The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 180

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 180 The Party 7

Just because I am strong enough to handle the pain, doesn't mean I deserve it.


Serefina smirked as she tilted her head. "Do you know that the guardian angels were extinct not because they were too weak for war? But, they really must die in order to defeat the devils. Cruel, isn't it?"

"They have to die?" Raine frowned. "What do you mean they have to die?"

"That exactly what I meant." Serefina gulped down the remaining liquid in her wine glass and stared at Raine. "Your death is needed to defeat those devils and something more evil that follows your ressuraction. To say it bluntly, that is your true purpose."

Raine felt her throat became dry. "No. You lie to me." She shook her head and clutched the side of her dress.

"I am cruel, but I am not a liar." Serefina said in matter of fact tone. "I always tell you the fact. Recall your memories, and you will see I have never told lies."

It was true, though Serefina was harsh with her words and method she had never told lies, yet the fact from her lips were crueler to hear.

Raine was dumbstruck by Serefina's harsh information, she didn't know what she had to say.

"If" Raine stuttered when she tried to talk. "If I try my best to become stronger will I will I survive?" She could feel the tears were brimming on her eyes.

Why reality was so cruel? When Raine was just about to lead a happy life, after what she had to endure for more than eight years, she had to face something so brutal like this?

"You don't understand." Serefina clicked her tongue, as she got annoyed by Raine's slow understanding. "It doesn't matter how strong you will become, but your death is required to win the war between the devil and Lycanthropes" The witch then emphasized. " again."

Raine could feel the chill ran down her spine, her body was trembling. She didn't know if knowing the death of herself would be so horrible.

Raine had been through a lot, but even in her lowest point in her life, she had never had a thought to die. She knew she barely survived from all the predicament, but knowing she would die in the end was totally a different thing.

Yet, deep in her heart, she knew Serefina wouldn't lie about something like this, eventually everything made senses about why Torak wouldn't tell her the truth and his every words about keeping her safe no matter what would happen in the future.

The image that she had seen the moment she touched the stone inside the library, when visited Rieka Country, would it come true?

"Then" Raine bit her lips, she glanced at Torak, who was talking with the other guest and Belphegor. "Then what is the point for me to become stronger if in the end I have to die?" Her voice was barely a whisper that easily flew by the wind, yet Serefina heard that perfectly.

At the other side, Torak frowned when he caught Raine was staring at him with scared expression. His purposed to leave Raine and Serefina alone wasn't only to make Belphegor stayed away from his mate, but also for Raine to be more comfortable to ask everything that she wanted to know to Serefina.

He knew, Raine was still holding back a lot of questions that Torak couldn't answer and the stone that tells everything, wasn't much of help.

"The chance for the Lycanthropes to win the war will be bigger if you are stronger than if you are weak and only be a burden." Serefina's words flew like a dagger that stabbed right in Raine's heart.



Was that how people she her? A weak person and only be a burden?

Without waiting for Raine to recover from the blow, Serefina continued her words. "Whether Lycanthropes or the devil wins the war, you will die." Serefina was squinted her eyes seeing the tears that streaming down on Raine's cheeks. She hated it when someone showed her, their weak side. "The choice is, you will die for the sake of Lycanthropes or you will let the devil slaughters those wolves right before your eyes before they kill you." Serefina shrugged her shoulder. "The choice is yours."

Serefina's words were so cruel as if she was talking about the ambience of this party, as if she didn't care whether Raine alive or death oh, wait she indeed didn't care about that. What Raine expected from this witch?

"So, your true purpose to come is for helping the Lycanthropes to win? That's why you are helping me?" Raine wiped her tears harshly, ruined her simple make up.

"No." Serefina turned around and looked at the sky, made Raine wasn't able to see her face. "I have to hold the end of my deal with someone." She said with sad expression that Raine couldn't see. "A disgusting dealt because it requires me to watch over you."

"Is there no other way for me to stay alive?" I just started to feel alive with Torak by my side Raine kept the last words for herself, there was no point for Serefina to know about that.

"Tell me if you know the way." Serefina said nonchalantly.

"What if I don't want to be involved?" Raine tried to find a reason for her. She didn't want to die, why she always had to endure something like this? Wouldn't Torak always protect her? He had promised her.

"You don't want to be involved?" Serefina turned around and faced Raine once again, her expression showed how ridiculous Raine's suggestion sounded. "Why do you think Torak is very adamant to protect you? Because those devils" Serefina glanced at Belphegor that winked at her flirtatiously. " will always try to kill you no matter where Torak will hide you, there is no way out unless they die and it needs you to die too." She said with finality.