The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 179

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 179 Party 6

"I want to know what exactly the purpose of the resurrection of guardian angel?" Raine asked in low voice, she didn't want Torak to hear that she asked the same exact question toward Serefina.

The thing that Raine didn't know was, once Torak stepped aside to walk a little bit further from Serefina and Raine, he was the same like the other people that couldn't hear what the two women were talking about. Serefina's spell was working after all.

Serefina didn't answer Raine immediately, she raised her eyebrows and asked her back. "Why? Torak's answer didn't satisfy you?"

Raine shooke her head and replied. "I feel like Torak has been avoiding me to give the real answer." Raine mumbled.

"So, he didn't give you the answer." Serefina concluded. "That is why you ask me and act so calm despite the thing that happened the last time." She recalled, even when she mentioned that again, there was no remorse for what she had done.

However, this time Raine had been tired to feel so sensitive about Serefina's behavior, if the fact that Serefina almost killed Raine didn't even bother the former, then there was nothing she could do. Raine couldn't be possibly forced Serefina to feel sorry for what she did, right?

Any argument about that would be just a waste of time and Raine was in need for explanation.

Though it felt so ironic, but knowing Serefina, the witch wouldn't have telling lie about this matter. She didn't have a complicated feeling toward Raine like Torak, if anything, Serefina probably would spill every dark secret that she knew with the reason to make her grew stronger.

And that was what Raine needed now.

Somehow, Raine felt like Serefina was obsessed with her own intention, but she couldn't find her true reason why she did this willingly. Serefina wasn't close with Torak, most of the time they were not in good term and if there was a big possibility for them to kill each other. Moreover, from what Raine heard, the relationship between Serefina and Torak's brother had been long ended.

Thus, there was no reason for her to help Torak and Raine now.

"You didn't need to try to kill me. No matter what your reason." Raine said emotionlessly, she stared at Serefina right on her lime green eyes that slightly turned frosty.

"How do you know that I was only trying to kill you and not wanted to kill you for real?" Her question, laced with mocking tone. "Don't be so nave."

"You will not look for a tiny bit information about the first guardian angel, who has the same power like me, if in the end you want to kill me." Raine replied swiftly. "Moreover, it was you who had said that."

"Hmm" Serefina tilted her head as she scrutinized the girl in front of her. "You look smarter now than the first time I met you."

Raine didn't know if Serefina's words were praise or an insult as it sounded the same.

"But, I can say you are wrong." Serefina shrugged her shoulder. "At that time I choked you, I indeed had an intention to kill you." If it wasn't because Raine was surprised her with the fact she was able to break her spell and moved when she supposed to be to stand still.

Surprisingly, Serefina's words didn't hurt Raine like they were used to. The relationship between them was so odd, as if there was an understanding between the two women that they didn't like each other, but still needed one another to reach their goal.

For Raine, it was clear what her aim, but for Serefina, it was still mystery what her real intention for her generous help despite the tension that she had created every time they had to face her.

"No hurt feeling." Serefina raised her eyebrows because Raine didn't give much reaction except staring at her. "You slapped me, it was only right if I got angry at you." She said lightly without regret like always.

"I slapped you because you have badmouthed Torak." Raine raised her voice when she saw Serefina wanted to cut her when she talked. "I will do the same thing if you did that again."

This time, it was Serefina who was caught off guard by Raine's retorted words, but instead of getting irritated, she was bemused by her audacity.

"Great." Serefina clapped her hands. "At least you know what you were doing and what would be the consequences. Keep it that way, you will need that kind of boldness a lot in the near future, especially when you have to face your fellow human." She reminded.

Human was complicated creatures and since the devils involved in this, it was most likely they would take advantages of human's dark side and used it for their own benefit, like what they had always done since centuries ago.

"So, tell me what the purpose of the resurrection of the guardian angel." Raine asked impatiently, she glanced at Torak.

Torak was standing with Belphegor and Mr. Stephan, Three meters away from Raine and Serefina, however it seemed the conversation between Raine and Serefina couldn't be heard by him.

"Don't worry, he will not be able to hear us." The witch confirmed it as she took another glass of wine. "So, do you really want to know about this?" She asked arrogantly, shaking the glass in her hand.

"Yes." Raine didn't want to beat around the bush. She had told Serefina her intention, this also could be interpreted as Raine agreed with Serefina's way to teach her about how to control her power and find out about her true origins.

The road ahead wouldn't be a good one, but Raine had gotten used to that kind of life,

"Then, hear this out carefully." Serefina sipped her wine and made a satisfied expression. "I just want to warn you that this story will be cruel."

"I have seen 'cruel'." Raine stilled her heart, this wasn't the time to back down or started to act spoiled. "I think I can handle this."

Serefina smirked as she tilted her head. "Do you know that the guardian angels were extinct not because they were too weak for war? But, they really must die in order to defeat the devils." She paused and assessed Raine's reaction. "Cruel, isn't it?"