The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 18 Look At Me

Tell me how to win your heart

For I haven't got a clue

But let me start by saying I love you

-Hello, by: Lionel Richie-


He could careless with other people desire to create any rumors they wanted. All he cared now was his mate in his arms shaking with fear and he didn't know what triggered her.

Raine was fine when he left her. She was sleeping in serene, oblivious with her surrounding made him so reluctance to leave her alone. She could sleep all day and Torak wouldn't get boring only by looking at her.

However, it wasn't the situation that he imagined when he found her.

Raphael followed behind his Alpha who didn't care with many eyes from the onlookers that blinking rapidly and jaw dropping in disbelief.

Some of them recognized Torak as the famous cold blood CEO, but now he was carrying a girl in his arms protectively. Who is the lucky girl?

They couldn't see Raine because her face was hidden in the curve of Torak's shoulder. But, her choice of clothes wasn't suit the CEO completely. It almost like Torak just picked her up from run- down neighborhood.

Many of them secretly snapped a picture of that unimaginable moment with their phone, made evidence if what they were watching now wasn't just an illusion.

Raphael had anticipated this before and had made perimeter for their Alpha privacy, but he couldn't handle those people curiousity or ordered them to close their eyes, so they wouldn't see this show of affection.

Finally, Torak reached his room, leaving dozens people who were still gawking in awe behind him.

He kicked the door closed and made his way straight to the bathroom. Raine still refused to raise her face from his neck, actually her gesture pleased him. This way, he knew at least his mate wasn't too afraid and he could provide comfort for her.

Torak gently placed Raine on the edge of Jacuzzi, he was about to stand, but her grip on his neck tightened, prevented him to move away.

"We need to clean your feet, my love" He whispered to her ear and waiting for Raine to loosen her grip. When it didn't happen, Torak gave her reassuring hug. "I will be here"

A tear streaming down her rosy cheek when she heard Torak talked to her so tenderly. It had been a long time since someone talked to her nicely and treasured her like that, not like a delusive madwoman who talked nonsense about illusory creatures.

Slowly she released Torak's neck, kept her head down while staring at her toes.

Subtly, she could feel his movement around her and as he came back in her sight, he was kneeling down in front of her, folding his sleeve and gently wash the dirt from her feet with bidet shower.

Raine jerked away and pulled back her feet from Torak's grasp. She felt uncomfortable looking at him washing her feet.

He didn't need to do that.

But, Torak wanted to indulge his precious mate in the best way possible. He grabbed her ankle to stop her from moving her feet and solemnly washed them.

Raine felt the sting of pain when the water cascading her feet, apparently she hurt herself when she ran away barefoot.

After he had washed clean her feet, Torak took a cream and applied it on them. "Don't move, wait here for awhile." He said as he went to the vanity and washed his hand before he returned to where his mate was waiting.

"Look at me." He said, kneeling before her.

Patiently he waited until Raine raised her head and sheepishly looked at him, not in the eyes, seemingly she looked at Torak's ears instead.

Absentmindedly, Torak tucked her hair behind her ears, traced his fingers along her jaw line and her rosy cheek.

"You are so beautiful my love"