The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 17 Rage 2

I don't need to go far away to see the world. My world is always with me when I stay with you.



Torak was listening to Alpha Xavier submitted his report when he caught an antsy message through the link.

He was supposed to block all the communication during this meeting, but he didn't do it due to his uneasiness for leaving Raine alone in one of the hotel room, one floor below where he was.

Raine wasn't really alone because he had ordered James, one of his best warriors, to stand on guard out of her room while another lycantrophes were blending with other human being, scattered all over the hotel building.

Raine would be safe for three hours without his presence, but he couldn't help the gravity of the mate bond that had taken its toll on him.

Torak didn't expect this either when he caught the mind link that was sent by James.

[Luna is gone!] Was all he needed to storm out of the meeting room, disregarding other Alphas who were presences.

A deep growled pierce his throat when he yanked opened the door from its hinged. But, he didn't care about that. He wanted to tear apart that stupid warrior for actually lost his Luna.

Raphael followed him suit while Calleb a second late due to the sudden pain that washed over him as a consequence of Torak's rage. He stumbled to the door to catch up with them, but Raphael was out of sight as well as his furious Alpha.

Calleb grumbled and sniffed the air, but it didn't help much as the hallway was crowding with hundreds of scents from all the human and supernatural creatures mixed in the air.

Torak ran straight to the floor below, as her faint scent guide him to the elevator and five floors down to the lobby. But, Raine wasn't alone because he could trace there were two more people with her.

It was James and Jenedieth.

His pulse quickened. He went to the lobby and saw nothing.

Torak stopped running and forced through other lycans' mind who were looking for his mate as a random snippet flew his eyes and their feared for his ferocity streaming down their blood, he saw her.

One of his warriors found her.

In a matter of second Torak arrived in the parking lot in the bas.e.m.e.nt, where he saw five of his warriors in their wolves form made a circle move beside a red car while three of them in their human form were trying to talk to Raine.

There, Torak saw his little mate pressed her back into the car, trying to avoid all the lycans that surrounding her.

She was trembling with eyes shut close and her palm covered her ears.

The three lycans in their human form kept singing their reassurance. "Please, we will not hurt you" One of them tried to move closer to her, but then a low growled that seemed could shake and rattle their bone echoed throughout the bas.e.m.e.nt.

All of them moved back in unison, the five wolves had their tail between their hind legs.

The furious Torak marched toward Raine, he was so angry because she looked terrified, that was a sight that break his heart.

Feeling someone reached out to her and pulled her closer to his embrace, Raine tried to push him back, struggling to get off of him, but Torak simply pressed her head onto her chest.

The tingling sensation from their proximity made Raine realized Torak presence and his gentle voice traveled to her ears.

"It's me" Torak said, rubbing her hair lovingly. "Don't be afraid my love"

The safety feeling that his caress offered made Raine stopped struggling, moreover she couldn't be possible to push him away as well. Not this time, when Torak determined to bury her in his arms.

When Calleb and Raphael caught up with him, Torak had been standing like that, trying every way possible to calm his mate.

Only after a few minutes passed and Raine had calm, Torak let her off, resting his arm on her waist to keep her close.

"What happened!?" He snarled and Raine startled.

Frustrated, Torak closed his eyes to calm himself and decided, lash out in front of Raine wouldn't be a good idea, so he mind linked Raphael to question James about what had happened.

"Let's go back." He said as gently as he could between the raging flames inside him.

That's when he saw Raine barefoot. Without considering his surrounding, he lifted her in his arms and marched back toward their room.

"Alpha " Raphael cut his path, before Torak could enter the hotel entrance hall. "Someone could create news about this."

What he meant, Torak by any meaning was the famous CEO in the human world. Those people wouldn't understand about this and would make trouble by throwing false rumor around.

"Then, that would be the last news they made." He said in deep voice while his eyes turned black.