The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 175

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 175 Party 2

Anyone can catch your eyes, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.


Once Torak entered the party room with Raine in his arm, the whole room fell into silence. All the people's attention was on the couple.

"Are you all right?" Torak took a small bottle of water from the waiter, opened it for Raine and let her drink.

"Yes." Raine took a gulp of the water to moisten her throat. This place was so bright and impressive with splendid decoration and dazzling ornament.

It didn't take a long time for other people to approach Torak for having a simple chat with him, most of them would use Raine as an opening of the conversation.

They would flatter Raine to no end.

They were speaking the truth when they said Raine was gorgeous and elegant, but, behind that flattery words, they were dying to know who was she?

Was she a daughter of another CEO? Because she looked so young to be a leader of a company or was she someone famous from entertainment industry? It was well known that most of people like Torak would entangle with one or two famous artist.

Or, which family this woman belonged?

However Torak didn't answer all of the questions, he simply said she was his woman.

The words 'his woman' from his mouth sending waves of jealousy on women's hearts that heard that. What kind of deed that this woman had done to be able to capture Torak Donovan's heart?

All along, Raine would just smile and sipped her drink or answer a simple question, while the rest was handled by Torak swiftly.

After entertained some of the people who approached him, Torak brought Raine to get some food.

At this point, Raine began to realize the eyes of the women around her that looked toward her direction with jealousy and malice as if they would eat her alive for being so close to Torak. Especially those young women who came to flaunt their wealth because of their famous family name, despite they had zero contribution to their family company.

Some of the women were only a few years older than Raine, because their family wanted them to have a good relationship with young heirs from another companies, it would be best if they could solidify it with a marriage to strengthen both family business.

No matter what the reason behind this party, Raine was totally unaware about that and didn't seem to care, because she didn't have the same reason like them and as long as Torak beside her, there was nothing was really matter.

Torak put a few cakes in a small plate that he thought Raine would like it and brought her to a corner of the room, where there was an empty seat.

"How is the party? Do you still want to be here?" Torak's main concern was still Raine's comfort. This was her first time to be surrounded by many people that she had never met before, hence it was understandable if she wanted to call it off early.

"I think I am fine." Raine nibbled on her cheese cake while wandering her eyes around the room. "Don't worry, this is not as scary as I thought." She reassured Torak. "I will stay here for awhile and finish these cakes, you don't have to accompany me"

Raine's cheerful voice was more interesting for Torak to hear than the slow music that playing inside the room.

The chattering voices and bright light inside the party room also faded away at the background when Torak looked his mate now.

"No, I like to be here." Torak caressed her forehead and bit a cake in Raine's hand.

Without them knowing, someone had captured this moment of their intimate interaction with their phone.

They had just arrived and the party was still far to end, while Raine enjoyed her cakes at the corner, Torak was having a conversation with two people only two steps away from her.

His peculiar behavior near Raine once again piqued curiosity of people around them, but they were too afraid to ask Torak openly about the woman who had come along with him.

Just as valuable to be acquaintance with Torak, it would be better if they knew the lady as well. A woman's words sometime more precious than any form of persuasion. In another hand, if Torak was too hard to reach they could try with his woman instead.

Though half of her face was covered, but from her gestures alone, Torak's woman was someone quiet and demure. It would be easier to deal with her.

After all the cakes on the plate had finished, Raine stood up and was about to get something to drink when Torak approached her.

"Do you need something?" In spite of he was in the middle of conversation, Torak still approached her.

"I will just get something from there" Raine pointed a row of juice that only a few meters away. "No need to come with me I will be fine." She glanced at the other two men, who was left by Torak just like that.

Torak glanced at the spot that Raine had pointed, it was indeed not too far. "Alright." He agreed to let her go alone.

Raine walked slowly to avoid the crowd, she thought she would just get the drink and come back to her corner, nice and simple.

However, there weren't anything simple under women's jealousy and human's curiosity.

When Raine had had her drink and was about to returned, someone bumped her and splashed some juice on her dress.

The yellow color of it tainted the front of her white dress and if not quickly cleaned it would leave a stain.

"I am sorry, I am sorry." A woman in blue gown with blue shawl around her shoulder apologized to her profusely.

Raine waved her hand and smiled a little to her, but didn't say anything. If it's not necessary, she didn't like to talk to stranger.

"I will help you to clean your dress, come with me to the restroom?" Said that women apologetically.

Yet, before Raine could answer her, someone had pulled her from that woman tight grip as his rough voice sounded. "What happened here?"

Torak glanced at the stain of the juice in front of Raine's dress and frowned.

"Mr. Donovan, I am sorry, this is my fault to be so reckless and ruin her dress." Though she liked to see Torak in person, but to be stared down by him in this proximity, was something that made her nervous. "I will help her to clean her dress." She offered and looked at Raine pitifully.

"There is no need for that." Torak rejected her directly. "We will just go home."

Upon hearing that, somehow he girl in blue gown, became panic as she grabbed Raine's hand. "No, don't. I will feel bad if both of you have to go home because of me." She said guiltily as she looked at Rain with pleading eyes. "Please, let me try to fix it."

Seeing that woman was feeling so guilty about this, Raine became uncomfortable to turn down her offer, after all she wouldn't do anything bad, right? She would just help her to clean up the juice stain on her dress.

"The party just started, even the dancing part is not yet started." That woman tried to persuade Raine to stay.

Little she knew, dancing was the last thing that made Raine interested to stay, but she didn't have a heart to reject her generous offer, at least, her acting looked convincing for Raine, but not for Torak.

Torak pried the woman's hands from Raine's wrist and without saying anything he pulled Raine toward different direction.

"Ah! Wait" The woman was so persistent to be with Raine as she followed them. "My name is Sunny. I think I have met her in a cake store the other days." She stopped right in front of Torak and Raine.

At this point, people began to notice their small squabble and looked at toward their direction.

"I was there, when someone" She lowered her voice. "Accused her for stealing cakes." Sunny ended it with a whispered.

She was indeed there. Sunny was a girl, who had a quarrel with Lana, she recognized Torak because her father had been trying to make a contact with Torak, and wanted to invest in the company that Torak had just established in this city, but it was so hard for him to reach him because he just a middle businessman.

Raine didn't really remember her, but she didn't like people's reaction around them. They had drawn enough attention.

"Torak just let me go with her" Raine looked worried at Sunny, this woman looked like the one who wouldn't back away before her wish was fulfilled. Moreover, there was no harm to go with her to the restroom and cleaned up her dress. "I will be quick" She whispered at him and tugged his sleeves. "Please" She added to make sure Torak would allow her.

"Five minutes." Torak said sternly. "If you don't comeback in five minutes I will go to fetch you inside."

Even when her face was covered with mask, Torak knew that she frowned. "You will not enter a woman restroom, right?" Raine asked, unsure.

"You will see." Torak let go of her hand as he put on his black mask to hide his expression.

"Seriously" Raine pouted and then nodded at Sunny, who clasped her hand with Raine and led the way to the restroom.

"I think we need to be hurry, I heard Mr. Donovan said it is only three minutes." Sunny pushed opened the restroom door and brought Raine inside.

The restroom were eight cabin inside and there were two that occupied, while a woman in black dress touched up her make up in front of the mirror.

"Come." Sunny put her hand under the faucet and splashed the water to clean the stain in Raine's dress. She did that a couple of time until it slightly faded. "I think this is the best that I can do" She said regretfully.

Afterward Sunny used tissue to dry the damp part of the dress so Raine wouldn't catch a cold, wearing a wet dress.

"It is such a fate that we meet again here." Sunny said cheerfully. "May I know your name?"

Only then Raine realized that she had not yet mentioned her name. "I am Raine" She smiled shyly behind her mask, maybe Sunny could be her first friend.

"Nice to see you again, Raine." Sunny kept trying to dry her dress. "I think you are so young. Are you together with Mr. Donovan?" The question was in a whisper that only Raine could hear, while the woman in black dress tried to listen to their conversation, if she had been long in this party, she must have known that Raine was with Torak Donova.

Raine was taken aback by Sunny's direct question. "I think so" She mumbled her answer.

"But, you are so young." Sunny protested. "What are you? High school student? College Student?"

"I just took entrance exam a month ago." Raine replied, hoping the dress could dry faster.

"Wow, that's great! What University? I am a college student too. This year will be my second years." Sunny brightened up.

"Royal University" Raine said.

There was a shrieked from Sunny when she heard Raine's answer before she jumped like five years old little girl. "I am also in Royal University!" Her eyes widened in surprise as she elated. "But, wait what your second option?"

"No." Raine shook her head.

"Wow" Sunny's mouth form a letter 'o' as she nodded her head. "You must be so brilliant to have that much confidence, because the entrance exam of Royal University is always so difficult, I am lucky enough to get there."

"No, I am not" Raine waved her hands in denial. "I didn't take another exam, because the other University didn't have a subject that I want."

Royal University was an old University in this city and the subject that Raine interested in, was only available there.

Sunny shrugged her shoulder and lightly said. "That means, if you passed the exam, you will be my junior then!"

"I think so" Raine agreed.