bring Raine back to the era centuries ago, he didn't need Raine to have a crazy idea as well.

And with that Raphael explained Raine's stand point in this matter. "She wants to know about herself and what she could do with her ability."

It was a good thing with Raine's progress that she started to develop understanding about herself, but Torak didn't really agree with her decision. She could hurt herself in the process and that was the last thing that he wanted.

About the prophecy. From the beginning, Torak had never had intention to tell Raine about the prophecy. He didn't care about the impending war that would occur, just like what Selene had warned them. He only wanted to keep his mate saved.

Because the war would cost her life

Just like what had happened to the last war, where all the guardian angels were wiped out from this realm for centuries until the Moon Goddess decided to resurrect them again.

Torak tightened his arms around Raine's sleeping body, she slept soundly with her mouth slightly opened.

How he could let anything happened to her after he had waited for her so long?

The war could happen, but Raine wouldn't be part of it!


Raine woke up early and found Torak was staring at her. "Good morning." Her voice croaked.

"Good morning, my love." Torak kissed the tip of her nose. "Hungry?"

Raine chuckled when she heard his question. "Starving." She remembered that she didn't eat anything last night as she was stubbornly waiting for Torak inside the room.

"Let's eat, after that I will take you somewhere." Torak patted her back and got off from the bed, but Raine, who had just awaken wrapped herself inside the blanket again.

"I am still sleepy" She whined when Torak nudged her cheek. "This is still early for breakfast." She mumbled.

"We have to leave early otherwise we have to wait until tomorrow." Torak sat back on the edge of the bed and coaxed her to wake up.

Today was Saturday, that meant today and tomorrow Raine was free. It was a good timing to take her somewhere a bit far from this place.

"Hmm? Where we will go?" Raine blinked her eyes, fighting back her sleepiness. "Is it far?"

"It's a far place." Torak nodded. "We need to leave early if you still want to attend your lesson on Monday, or you can just skip it." He shrugged. Study was Raine's own choice, thus he didn't mind if she skips it.

"Where we will go?" Raine sat down and rubbed her eyes, she yawned and looked at Torak, a bit sober now.

"A place that will tell you a story about centuries ago." Torak said in mysterious tone, he knew that Raine like it.

"A story about you?" Just like what Torak had thought, Raine's eyes were shimmering with excitement.

"A story about me." Torak nodded.


Raine was wearing blue slouchy sweater and baggy pants in denim color. She wore blue beanies in the same color of her sweater and let her long, black hair cascaded down on her shoulder since Torak would always play with her hair, she didn't tie her hair whenever she was with him.

Raine and Torak boarded on the car when the sun had just appeared on the horizon and its golden light illuminated the street ahead of them.

Gregory was driving the car, but Raine couldn't see there was another car that followed them, it meant, Torak didn't bring Raphael or Calleb along in this trip.

"Raphael and Calleb don't come with us?" Raine looked at the shotgun seat that empty.

"Why they need to come with us?" Torak asked, there was displeasure laced in the way he talked. Why his mate had to ask other men in his presence? "This trip is only for both of us."

"Nothing, just curious because they will always follow you wherever you go." Raine shook her head and grinned. "I think it is much better this way."

"I think the same." Torak smiled as well.

Raine thought, it would only take at least twenty to half an hour before they reached their destination because Torak refused to tell her where they would go.

Thus, it surprised her when the car drove to a runway near the airport where a private plane with Donovan Enterprise, Inc. emblazoned on its body.

"Torak, where we will go?" Raine asked when he helped her to get out of the car. She looked in puzzled at the private plane in front of her.

Last time, Torak brought her to his pack house from the orphanage with the same private plane. Would he bring her back to the pack? To his own territory?

Raine didn't mind if Torak brought her back to the pack house, she liked being there, regardless what had happened when she was there.

"Will we go to your pack?" Raine kept asking while Torak helped her to get on the plane.

"No, we will go to somewhere far from that." Torak still refused to tell her their destination. "It will take a few hours. You can sleep during the trip." He kissed her forehead and strapped a seatbelt on her.

When the sign had turned green and they allowed to walk inside the plane Torak took Raine to the bedroom as he opened the door of the main room inside the private plane.

This was the same room that she occupied when she was here. It was only months and now Raine's condition has been better.

Raine now has a place that she could call home and was preparing herself to enter university like any other girls around her ages and the most important thing, she has someone who looked after her.

"Torak" Raine held his arms and looked at him. "Is this trip related to your past?"

"Yes." Torak sat down beside her.

"By any chance, are you planning to tell me about your past?"

"Yes, my love."