The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 171

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 171 Who Is This Rich Girl?

I truly believe that every single person has to go through something that absolutely destroys them so they can figure out who they really are.



They arrived at the entrance gates of the University after twenty minutes driving, they neither early nor late, the time just right.

The black sport car drew people attention and made them glanced for the third time when they saw it. This was the rarest type from the brand, thus the owner shouldn't be someone simple.

Some of girls even flocked together and waited for the person, who would come out from such a car. If it was a boy, he would surely become very popular among the girl and if it was a girl, the same thing would happen to her, with the addition of the jealousy from the girls.

"Don't you want to come out?" Torak looked at Raine and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Do you want to stop right in front of the lobby?"

"No. No." Raine waved her hands frantically. She was wearing a dark purple sweater, jeans and sneaker. Nothing was special with the way she dressed, but if she came out from this car, she would be the center of unnecessary attention and that wasn't in the list of her first exam day. "Can you drive the car a bit far? Over there?" Raine pointed at the corner of the street.

"That's so far my love" Torak frowned. "You will be late."

"Of course not." Raine retorted. "There is still twenty minutes left before the exam." She checked on her expensive watch that Torak had bought for her. She didn't want to know how much it cost, because she would end up to not used it.

[Alpha, I think she feels uncomfortable with this attention.] Calleb mind- linked Torak, but the Alpha growled in replied.

"Alright, Calleb will drop you there, but I will walk you here." Torak said calmly, without slightest evidence in his voice that he just scolded the Gamma.

Of course Torak knew that Raine felt uncomfortable with all the attention, but he wanted those people to see that his mate wasn't someone simple that they could mistreat in the future.

Torak's statement surprised Raine even further, not only her, but Calleb also needed to turn his body to see Torak's seriousness. He wouldn't do that, right?

It was fine to appear in business news, but if he was about to walk with Raine along this University street, he would become the headline in gossip news in the following days instead.

"Please" Raine turned her expression into a pitiful one. "You know I don't like this" She hugged his neck and whined.

[Let's make a bet.] Calleb mind linked Raphael beside him. [I will give up my one month salary for you if Raine succeed to make the Alpha yield.]

Even before Raphael could answer the Gamma ridiculous bet, Torak had opened his mouth said. "Drive somewhere that less people." He said.

"Got it." Calleb said happily. [You owe me your one month salary!] He mind linked Raphael.

However, as an answer, Raphael slapped the back of his head again. "Stop that!" He growled.

People, who were looking at the car and waiting for someone to get out from inside, were slightly disappointed when the car drove away.

"Probably wrong place." A girl said to her friend.

"I think so" Her friend replied.

"No way someone so wealthy like that stops in the entrance gates instead of going inside to and stop at the lobby." The other girls commented.


Calleb stopped the car at the less crowded corner of the street, under a maple tree.

"I will go now" Raine took her backpack and gave Torak a brief kiss on his cheek, she waved goodbye to both Raphael and Calleb before she got out from the car.

"I will ask someone to pick you up." Torak reminded her again.

"Alright." Raine replied cheerfully and closed the door.

Inside the car, Calleb was about to drive the car away because they had meeting to attend when Torak stopped him.

"Wait until she enters the gates." Torak rested his back against the backrest and watched Raine was walking slowly toward the entrance.

If he could, he would like keep Raine by his side and would never let her to walk alone like this and disappeared from his sight.

Torak was worried if something unexpected happened to her during that period of time he wasn't nearby. Learning from his experience, Raine would be caught on something whenever he wasn't around.

However, no matter how strong his desire to protect her, Torak couldn't be possibly to force his own will on her. That would hurt her and it would hurt him in the process.

Torak had been treating Raine like a fragile flower petal all this time, which now flutter brightly and gently in his hand. He didn't want to crush her with his worried.

If this what Raine wanted, there was no reason for him to not grant it. He would take another measurement for her safety.

"You have arranged everything?" Torak asked Raphael. This was the fourth same question that he had asked his Beta since this morning.

"Yes, Torak." Raphael said patiently. "Everything is fine." And he reassured him again. He knew his Alpha was getting nervous with the thought he would part with Raine.

After all, Raine had never left his sight these past three months and because now she has to enter the college life, it was inevitably he must accept with the condition.

Torak stared at his little angel that disappeared into the crowd of people after she entered the gates.

"What time the meeting before the representative from the de Medici family come?" Torak glanced at his wristwatch, it was 07.30 a.m.

"Ten o'clock. De Medici family will come after lunch." Raphael replied.

"Re- arranges the morning meeting and makes it earlier." Torak said and closed his eyes. "I will pick her up by myself."

Even thought earlier Torak said he would ask someone to pick Raine up from the university, but in the end he felt restless and decided to come.

[I had expected this to happen] Calleb mind linked Raphael.

[Shut up and drive.] Raphael shut him up and continued with his work.

An almost collapse business has much paper work to do than the others. This business was still running just because the Alpha needed an excuse to stay in this place, no matter how much money they had loss.


Raine looked around her and was enchanted by the university building. The atmosphere was so different here, even the air that she breathed didn't feel the same.

She would have never thought that she would be able to enroll college life. When Raine was in the orphanage, she always had a plan to work right after she came to age and graduated from high school, never a word of college entered her mind.

But, now here she was, taking an entrance exam together with the other people in her proper clothes and new backpack. Raine couldn't form into words how excited she was right now. She felt like she wanted to grin from time to time, but that wouldn't do as people would see her weirdly.

Speaking of weird, this was also kind of weird because since Raine was together with Torak, she saw less supernatural creatures around her, not to mention the hostile one.

She had asked about this to Calleb and he said it was because she was always with Torak, it caused his scent attached on her and the smell was very strong that could manage to ward off the other creatures in lower ranking to not mess with her, that was Calleb's explanation.

Despite she was still confused, but she liked the part that even Torak's scent that attached on her could protect her, but

Raine sniffed her hands, hair and shoulders, she didn't think she smelled like Torak, because his was the smell of pine wood.

Shrugging her shoulder, Raine walked lightly toward the lobby.

She took out her exam identity and started to look for her class this place was so huge, and there were a few long corridors.

Raine thought to ask someone in case she got lost and couldn't make it to her test room in time, when suddenly someone snatched the paper from her.

"It's over here." He said boringly.

Raine gasped and caught the man's face in time before he turned around and led the way for her. She knew him, no actually they had met once and that wasn't something pleasant to be remembered.

"Why are you still standing there?" The man realized that Raine didn't follow him and turned around to face her. "Don't you want to take the exam?"

Raine looked around and be thankful that there was many people around her, at least he wouldn't do something atrocious in front of so many people like this.

"Ah! I forgot, you are mute." He slapped his forehead regretfully. "Come here, hurry! The exam will start in five minutes." He waved his hand toward Raine, but she still refused to come closer.

This man was the dragon shifter that Raine met when Torak brought her along to their manor, but what he was doing here?

Raine felt uncomfortable with this, she kept the distance between them as she was standing three steps away from him.

"Hey, I don't bite, come here." Stephan said agitatedly and when he looked Raine didn't move an inch, he took the initiative to approach her.

This gesture made Raine startled and backed away. She didn't like being so close to him.

"Oh, please!" He sighed ruefully. "I am here because of the order of your mate!" He hissed so another people that started to glance twice at them couldn't catch his words clearly.

Raine frowned because Torak didn't say anything about this, if Stephan was there because of Torak's order, he would tell her beforehand, right?

"You have a phone, make a call to him!" Stephan almost lost his patience as he told her to make a call to confirm his statement. "I know he said to look after you secretly, but I don't see something will go wrong in approaching you directly." He mumbled to himself as he waited for Raine to make a call.

Actually it was Calleb who had told him about that, because at that time, Torak had something else to do and couldn't meet him, thus Stephan didn't take it as serious as if Torak himself who told him.

That was why, when he found Raine was looking for her room to take the exam, he couldn't help to approach her, ever since the first time he saw her, he had found Raine was attractive with her innocent face and timid nature.

However, the girl in front of him didn't make any movement as she stared at Stephan with creased brows.

Out of frustration, Stephan was about to snap at her when suddenly Raine walked toward him, slowly and warily.

Her eyes were in alert when she took back the identity paper from Stephan's hand and looked at him, waiting.

Frown and more frown appeared on Stephan's expression before the understanding down on him that Raine was waiting for him to show her the way. "Over here." He walked ahead and this time Raine followed.

Raine didn't see any reason for Stephan to attack her with dozens people around, didn't the supernatural creature had their own rule to not reveal their existence in front of human? Especially after whatever Torak had done to him and his brother. At that time, when they left the manor, Raine could hear an agony roar.

She would ask about this later when she met Torak at home.

While Raine and Stephan were having one side argumentation, with Stephan who had done all the monologue because Raine didn't speak at all since the beginning, some girls had noticed her and Stephan.

The two looked outstanding among the crowd, Stephan was a good looking man who would draw attention from the opposite s.e.x. Meanwhile some girls noticed Raine's backpack, as they didn't have interest with Raine's face, the backpack that she used was limited items from a famous brand.

Who is this girl?