The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 173

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 173 Will You Come To The Party?

The four of them looked at each other and Reiz, confused with Torak's request. Would he offer underhanded deal with their new leader of family?

"Of course." The man named Reiz stepped aside. "It will not take long time." He said, looking at Torak's briefly when he said that.

The four elders nodded and walked out of the room.

Reiz closed the door and faced the Alpha and the Beta with playful smirk dancing on his lips. "Surprise to see me as an heir now?" He tilted his head and leaned his tall body against the door behind him.

The professional looked and formal attitude that he showed earlier banished into thin air as he held Torak's gaze defiantly.

"I don't think you are capable of doing such a scheme, since you are the sloth." Torak leaned his body forward his voice was getting cold as he talked. "You must have so much free time to think such a complicated plan."

"Don't flatter me Alpha." Belphegor waved his hand to dismiss Torak's sarcastic words. "I am a busy person also."

"What do you want?" Torak talked straight down to the business. With Belphegor was meddling in this matter and even became his business partner, Torak wouldn't expect something good as a result.

His mind, for a brief moment, flew on certain someone who he had left alone inside the room.

"The guardian angel of course." Belphegor admitted it openly as he shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. "I heard she was taking an exam today."

"What are trying to imply?" There was a warning with the way Torak was speaking.

"Nothing. I am just thinking, why she tries to live a normal life when her life is not normal since the beginning?" Belphegor stroked his chin. "Don't worry, for the meantime I will not disturb her, but I will find a way to get her eventually."

Torak couldn't help but snapped the ballpoint in his hand into two as his temper flared up.

Belphegor looked at the ballpoint on the table as he smiled lazily and said. "If you have nothing else, I will excuse myself. I am looking forward for our collaboration." He waved his hand, turned his back and walk out of the room.

Along with that, Torak also stood up and it with breakneck speed, he had already in front of the room where he left Raine alone.

Torak punched the pass code and the door opened with a faint beep sound.

The moment he stepped inside, he could smell his mate scent filled the room. This was kind of smell that could calm his nerves almost immediately.

The sound of splashing water gave away Raine's position, thus without a second thought Torak strode toward the bathroom and pushed the door opened without even knocking first.

There was a loud gasping sound when he found Raine was soaking inside the bath up that filled with bubbles to the rim.

It was only her head that poked out from the surface of the water while her n.a.k.e.d body was unable to be seen behind the soft bubble and foam.

"Torak" Her voice was so small as she looked at Torak anxiously. "What happened?" She asked unsure.

Torak's eyes glued on the bath up as the rim of his blue eyes started to turn a bit darker. "I I couldn't find you inside the room." He stumbled with his own words as he couldn't find a reasonable reason for this moment.

"I am taking a bath" Raine said the obvious. She thought Torak would be back much later, she didn't think that he would return so soon.

Torak didn't say anything after that, but he didn't avert his eyes from her and this made Raine became nervous and embarrassed.

"Should I dress now?" Raine asked, she bit her lips and looked around the bathroom because she couldn't look at Torak in the eyes.

"Sure, if you have finished." Torak said in strange tone of voice.

Suddenly the atmosphere inside the bathroom turned awkward and the air felt so heavy.

"I will get dress then" Raine said, but because Torak didn't take that as a cue for him to leave the bathroom and was still standing there, Raine also didn't come out from the bath up.

"Don't you say that you want to get dress?" Torak asked when a minute had passed and Raine was still soaking inside the bath up.

"Yes, but" Raine looked at Torak timidly. "Can you leave for a while please?" She could feel heat crept on her face.

"What if I say I don't want?" Torak pulled a chair and sat down.

Raine never expected Torak would say something like that, because he was always be a gentleman to her.

Though sometime he would act mischievous and like to tease her, but he wouldn't be so bold like this.

"Torak!" Raine shrieked. She looked at Torak in horror, but that man sat four steps away from him while crossing his legs leisurely. "I am serious" She said helplessly.

"So do I." Torak shrugged his shoulder innocently. "How many times we sleep together? Why are you still so shy in front of me, my love?" His voice was like a beautiful caressing Raine's ears.

However, Raine wasn't in a condition that would appreciate Torak's generosity for reminding her about something like that in situation like this.

"Then then I will stay here until you leave." Raine said sullenly.

"Let's see how long the bubble will last." Torak grinned, he was really in a good mood to tease Raine to this extent.

Only then, Raine realized that the bubbles around her started to fade and the water was getting cold. "Torak! Don't do this!" Raine was so annoyed when Torak laughed out loud. He rarely laughed so carefree like this.

"Alright, I will go." Torak abruptly stood up when Raine tried to splash water on him.

"Go, now!" Raine screamed when Torak stood beside the door and didn't move while looking at her.

"I feel so grateful for having you my love." Torak said before he walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him, leaving Raine became more bashful than she already had.


Raine walked out of the bathroom five minutes later while drying her hair. She walked straight to the side of the bed, looking for hairdryer. Deliberately avoided Torak, who was standing in front of dressing table

"Come here." Torak said, patted the dressing chair. "I will dry your hair." His other hand was holding the hairdryer that Raine was looking for.

"I can do it myself." Raine still felt embarrassed because of Torak's words in the bathroom.

"And I can do it for you." Torak insisted. He looked at his mate with amus.e.m.e.nt. It felt like his anger when he encountered the Sloth earlier had been subsided by only looking at his mate. He would deal with Belphegor later.

Raine walked toward Torak while keeping her head down. She didn't meet him in the eyes when she sat down on the dressing chair and Torak started to dry her hair.

When her hair was already dry, Torak leaned on the dressing table, standing right in front of Raine while taking pleasure to see her beautiful face.

"How was your exam?" Torak moved a strand of her hair from her face. He treated her very carefully, because she was the most precious thing for him.

"I was doing good. I think I will pass." Raine's eyes shone brilliantly when she was talking about her exam test that she took this morning.

There were two numbers that she wasn't sure with the answer, but for the rest she was confident that she would get it right.

"Mrs. Martha is a really good teacher. I don't have a problem with the test. She taught me well." Raine said cheerfully.

"I will ask Calleb to give her a gift." Torak said as he patted her head. "You were doing great."

"But" Suddenly Raine's expression turned worry. "What if I got it wrong? What if I misunderstood the question and my answers are wrong?" She started to get anxious. She was happy too fast, the exam had just done and she was already overjoyed.

"Don't think too much. You were doing great, the result will be great as well." Torak knocked her head softly. She started to develop this kind of habit whenever she felt overwhelmed.

"What if" Raine was still trying to prepare herself for the worse result.

"There is no 'what if'." Torak said sternly. "Even if you don't enter the university this year, you can always try it again next year."

Torak had another plan in his mind, but unsure how to say it to Raine. With Belphegor was inside the company and meddled with his business, he had a second thought to call off Raine's plan to enter the university.

Probably next year her ability had improved and she was able to return to his territory and took education there instead.

It would be a great plan and Torak could be less worry about her safety. Nobody knew what would happen within one year, there was still high possibility for that.

The only problem was, Raine's face turned gloomy when she heard Torak said about taking exam next year.

"I really want to enter university this year" She muttered as he rested her head on Torak's stomach. "I like the atmosphere there, the student, the building, the trees and all. When I entered the gates, I though; it would be nice if I can study here. I can't wait to make a new friend or two." Raine said in soft voice as if she was imagining that while she was talking.

Torak caressed her long hair subconsciously while listening to her.

"All of this is like a dream for me." Raine continued, feeling comfortable. "Enter university, make some friend. I think this time there is nothing I have to be ashamed of. Recently, all those creatures have not bothered me, Calleb said it's because your smell is all over me, so they are afraid to appear in front of me, so I can be just a normal student and study like the other."

Raine tightened her arms around Torak's waist.

"Thank you."

And with that, Torak's second plan was out of the picture, he couldn't be possible to break Raine's heart by saying she couldn't enter the university that she wanted and lived the life she wished because of he was worried about her safety.

Torak was sure, on the surface Raine would say that she understood, but Torak knew better that it would hurt her, having the life that she wanted slipped away just like that.

[Raph.] Torak mind- linked his Beta. [Ask someone to look for Serefina.]

As hard as it was to admit that he needed the witch, he couldn't let his ego endanger his mate's life.


The result of the exam would be out in one month and during that time, Raine didn't have much thing to do, thus she asked Torak to buy a canvas for her to kill the time, because recently Torak didn't let her to come to his company very often, but he made sure to return early.

However, instead of only a canvas, Torak turned one of empty room inside the house into a mini studio where Raine could put all of her painting inside.

Raine couldn't be more elated than this for having her own mini studio where she would have all the painting tools that she wanted.

Torak even offer to call a teacher if she wanted to learn more about art, but Raine turned down the offer. Because she was just doing this as a hobby and didn't think she would take this seriously.

Torak was fine with whatever Raine's decision and the mini studio was done within a week, since then whenever Torak wasn't at home, Raine would spend her time inside.

Until one night after dinner, Torak was watching a movie with Raine before they went to bed, he asked her. "Will you come to the mask party with me tomorrow night?"