The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 168

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 168 Onism

Onism: Awareness of how little of the world you will experience. (n)


After seven hours flying, once they arrived at the airport a black sport car had been waiting for them.

Raine didn't know where they were, but someone as tall as Torak approached them and talked to Torak in foreign language and strange accent.

That man was in his late twenty with dark brown hair and skinny body, he nodded his head when Torak talked to him, which Raine assumed was an instruction.

After exchanging a few words, Torak guided her to the car and strapped her in seatbelt before he walked around to the driver seat and drove the car by himself.

Raine was curious, how many languages did Torak speak? It would be more than two handful hands to count it.

"Are we in foreign country?" Raine asked while looking at the scenery outside the window. The sun was still high as a couple of clouds that looked like a cotton floated around on the clear, blue sky.

This was a perfect weather to have a picnic.

"Yes, this place is called Rieka Country." Torak replied. "Maybe you are not familiar with this country as we are in different continent, added to the fact this Country is a small Country."

"Rieka country?" Raine reiterated because the name sounded so strange for her.

"Yes, Rieka from the meaning of; the power of wolf." Torak explained. "It's such an ironic name since you will never see a werewolf or lycan here."

"Why?" Raine turned her head and looked at Torak.

"I will show you why." Torak smiled patiently.

They drove to the main road where it started to get crowded and move toward the heart of this city.

Inside the car Raine didn't talk much as she enjoyed the view. This city wasn't very different from the Fulbright City, only less tall buildings.

The people who walked on the pedestrian mostly would wear a baseball cap to cover their eyes from the sunlight.

Lush trees grew in a row along the road while behind them, there were a row of uniquely designed houses. Most of the houses looked like an old house with big window and steps before one could reach the terrace.

Another thing that Raine noticed was the fact there were many statue of wolf in different size in front of every houses.

"Why in front of every house there are many statue of wolf?" Raine turned around to ask Torak.

However, before he could answer, as if to confirm Raine's question, on the roundabout there was a big fountain of a pack of wolf.

One big wolf was standing tall on its feet, while the other smaller wolves followed behind, there were around ten of them.

"The forgiven souls who have" Raine was squinted her eyes, though Torak had driven the car a little bit slow, but she still couldn't catch the last words that was carved on the surface of the stone beneath the leader of the pack's feet.

"fought with hearts." Torak finished the words for her.

"Hmm?" Raine looked at Torak questioningly. "The forgiven souls who have fought with hearts?" She reiterated the whole words. "What is that mean?"

"Later." Torak glanced at his curious little mate beside him with smile on his face.

Torak was exceptionally very calm today, there was no trace of his outburst from yesterday, as though that never happened.

"I will explain it later after I show you something." Torak said. Reaching out his hand and intertwined their fingers.

Raine smiled and didn't ask anything again as she resumed to relish the scenery before her eyes.

It felt like a dream for Raine, enjoying a beautiful city with someone who loved her dearly beside her and didn't need to worry about someone or other creatures that wanted to harm her, because he would make sure she was fine.

With Torak, she felt safe both physically and mentally, the feeling that she wouldn't dare to imagine when she was still in the orphanage, as they had never treated Raine well.

Now, she could eat any food that she like, not leftover foods, wearing a nice dress and clothes, not the one that they almost threw away.

And now she was in a foreign country, enjoying this lovely city.

The drive took thirty minutes before they arrived at a place that looked like a library that was designed akin to a historical building from medieval ages.

Raine hurriedly unbuckled herself and got out from the car, once it stopped. She looked at the building with amazement and puzzled, this building looked so old, yet there was something mysterious and attractive about this place as if there was a warm energy that exuded from it.

Torak chuckled upon seeing Raine's reaction. She looked like a little child, who was given a birthday present ahead of time.

"What is that building?" Raine asked when Torak was beside her, hugging his arm naturally.

"A library." Torak answered just like what Raine had thought.

"Will we read something? There is a book that you want to read?" Raine was so excited to read a book that related to Torak. Would he be inside the book? Like a history?

Raine's mind was reeled with a lot of possibility because Torak kept silence and only led her to enter the building.

Just like another houses that Raine had seen, this building also has a few steps before they could reach its terrace.

In the entrance there was a woman who had been waiting for Torak and Raine. She has a black hair that only reached her soldier and her brown eyes reminded Raine on hot chocolate.

The woman was only as tall as Raine, so she could be consider small. She smiled and waved her hand on Raine and Torak from time to time until both of them arrived in front of her.

However, the moment Raine took closer looked on the woman, she shrieked and backed away as her eyes grew wider when she looked at her.

Raine hid behind Torak's back, because she saw something behind the woman's back a pair of wings!

"She is not a human." Raine whispered at Torak.

"Yes my love, she is not." Torak patted the back of Raine's hand, which grabbing his arms tightly, to calm her. "She is a fae."