The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 169

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 169 For You I Will Compromise

Hey baby when we are together

Doing things that we love

Every time you near I feel like I am in heaven

Feeling high

I don't want to let go girl

I just need you to know girl

-No Promises. By: Shayne Ward-


"Fae?" Raine looked at the woman in puzzlement as she shifted her gaze from her to Torak. "I have never seen one before."

The woman's smile didn't falter as she greeted Raine. "Greetings Luna, I am Purple. Guardian of this place." She said in her crisp voice.

When Raine took a second look on Purple's wings and her friendly smile, she felt embarrassed because of her reaction.

"I am sorry." Raine came out from behind Torak's back. "This is my first time to see a fae" Raine said timidly as she glanced at her wings.

"It's alright, there are not many of our kind." Purple said reassuringly.

Her wings have various shades of blue and yellow color and they were translucent, akin to dragonfly's wings, only this one was way bigger.

Purple looked amazing under the ray of the sunlight, as she shone brightly like an angel. Instead of her, she looked more like one. Raine thought.

Was it possible for her to have wings as well since she was a guardian angel? She would love the idea.

"Alpha, the room that you have asked it's ready, this is the key." Purple handed a golden key from her pocket.

"Thank you purple, you may leave." Torak received the key.

Purple nodded and waved her hand toward Raine cheerfully. "I hope we can meet again." She said, fluttering her wings and flew away.

Raine gawked and looked at her surrounding and then toward Purple, who had flown passed a big opened window and disappeared, but no one seemingly realized this scene.

"They are not able to see her." Torak informed Raine and took her hand. "Let's go."

"Oh" Raine understood and followed him. "But, she looks like human except for her wings." She mumbled.

"All fae is like that" Torak glanced at Raine and added for her information. "They are not a shifter, even though they don't show their wings, but no human will be able to see them."

Raine listened and made a mental note about this.

This library was absolutely luxurious. Sleek large couches and chairs lined the walls and plush carpets adorned the floor at the other corner near a huge window, where people could sit and read there with enough sunlight.

The interior was white and lined with gold, the walls were made of sleek dark wood.

Some people walked passed them when they strolled in long corridor, many of them were girls around Raine's age, they were carrying books, apparently preparing themselves for the entrance exam like what Raine did.

The feeling was unexplainable when Raine could see the similarity between her and other girls, she felt almost normal.

But then, she frowned when all the girls that walked passed Torak would take a second look and smiled sheepishly in secret, two or three girls even deliberately to walk passed them again, only to see Torak.

Raine pouted her lips and stared at the man beside her, sizing him up and down. She could understand why those girls acted that way. Torak was so dazzling in his black sweater and denim. He looked like someone, who came out straight from women imagination about a perfect man.

Raine couldn't blame them for that, even her, who had been sleeping next to him for countless night and was treated unimaginably well by him, still found herself lost in his callous and mysterious aura.

She sighed in annoyance when a girl in short pants turned her head and looked at Torak without even trying to hide her intention, disregarding a girl beside him.

Raine glared at that girl agitatedly, but only to find it was a naught attempt. That girl has zero attention toward her, she didn't even glance toward Raine direction.

Out of frustration, Raine grabbed Torak's collar and pecked his lips, declaring that he had already taken.

Regardless Torak didn't pay attention to those girls, and he was used to ignore them until he thought of them as a part of decoration, but Raine brief action made him realize that his little mate could be jealous as well.

Torak didn't mind with her jealousy and found it so adorable when she tried to glare at other girls, a waste of effort, as she didn't look scary at all.

"What is it?" Torak asked as though he didn't know why Raine did that.

"They are staring at you as if they want to eat you alive." Raine said sullenly, her big eyes stared at Torak's blue one with displeased.

"You have eaten me entirely what else left for them?" Torak teased his mate as he tousled her head, resulted her beanies dropped until it covered her nose.

Raine pulled it up again and grinned before they resumed walking the long corridor, going up to the second floor by spiral stairs and finally stopped at the door that has warning sign on it.

"It says 'not allowed to enter'" Raine informed Torak when he was about to turn the knob of the door.

"I am the one who put it there." Torak said calmly and opened the door with the key that the fae had given him.

"Oh" Raine said dumbfoundedly and followed him inside the room. "Were you working here before?" That question just slipped like that from her mouth before she realized how wrong it sounded. "No. you own this place?" This time Raine was more certain with her guess.

However, when Torak nodded, she was still surprised nonetheless.

"Wow I don't know what to say" Raine was speechless while Torak laughed heartily when he heard her comment.

"When you lived your life long enough like me, you will come to realization that all of these things are nothing. They are merely a possession. There is nothing special by having them. Owning them, is just a matter to fill my free time." Torak said lightly.

"I think it will hard for me to understand that" Raine grimaced, she had not had as much money as Torak and had not yet lived as long as he lived.

"You don't need to." Torak chuckled. "All of that, is nothing to compare to you. You are my precious one." He said truthfully and made Raine blushed attractively.

Torak didn't say it offhandedly, but his words laced with seriousness. He didn't tease her this time as he only said what he felt for her.

After Torak unlocked the door, it was another long corridor but they didn't take a long walk before Torak opened the first door that they found.

Immediately, Raine was enveloped with earthy smell and before her was a great hall that seemed to on forever, and in it was endless rows of books that ascended high into the rafters and beyond.

It was like the luxurious library from before was less breathtaking than this. This place was as huge as the other one, as if the building was built with two design of library, the one for public and the one for private? Raine wasn't sure with her own opinion.

"Another library?" Raine asked while she looked around her in amazement. "This place is so" Raine couldn't find the right word that came close to describe this. " wonderful"

Raine loved to read, thus being here with these books, made her thrilled. She started to look into the book one by one. Most of them were like from decades ago.

"Do you like it?" Torak asked and Raine nodded while smiling. Before he had brought her to the art gallery and now he took her to this amazing library. "But, this is not what I want to show you my love."

Torak gestured for Raine to follow him.

As they walked to the center of this private library, Raine simply couldn't take her eyes from row after row of the books.

"This place is always empty? No one ever come here?" Raine asked.

"The fae works her magic and casts an enchantment spell to mask it from human sight." Torak was referring to the door to the library, not with the sign one.

They stopped in the middle of the center of the library.

There, Raine could see a huge stone was standing right in the middle of the library. It height was around twelve to thirteen meter away with the thickness as long as Raine's arms.

"What is this?" This stone was like thrown by someone and accidentally landed there, it didn't match with the other items inside this room.

"The stone that could tell you everything." Torak said calmly, he came from behind Raine and hugged her waist. "You can ask everything and let see what it tells you."

Raine frowned. A stone could answer her question? But, how?

But, she approached it nonetheless. The surface of the stone wasn't smooth, it was rough to touch when Raine rested her palm on it to feel the texture.

"What should I do?" Raine turned her head and looked at Torak questioningly.

"Just think what do you want to know?" Torak said in amus.e.m.e.nt as he watched Raine's confused expression. "Because it will be only you who will be able to see the answer."

"Why don't you tell me directly? It will be easier that way right?" Raine asked in confusion. Why Torak had to take her far away only for this?

"Because you said you have a lot of questions to Serefina that I can't answer." Torak replied in matter of fact tone.

Raine was surprised when Torak's answer, but then she realized that Raphael had told him despite her plea to not do that.

So, the purpose of this whole trip was for her? They had flown for seven hours and driving for hours, all of that was done only for her? for her sake?

Raine thought the trip this time was because Torak wanted to show the place that held memories for him. He said it before.

"I don't want you to compromise with Serefina just because she holds something that you want. I live long enough, but it doesn't mean I can answer all of your questions. Though it's annoying, but you are right, Serefina knows something that I don't." Torak explained, he admitted what he was lack. "And this stone only work for the related person. I can't find the answer of your question with using this way."

Raine was speechless, she didn't know that Torak had thought about everything so thoroughly.

"I just want to ask you one thing." Torak stretched out his hand and caressed her cheek. "Please don't hide anything from me. If you still want Serefina around, I can compromise with that."

Raine blinked her eyes to fight back her tears, she felt ashamed and guilty. "I am sorry" She said weakly and lowered her head, couldn't see Torak's eyes.

How she could think to hide something from him and lied when he always thought about her all the time, he even said he would compromise with Serefina for her.

Raine knew, it was a big deal. With Torak's nature and his position, he wouldn't compromise with anyone. But, for her, he did that.

He had done everything for her, but in returned, she attempted to lie to him.

"You don't have to apologize, my love." Torak pulled her into his embrace and patted her back. "I just want you to trust me enough that I will do everything for you."

Raine sobbed on Torak's clothes, her voice choked on her throat when she talked. "I feel bad to try to hide it." She felt ashamed too.

"You don't have to feel that way. You try to solve your own problem, thus you don't have to feel bad for that. That's a progress, my love and I am proud of you for trying to stand up for yourself." Torak whispered to her ear softly. "It is me, who can't see you struggle alone."

Raine didn't know what she had to say anymore. She knew Torak was trying to make her feel better by saying those words, and that actually worked.

"Tell me your curiosity and your trouble and let me help you." Torak said again when Raine's tears flew like a river on his sweater and her body trembling. "I want to be there whatever happened to you."

Raine sniffed and rubbed her teary eyes. "I love you" She said between her sobs, the tip of her nose slightly red the same way with her cheeks.

"You know I always do." Torak kissed her forehead and wiped her tears. "Now, try it. Let's see whether this will answer your question or not."

Raine nodded and turned around to look at the huge stone. She frowned, but she did what Torak told her. Taking two steps closer, Raine was in the middle of the stone.

At first, she didn't know what she had to do and just put her palms against the rough surface, closing her eyes, she thought about the question that she wanted to know.

There was nothing happened in the first second, but then she felt chill crept down from her palms that touched the stone as she shivered involuntarily, yet keeping her hand still.

Despite her eyes close, she could see herself. It was like she was watching herself, standing in front of the stone with Torak behind her, waiting.

But her, which looking those scenes was watching from behind a soft white mist, as if her soul was extracted from her body.

Raine gasped in surprised and hurriedly ran toward her own body that only a few steps away.

However, before she could touch her own body, she watched the stone shone brightly as if there was a golden light came out from within.

Then, Raine remembered what her question was; she had asked about the prophecy that Serefina told her at that time. There was a prophecy about her and the purposed of the resurrected of the guardian angel. All about that related to her.

Her ability and why she was able to leap the time. There were too many questions in Raine's head that she needed the answer for that.

Upon seeing the golden light that exuded from the stone, Raine stopped her step right behind Torak. He apparently wasn't aware that Raine was behind him, but then, there were two Raine in this moment and Torak couldn't see the other one.