The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 176

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 176 Party 3

"Oh, right!" Sunny put down Raine's dress, though it slightly wrinkle, but at least it was dry already, the stain also barely could be seen. "You have to stay until the party ends!"

"What time it will be?" Raine wondered if Torak would let her stay until late, sometime he was too strict with her sleeping time.

"Midnight." Sunny threw the tissue that she used to dry Raine's dress to a dustbin. "There will be a beautiful firework later."

"Midnight" Raine reiterated with a voice of regret. Usually Torak would only allow her to stay until eleven o'clock for the very late hour. "I don't think Torak will let me stay until that late"

Sunny looked a little bit disappointed. "Or at least you have to stay until the dance! You have to share a dance with him!" She leaned over and whispered to Raine's ears while staring at the two women who had come out from the cabin and the other woman in black dress, who seemingly had not yet done with her makeup. "Those women out there will die by jealousy!" She giggled.

"I don't think I want to make other women jealous of me" Raine didn't think that was a good idea to incite women's fury. They could be scarier than a beast itself. "Moreover, I don't dance"

"You have to try it at least once!" Sunny insisted. "I heard Mr. Donovan never had a dance before."

"It's a good thing because I don't like to dance too." Raine said hurriedly, she wanted get out from this restroom.

This almost five minutes since she left Torak, whether it was only a joke or not, she didn't want to make him worry.

"You are wrong." Suddenly the woman in black dress chimed in. "Mr. Donovan had a dance before." She said.

Not only her statement made Raine to halt her step, but Sunny also turned around to face her. "With who?" She frowned.

"There are not many people know about this. But, Mr. Donovan had a girlfriend before." She said loud and clear.

"Who is it? I have never heard something like that." Sunny retorted. "You want to make a rumor?"

"Why should I?" The woman in black dress shrugged her shoulder in coquettish way. "You had never heard about this because you didn't live in the same city as him."

Somehow, Raine didn't like with what she heard or what she was going to hear.

Sunny, being the busy body girl she was, asked about that. "What do you mean? Did you live in Oriole city before?"

The two women also listened to this small interesting conversation as their gazes shifted from Raine to the woman in dress.

"Yes, I was. I lived there for ten years." She stated proudly.

Raine didn't know why this woman so haughty only to be able to live in the same city as Torak, didn't she know that she shared the same bed with him?

"Oh, first let me introduce myself." She flicked her maroon curly hair from her shoulder elegantly. "My father is Ethan Harper and I, Alice Harper."

"Harper Ethan Harper" One of the women whispered to the other.

Apparently Harper family was quite famous among the businessmen, even Sunny was also slightly taken aback by this fact.

But, all Raine wanted to do now was to get out from this restroom and ran toward Toward to ask him to bring her out of this party, she would have done so if it wasn't for Sunny grabbed her wrist tightly. The situation was getting uncomfortable now.

"Harper family is the main competitor of Donovan's company" The other girl said in low voice to her friend.

"No wonder they lived in the same city." The other replied.

"Right." Alice clapped her hands and nodded toward Raine. "Are you her woman now?" She asked directly without scruple.

Raine heard Alice's question, but she didn't want to answer it, she felt Alice didn't have good attention by mentioning something like that, thus she kept silence and stared at Alice from behind her white mask.

"This is only a gentle reminder." Alice walked toward Raine. "Don't get your hope too high, but you are not the first woman that Mr. Donovan had, moreover, you looked so young and immature."

Alice scrutinized Raine's body from head to toe along with her mocking smile.

"Who was the woman with Mr. Donovan?" Sunny asked, though Raine was there, but she couldn't resist her curiosity.

"Do you really not know?" Alice raised her eyebrows. "It was Jenedieth. His right hand woman, of course." She said excitedly.

"Ah! I know Ms. Jenedieth!" Sunny clapped her hands in recognition. "There were a rumor or two about them before this, but Mr. Donovan denied it all."

"Are you sure Mr. Donovan denied it all?" Alice looked at Raine provocatively. "Mr. Donovan didn't deny it, he used his PR to suppress the rumor and let it passed, thus only the higher up in the oriole city who know that."

"But, why they didn't go to public?" Sunny asked, puzzled.

"It must be because both of them were too busy and had something more important to do rather than flaunted their relationship to public." The woman who said that looked at Raine meaningfully, she even snickered.

"Actually they looked good together." One of the women gave her opinion. "I remember Ms. Jenedieth is a woman that many men will dream of."

"Yes, beautiful, s.e.xy and smart!" The other woman chimed in. "They suited each other."

Raine's expression turned rigid when she heard the way they praised Jenedieth. Thanked to her mask that could hide it, yet even so, her gestures still gave a way how much she was trying to hold back her emotion.

"Wait, where are you going?" Alice stopped Raine when she, without words, trying to go out from that restroom and from their aggravating words. "Did our words offend you?"

"You will not possibly ran to Mr. Donovan and tell about us, right?" The first woman said it with nervous expression, but the glimmer in her eyes gave away her true intention.

"Of course, she will not." The second woman folded her arms in front of her chest and looked at Raine sullenly. "That act is so childish. I don't know why Mr. Donovan changed his type. But, she is very different from Ms. Jenedieth."

With those words, Alice and Sunny looked at Raine from head to toe.

"Right, she is the opposite of Ms. Jenedieth." Alice agreed.

"Probably because Mr. Donovan wants to forget about Ms. Jenedieth that's why she dated someone with totally different personality." The first woman made her own assumption.

"That must be the reason." Her friend chimed in as well.

"No, that makes senses, maybe Mr. Donovan moves to this city and opened another business here because he wants to avoid Ms. Jenedieth. After all this is the first time Ms. Jenedieth is not tag along, right?" Alice turned around and washed her hands under the faucet while looking at the reflection of Raine from the mirror.

In the other hand, Sunny didn't do anything, she just stared at Raine and to the other three people there.

"Why don't you take off your mask? You have been wearing that since the first time you enter this party room." The woman suggested. "What happened with your face? Why don't you show your face to us?"

While her friend was saying that the other woman had moved forward to snatch the white mask from Raine.

However, before she could do so, suddenly the restroom door was thrown open with so much force as the handle left a dent on the wall behind it.

"It has been five minutes." Torak said sternly. His eyes scoured the entire Restroom before they landed on the only woman who was able to catch his attention.

Seeing the awkward expression from the other three women inside the room, including the woman who had brought Raine here, Torak knew there was something wrong with this situation.

Torak strode across the distance between them and grabbed Raine's hand, when he did so, he could feel the tension from her. His guess was right.

"Mr. Donovan" The two women and Sunny stuttered when they saw Torak entered female restroom without qualm to look for Raine.

Sunny, who thought Torak's warning was only words, lowered her head in fear and ashamed when those blue, rigid glared at her.

"Mr. Donovan, I don't think this is a good manner of you to enter a female restroom as you wish." Alice leaned her body against the hand washing and folded her arms provocatively. "If words come out, your reputation will ruin."

Torak didn't even glance at Alice when he said. "Let's see who will ruin first." There was a warning laced in his words.

"Are you threatening me?" Alice frowned. She dared to do so because her family was on par with Donovan's company.

"Yes." Torak replied curtly, didn't want to waste another words on her. "Come." He grabbed Raine's hand and took her away from the restroom without saying anything.

Torak and Raine walked in the corridor in silence before he stopped and looked at Raine. "What happened? Something bothering you?"

Raine lowered her head. "Nothing." She said sullenly. She was annoyed by herself because she couldn't talk back to them.

What should she say if she didn't know anything? Raine remembered something when she encountered Jenedieth for the first time.

Her words implied that she had something special with Torak. Raine also heard about something like; if Torak didn't find her, then it was Jenedieth who would be the Luna of the pack. The equal status as the Alpha of the pack.

Many people would agree that she suited perfectly with the status as Luna or Torak's woman.

Beautiful, s.e.xy and smart

Raine clenched Torak's hand when she remembered those words. Something that she is lacking. The more she remembered that, the more angry Raine became and the more regret that she felt because she couldn't talk back to them.

But, what she could do when she knew nothing about that?

"I am fine." Raine said when Torak kept staring at her.

"What do you mean with 'nothing', my love?" Torak removed the mask from her face and revealed Raine's sullen expression. Even when she was agitated like this, she looked so stunning. "You are anything but fine."

"It's okay." Raine turned her face sideways so she could avoid Torak's eyes.

"Tell me what they say?" The tone that Torak used was akin to persuade a small child. "What is so bothering you?"

The Alpha couldn't think of anything that they might say to her until she had a bad mood like this.

"They" Raine's words stumbled in her throat. She remembered the other woman's words that said; it was a childish act if she complained to Torak about what they had said.

"Yes?" Torak prodded, but Raine didn't continue her words, she chewed her lower lips anxiously. "Tell me, my love." He trapped Raine's face in his warm palms and urged his upset little mate to see him in the eyes.

"They said you have a special relationship with Jen." Raine mumbled. Torak wouldn't stop until he got the answer and Raine wasn't good at lie, thus there was only one way to end this uncomfortable feeling. "They also said that you hide your relationship with Jen because both of you too mature to be bothered to explain it in public."

Torak raised his eyebrows; women were sure had their way to upset other people.

"They also said that you moved here because you are heartbroken and want to forget your past relationship with Jen." Raine raised her head and looked at Torak in the eyes, she frowned slightly. "I objected this one because I know why you moved here."

Torak chuckled lightly and rubbed Raine's head, he was speechless with her logic, if she objected the last one why didn't she object the other two as well?