The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 177

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 177 Party 4

"Are you angry?" Torak tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear with amus.e.m.e.nt to see Raine's expression right now.

"No." She gazed at Torak stubbornly. "I am upset."

With that Torak laughed out loud. This was a rare occasion for someone like Torak to laugh that way. Fortunately there was no one in this corridor, or else it would be a sight to behold, to witness the cold- blood CEO of Donovan's Company was laughing like that.

"Why are you laughing?" Raine hit Torak's upper arms.

"Alright, I got it. You are not angry, just upset." Torak put back her mask and kissed her forehead. "Wanted to stay for a while longer?"

"No." Raine didn't want to stay there even for a second longer. She really pissed with the those women and herself.

"Don't you want to dance with me?" Torak offered.

"Dance?" Raine frowned. "But, they said you don't do dance" She contemplated.

"Why do you believe them? Is it me that they are talking about." Torak took Raine's hand and led them back to the party room.

"But, I can't dance" Raine suddenly shrieked and tried to pull back her hand, but Torak's grip was too firm and apparently he was in good mood.

"Don't worry, I am good enough for both of us." Torak said reassuringly.

Raine was a bit nervous and hesitated. "Have you danced before?" She didn't try to doubt Torak's ability, she just didn't think that someone like Torak would dance in public.

"Not in public." Just like what Raine had thought.

"Why?" She asked curiously, did he danced with Jenedieth in private? That thought alone turned her mood became sour.

"I just danced with someone that I like." Torak said.

"Like Jen?" Raine was too upset to mention her name, so her words sounded harsher than it supposed too and this made her embarrassed.

"Of course not." Torak rubbed Raine's head when they arrived at the door, two people pushed it opened and revealed where the crowd of the people gathered in the middle of party room to start their first dance tonight.

The light of the room was dim and the music began in slow and enchanted melody, suddenly the atmosphere became warm and lovely and as if to lit up the romantic emotion the various fragrance of flower could be lightly smelled.

Torak led Raine to the middle of the room and stop amidst many pairs of couple around them, he put Raine's hands gently on his shoulder as he rested his hand on her waist.

"I don't know how" Raine whispered nervously, but couldn't take her eyes from Torak. He was so dashing under the faint yellow light while his blue eyes stared back at her with so much love.

Torak took a slow step that was easy enough for Raine to follow. He moved side to side with a simple movement, this dance wasn't exactly a dance, but she still felt her heart skipped a beat, knowing this was their first dance.

Torak's first dance in public.

These simple steps still felt lovely for Raine nonetheless.

Until a moment later, a bright light was shined on them, following their every move as if they were the main character for tonight party.

The music was like a spell and Raine even didn't realize when the couples around them started to leave the dance floor to give some room for her and Torak.

Time passed without them knowing and when the music came to stop, as the final move, Torak bend his knee in proposing stance and kissed Raine's hand heartily.

This action incited waves of shock among the guesses, there was a loud gasping sound and mumbles among the women, as they couldn't believe with what they witnessed.

The haughty Torak Donovan actually lowered himself in front of many people for a young woman? Was that even possible? The ruthless man who would never take a second glance toward his opponent or when he executed a cruel plan, bend down to a woman?

Who exactly this woman was?

She didn't remove her mask since the beginning, so no one could see her face, but one thing for sure, this woman must be an extraordinary to be able to be Torak Donovan's woman.

Not only those people, even Raine also gasped in shock when Torak did that. She could feel warm crept from her face to her neck.

Though many people's eyes were on her, this was the first time Raine could be careless about them as her focus was solely on the man in front of her.

Torak's black mask covered his expression well, but Raine knew behind it, Torak was teasing her again and like usual, it left her speechless by his every action.

Slowly, Torak stood up and kissed her forehead, he didn't even care when someone or two took a picture of him did that.

Afterward, gently he put Raine's hand on the crook of his elbow and led her away from the spotlight with a round of applause from the other guess.

Raine was at daze when she received a bottle of water from Torak and drank half of it in one gulp.

"How is your feeling? Still upset?" Torak asked, while resting his chin on Raine's shoulder and wrapped his arms around his waist as if no one was around, ignoring the fact there were dozens pair of eyes staring at them with curiosity that almost killed them.

"I I am fine now." Raine stammered. She knew Torak did this to revenge her, there was no way those women in the restroom missed that moment when Torak danced with her.

That dance also like an announcement that Torak was taken now and she was the lucky girl. Regardless nobody saw her face, but Raine felt satisfy and happy nevertheless.

"It's good to hear that." Torak said.

"Can we stay until the firework?" Raine asked, she remembered what Sunny informed her, there would be a firework at midnight and since the time was already late, they only need to wait a bit longer for that?

"Sure, if you like it." Torak agreed. His anger had subsided and just wanted to hold his mate like this.

Seeing the intimate interaction between Torak and Raine at the moment, people who wanted to come close to him were a bit reluctance, it felt like they were bothering the couple.

However, not everyone felt the same, at least this person wasn't a human to begin with.

"What a nice view to see." A gruff and rough voice sounded from behind them as this man took a glass of wine from the waiter. "But, I prefer for you to stop flaunting your love everywhere."

Torak turned around and hide Raine behind his back as his aura turned gloomy when he met the devil's golden eyes.

"Belphegor." Torak mentioned his name with derision.

"This is Reiz for you Mr. Donovan." Belphegor said, he gave Raine a lazy smile as he waved his bonny fingers. "We are a partner now."

Raine remembered him, he was the devil that she had met in the hotel when the first time she met Torak.

The devil who wanted to take her life, he hurt her before this.

"What are you doing here?" The calm tone that Torak used was scarier than when he growled at his opponent.

"This is an open party and I am invited." Belphegor said lightly as he sniffed the wine. "It has been a long time since the last time I saw you, I heard you were missing a few months ago. This Alpha was looking for you like crazy. By any chance, have you known your power already?" This time the question was for Raine to answer.

Torak closed his eyes as he clenched his jaw to keep his anger at bay. It was so easy to mess with the Alpha, especially if it related to his mate.

"Or, should I help you to find it out?" Belphegor took a gulp of his wine. "If your man don't mind, of course." He nodded toward Torak's direction.

Without wasting another words on the devil, the Alpha took his mate away. This wasn't the right place and the right timing to be out of control by his provocative words.

"Well, she will know sooner or later." Belphegor stated and talked to a man who approached him, having a little conversation as if he was a real human.

"Why many people make a fuss about my power?" Raine tugged Torak's sleeves. "What I supposed to do with my power?"

"To protect yourself." Torak answered her curtly and dismissed the topic immediately. "Let's go outside, the firework would start soon." He glanced at his watch, it was almost the time.

For some reason, Torak's answer didn't convince Raine, but she nodded anyway when Torak took her to the balcony.

There were many people already there, but two men, who had gotten a nice view, generously gave up their spot and gave it to Torak to impress him.

Sometime Raine wondered, how far they would go to impress someone else, in order to get what they wanted? It was strange, but this world worked that way

Torak took off his coat and dr.a.p.ed it on Raine's shoulder to keep her warm.

Raine smiled ever softly, basking under the moonlight, she looked like a deity and Torak lost for words how to describe her. He loved her painfully, the kind of love that he had been waiting for centuries.

"You looked so beautiful, my love." Torak whispered to her ear.

Raine lowered her head and grinned upon hearing his words. "Thank you." She said timidly. "I am sorry for doubting you earlier I just a little bit upset because of their words."

"You don't have to apologize." Torak stared at his mate with adoration. "I will convince you again and again every time you doubt me."

"I will not doubt you again" Raine said sheepishly. "I will ask you directly if something bothering me"

"You can always do that." Torak traced his finger along Raine's jaw lines.

Raine relished this moment when she felt like someone was watching her, she looked around and found, the woman named Alice Harper was looking at her with the same two women from the restroom earlier. They scoffed at her.

Just like Raine had thought, they must have seen her with Torak on the dance floor earlier. Torak's way got back at them, apparently, got on their nerves.

"Can I go for a while?" Raine asked and Torak frowned.

"Where you will go? Restroom again?" Belphegor was here and Torak didn't want Raine was out of his sight while the devil nearby.

Raine nodded to the direction at the three women, who looked at her scornfully. When Torak stared back at them, they didn't quick enough to manage the derision on their expression.

"What do you want to do with them?" Torak was curios, what his little mate would do to them.

"Having a chat, woman to woman." She said, attempting to sound arrogant, but failed miserably.

Torak looked at Belphegor, who was still having a chat with the man, who had approached him. "Don't be too long." Torak said.

Rine nodded and walked toward the three women with new confidence. The dance not only affected them, but also Raine. She could feel the love that Torak had for her.

About his past with Jenedieth, whether there were a special relationship between them or not, she would ask him by herself later, but the important thing Torak was with her now.

Not Jenedieth or any other woman.

Raine would make sure they got this point too, if not, it was their problem like what hideous thing that Torak had done in the past, Raine didn't want to be bothered with his relationship with any other women before her.

As long as Torak was with her, she wanted to cherish that moment.

Raine walked straight to them and stopped two steps away.

"Do you need something?" Alice asked while the two women slightly moved behind her, afraid because they were caught red- handed staring at Raine viciously by Torak.

"Yes." Raine followed Alice's arrogant gesture as she folded her arms in front of her as well.

"Why? Do you want to complain because of our words before?" Alice smirked. As she already removed her mask, Raine could see that she was quite beautiful with a lot of make up on her face. "Or, do you want to flaunt that Mr. Donovan asked you for dance?"

"Both." Raine said coldly, though the affect didn't come close with the way Torak talked in the same manner, but she already good enough to act this way. "Don't spread a nasty rumor about my man, if you know nothing about it."

Thanked to his remarkable hearing ability, Torak could hear Raine's voice clearly. A satisfied smile grazed his lips when he heard Raine said 'my man', that simple words made him unimaginably happy. The fact that Belphegor had bothered him, was even forgotten.

"Me? Knows nothing about him?" Alice pointed herself.

How long they had been together? Two years? Three years? Alice stared at Raine again, despite her face was covered with mask, but she was too young for having five years relationship with Torak.

She was growing up with Torak's name almost in every conversation in the family because their company was competitor to each other.

So, technically speaking, Alice knew more information about Torak Donovan than Raine had.

"I know everything about him!" Alice hissed in irritation. "You are nothing compare to Ms. Jenedieth."

"Why I have to compare myself with her?" Raine raised her eyebrows despite Alice couldn't see it. "I am way better than her." She said confidently.

"Don't cry when Mr. Donovan and Ms. Jenedieth get back together again you will" Alice didn't have a chance to finish her words when Raine cut her off.

"Don't worry, Torak had kicked her off for good. She will never comeback." After saying that, Raine turned around and was about to leave when suddenly she remembered something. "Don't talk about my man, you don't even deserve to mention it."

Afterward, she walked back straight to Torak's embrace, leaving Alice fumed mad because Raine didn't give her a chance to retort.

"Where you get those words?" Torak whispered while hugging her soft body, he knew regardless her progress, she wouldn't come up with that harsh and sarcastic words just yet.

"I don't have anything to do after the entrance exam, thus while waiting for the result, recently, I have been watching many dramas. When the main character used those words, she looked so cool." Raine giggled.

"You look cool as well." Torak complimented her.