The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 172

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 172 The Representative Of De Medici Family

Raine was filling the answer of her test diligently and finished it twenty minutes earlier than the due time, she used the ten minutes to double check her answer and another last ten minutes to look around the test room silently.

Some students had done their paper just like her and checked it again and again, afraid there was a missing question or an error from their side, while the other students still had their nose buried behind the question paper. Getting anxious when they forgot the answer.

From today onward, if Raine managed to pass the exam test, she would be able to see this sight every day. She was so thrilled only by the thought of it.

Raine's eyes landed on Stephan, who was sitting at different row from her, she frowned because she caught him was sleeping soundlessly without the care for the world.

How he could fall asleep in the middle of the test?

But then, Raine found that she didn't care about that, she would ask Torak when she met him, and continued her little observation until the bell rung, which indicating the time was done and they needed to submitted their answer.

Raine was waiting for her paper test and answer to be taken while putting all of her belonging inside the backpack.

Only when half of the people had left the room and it was less crowded, Raine stood up and walked toward the door. Torak had said that he had asked someone to pick her up, knowing Torak, Raine was sure that person must have been waiting for her by now.

"Hey! Someone will pick you up?" Stephan ran after Raine and managed to catch with her only two seconds later. "Or do you want me to drop you at Donovan Company?"

When Stephan mentioned Donovan Company, Raine could feel every eyes, in the room, were staring at her questioningly. She was still not used to be the center of attention, even now.

Raine didn't answer Stephan's question, but she quickened her step, almost running.

However, regardless of her effort, the dragon shifter still managed to catch up with her without even breaking sweat.

"I am being polite here, why are you running away?" Stephan asked, but he smirked triumphantly when he witnessed Raine was being uncomfortable. "So, you will come with me? Yes?" He was still trying to get an answer from her, yet since Stephan knew Raine couldn't speak, he said generously. "A nod will do, Just nod your head."

Regardless what he said, Raine shook her head instead.

"Why are you so meant to me?" Stephan complained. "I know our first encounter didn't leave a good impression on you, but I am not that bad." He tried to explain himself.

But, Raine quickened her steps to get away from him.

Stephan looked at her with amus.e.m.e.nt. Why this little girl thought she could outrun him?

"Hey, I am talking to you" Stephan chased after Raine because she started to run as fast as she could.

This scene was getting more and more people attention as both of them were running inside a long corridor all the way to the lobby.

The thing that Raine wasn't aware was; most of shifter liked to chase after their prey, thus when Raine started to run it only incited Stephan's instinct to catch her.

Raine ran as fast as her feet could take her toward the entrance gates where many students were walking together with their friends.

From the corner of her eyes, Raine caught a sight of familiar car. It was Torak's car. But, didn't he say that someone would pick her up? Did he change his mind and decided to come by himself?

The last option didn't seem impossible, either way, Raine's focus was to run toward the car.

Just like this morning, this flashy car, attracted people attention and made them stopped walking to relish the sight of this rare car.

Covering her face with her backpack so people couldn't catch a sight of her face, Raine ran toward Torak's car. Yet, before she could reach it, Raine could feel someone grabbed her shoulder and made her stop.

Raine shrieked in panic, but stop struggling when she felt the familiar spark from the touch and his rough voice caressed her ears.

"What happened? Why are you running like that?" Torak looked around and tried to find if there was a threat, but he could find nothing and also there wasn't peculiar scent in the air. But, why Raine was so terrified?

Seeing Torak Raine could feel the relief that ran through her veins as if the burden was lifted from her shoulder.

"The dragon shifter" Raine whispered and pointed her hands toward Stephan, whose smirking face suddenly froze as he stopped abruptly while holding his hand in front of him as if he wanted to say he was innocent.

"Alpha Torak" Stephan said in low voice from a great distance, yet Torak could hear him nonetheless.

Stephan didn't mean to catch her, he just enjoyed chasing after her. If he really wanted to catch Raine, he would do so in only a matter of second.

Yet, seemingly Raine didn't think the same as him, and now the dragon shifter had to face the wrath of the Alpha because of his foolish action to chase after his mate.

"This is not what you think" Stephan was fidgeting under Torak's angry gaze, in spite of the distance between them.

"Didn't Calleb already tell you that you are not allowed to come near her?!" Torak said in low voice, but the tone that he used was so scary nonetheless the aura around him also turned cold and dangerous.

People were looking at Raine and Torak. Some of them were whispering to their friends and made speculation from their own perception.

Most of student didn't follow the business news, but there were a few young heirs and heiress that took the same entrance exam today, they recognized Torak Donovan because he was on people lips in the business circle not long time ago.

They took a picture or two of him, who was hugging a girl's waist closed to him protectively, yet unfortunately they couldn't see Raine's face because she used her backpack as a cover.

And the question remained. What a young multibillionaire like Torak was doing in this university? Was the girl his girlfriend? But, from her figure, she was too young to be his lover.

In the other hand, Stephan gulped hard and walked slowly toward Torak and Raine. "Alpha, I just tried to help her, because she was looking for her test room."

Torak grabbed Raine's shoulder and turned around toward their car because the crowd was starting to get big as many curious eyes tailed behind them, disappointed because they didn't see anything excited.

When Torak had brought Raine inside the car, it was Calleb, who came out from the driver seat and walked to approach the dragon shifter.

Calleb's appearance incited waves of whispered among the crowd, because he looked so young, handsome and careless. The type that would make young girls melted.

"Let's talk." Calleb said

Once he was close enough with Stephan, he flung his arms around his shoulder and brought him away toward the parking lot.

"I have told you to follow her secretly!" Calleb hit Stephan's head hardly when they were inside Stephan's car. "Why did you appear in front of her without scrupulous?! And what did you do?" The Gamma pretended to recall his memory. "Ah, yes! You chased after her! Are you planning to die?!"

He was so fortunate because of the situation, Torak could still hang on his last strand of sanity before his beast instinct took over and tore this Dragon shifter apart.

"She was at lost, I just helped her!" Stephan roared as he rubbed his aching head. "I didn't do anything! She just freaked out!" He tried to defend himself for the accusation.

He didn't do something immoral neither he tried to scare or harm her. Well, he just teased her a little bit he couldn't help when he looked at Raine was easily scared.

Something about her was very attractive.

"I didn't see how you can help her by chasing after her!" Stephan yelled and hit the dragon shifter's head again. "Why didn't you just leave her alone!?"

"That was misunderstanding! She misunderstood me!" Stephan shrieked. "Stop hitting my head!"

"I have told you crystal clear that you have to stay away from her! Look after her in secret! Which part of my words that you don't get it?" Calleb scratched his head in frustration.

The dragon shifter was too haughty to admit his mistake, but Stephan wasn't at the position to be more annoying than this.

"I am sorry, I am sorry!" Stephan finally said it out loud when he looked at Calleb was about to hit him again, as a dragon shifter he wasn't as persistent as his older brother, apparently.

"You do really need to be beaten first before you could understand, don't you?" Calleb slumped his body. "If you already get it, now drive this car to the company."

"Why should I?" Stephan asked agitatedly, he didn't want to spend even a second longer with him.

"Because you have made me to get out from the car and now they left me." Remembering how angry Torak was when he growled through the mind link, Calleb knew that another punishment for him and this dragon shifter was still on the way.

"So annoying!" Stephan mumbled, he was still young and immature, so his action was only based on his impulsiveness, moreover, he didn't have a malice intention. That was why Torak chose him and told him to come.

As long as his brother didn't give a bad influence on him, he would be fine within Torak's pack, because of Raine's issue that she couldn't be close to Lycan, Torak couldn't ask one of his pack member to do this job.

Regardless, he was still a strong shifter and would be able to protect Raine if it's needed.

"I hear that." Calleb said as he closed his eyes. "Now drive fast, I have a meeting to attend to."

"Why don't you take a taxi?" Stephan said ruefully, but he still started the engine and drove away from the parking lot.

"Why I have to take a taxi when I can use you? Even though I don't like your smell." Calleb said irritably.

"You can shift into your wolf form, you can just run." Stephan drove to the main road.

"I am too tired to run."


"We don't wait for Calleb?" Raine asked when Raphael sat behind the wheel. "He is still talking to the dragon shifter." She added and when the Raphael started the engine.

"He could find his way back, don't worry." Raphael said.

"But, what if" Raine looked at the entrance gates once again, but Calleb and Stephan were no longer there.

"Stephan will not possible to harm Calleb." Torak caressed Raine's back. "Are you hurt somewhere? Did he hurt you?" He tried to smell the blood from her, but there was none and that relieved him.

"Actually, he didn't do anything" Raine said, contemplating for a while. "I think I overreacted" She said sheepishly. "Because the last time"

"It's all right." Torak patted her head. "I am the one who didn't tell you about this." And he didn't think the stupid Stephan would walk straight to her right in the first day.

"Did you really ask him to look after me" Raine asked, she put away her backpack and zeroed her attention on Torak. Wasn't the last meeting with Stephan didn't end well?

"Yes, because I can't ask someone from my pack to do so." Torak pulled out a sandwich that he had brought before he picked her up and handed it to her. "Eat first, you must be hungry."

Raine beamed and accepted it. "But, why? I think I am fine now to be near another Lycan"

Torak frowned with the words 'another Lycan' it sounded like she was surrounding by many men. "You have been surrounded enough, if I have to add one more, I don't want to take a risk." He said.

He remembered when Raine was admitted to the hospital and her condition. Not to mentioned he wasn't in good terms with Serefina now, what if something bad happened to her and Serefina was nowhere to be found? Torak wouldn't take that risk.

Raine couldn't argue with him about that.

"What you will do to him? You will not do 'something' to him, right?" Raine was worried and felt a little bit guilty if Stephan was punished because of her. Actually he indeed had helped her. Maybe next time, she would try to talk to him.

"Just a bit chat, I guess." Torak said in deep meaningful tone.

After that, there was silence inside the car, while Raphael was driving, Torak was looking at doc.u.ment that he had brought with him that needed to be signed. Since he had many line of businesses, so he had many things to look after, especially when one of his business continuously making losses.

"Raphael where we will go? We are not heading to the company or home" Raine looked at the unfamiliar road around her and realized this wasn't the way to either the company or home.

"We will meet a business partner. I hope you don't mind to come with me." Torak put down the doc.u.ment on his hand.

"Of course I don't." Raine grinned and snuggled into Torak's embrace while the Alpha continued to do his work.


The car stopped at the lobby of a hotel, and from the looked of it, this must be a very expensive hotel that would cost good fortune only to be able to book one of the rooms.

Raine felt a little bit self- awareness when she stepped inside the fancy lobby. Most of the people there would dress in formal attire or beautiful dress for women when she was only wearing sweater and jeans with sneaker, completely out of the place.

The way she dressed, it really gave away her age. She was a timid little girl who had just finished her entrance exam.

However, when those hotel staffs looked at her, they treated her very well because of the man beside her.

Torak, Raine and Raphael entered the elevator that brought them to the eleventh floor where the meeting between Torak and the representative from de Medici family would be held.

But, at the same floor also, Torak had book a room for Raine so she could take a rest there. This room was only a few meter away from the meeting room.

"Is it okay if I leave you alone here?" Torak opened the door and held it for Raine while Raphael had gone to check on their meeting room.

"Yes. It is fine" Raine nodded gleefully when she saw the beautiful room inside.

"If you need anything I will be in the meeting room right in front of the elevator." Torak didn't mind if Raine bothered him in the middle of the meeting. "If you hungry, you can call the hotel staff to bring you some food, don't roam around this place alone, understood?"

Raine chuckled when she heard Torak worried words. She felt like Torak was like a father who nagged their children. "Don't worry. I will just stay inside the room." She tiptoed and pecked his lips.

"Good." Torak slightly relax, because of her words and her kiss. "I will leave you then" He rubbed her head and left the room.

After Torak left her alone, Raine sauntered this spacious room and opened it huge window, behind it glass was a view of a big pool where not many people were there.

Afterward, Raine put down her backpack on a king size bed and sat on it. Though this bed wasn't as nice as the one at their bedroom, but Raine enjoyed to jump on it like a small child before she felt tired and decided to check on the bathroom.

There must be a bath up, thus she would soak herself while waiting Torak finished his meeting.


Torak was about to enter the meeting room when Raphael mind- linked him anxiously.

[Alpha, you have to see this.] Raphael said.

Torak who had already in front of the door pushed it open and walked inside. The first person that he saw was Raphael, who was sitting on the right side of his seat and then, the person he thought he wouldn't meet him here.

But, there he was, sitting in the middle of four elder from de Medici family, with his peculiar smirk grazed his lips. Apparently nobody was aware with his golden eyes as if they were enchanted.

"Mr. Donovan." One of the elder stood up and greeted Torak and then followed by the others, including that person.

Torak's eyes glued on him as his expression turned rigid.

"Mr. Donovan, I want to introduce our representative of the family." The Elder man said as he opened his palm to recognize the man beside him. "This is Reiz de Medici, he is the fourth grandson and is"

Torak cut the explanation about the man's status in the family, as he knew that was a big lie, thus he wouldn't waste his time to hear such a crap. "Let's start the meeting." He said callously as he gestured for them to take their seat.

That was rude, but those elders from de Medici family couldn't complain about it.

Torak's eyes slightly turned a few shades darker during the meeting, even Raphael also felt the tense in the atmosphere.

The meeting was ended in half an hour, much faster than they thought.

After both parties signed the memorandum of understandings and shook hand as a gesture of the beginning of their collaboration, they were ready to leave the room.

"Can I have a moment with Mr. Reiz?" Torak said in cold tone as he sat back on his seat.