The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 181

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 181 The Party 8

"What happened here?" Torak suddenly appeared and grabbed Raine's arm, turned her body to face him.

The moment Torak saw her tears, he knew Serefina had ran her vicious mouth and told his mate about something again.

"Why are you crying?" Torak wiped the tears from Raine's cheeks, the mask couldn't hide her sad eyes and he could feel his cold- hearted heart ached, only by the sight of her devastated expression. "Tell me what is it?"

Without caring about his image and people's attention around them, Torak pulled Raine close to him and hugged her tight, he rubbed her back to calm her trembling body.

Instead of looking at the starry sky and waiting for the fireworks, all the people zeroed their attention on Torak and Raine, though they wondered why they were not able to hear a single word from them, regardless their close distance, but it didn't cease their curiosity.

After all Serefina's spell still worked, there was no way people out of her magic circle could hear them.

"What you are doing to her now?" Torak really had had enough with this witch, if it wasn't for Raine's sake he would shred her into pieces.

But, all she had done was hurting his mate again and again.

Raine was fine when he left her with this witch, but Serefina must have told her something that turned his mate this way.

"I said nothing, only the truth." Serefina shrugged her shoulder and took another glass of wine, she looked a little bit tipsy now.

Torak didn't talk, but the way he looked at Serefina was a demand for her to explain what she meant by saying 'the truth'.

"I said if the war is break out, she will die in order for the Lycanthropes to win the war." Serefina said callously, she even gave Torak a faint smile. "I find out, you are not yet telling her about this crucial information, so I took the brunt and told her." Serefina waved her hand. "No need to thank me."

Seemingly, Serefina was holding a grudge toward Torak and Raine, thus it was an enjoyable sight to see Raine cried her heart out and infuriated the Alpha again and again, because she was aware about the importance of her role in Raine's recovery and how to strengthen the angel power.

That was why, Torak wouldn't be able to do anything atrocious toward her as long as she didn't hurt his mate directly.

Torak didn't believe with what he heard. He had been keeping that matter secret all this time and Serefina just told Raine without a second thought?

No, this was Torak's mistake since the beginning, he shouldn't let Serefina talked alone with Raine and thought lightly about it.

At first, he assumed Serefina and Raine would only talk about how to strengthen Raine's power and discover how to control it. Who would have thought that their conversation was going south?

"Let's go home." Torak whispered and was about to carry her out of the party room.

But Raine held him back and raised her head, she bit down her kissable lips and talked in a low voice filled with dread. "Am I going to die?" Another tear fell on her cheeks.

The question made his beast howled painfully in his head, scampered and on the verge to tear the witch, but instead to let his beast loose, Torak kissed her forehead to calm his beast down.

It wasn't only Raine who was afraid of that fact, Torak also felt the same, since he was aware from the beginning what the purpose of the resurrection of the guardian angel.

"I will never let that happen." That wasn't a comforting words, but that was also an oath that Torak made for himself, a reminder for him about the excruciating pain that he suffered now only by the thought of losing his mate.

Torak couldn't imagine and dared not to think, if it really happened.

Since he had kept that information for himself and had never talked about it, it was easy to pretend if he didn't know about it and put this matter on the back of his mind while he cherished his mate existence.

But, because Serefina told Raine about it and this matter was brought up to the surface, Torak couldn't shake that fact.

"That means what she said is true?" Raine realized another meaning in the way Torak answered her.

If what Serefina had said was true, then she really would die? Was she being sacrificed? Why she had to face something so cruel like that?

"Will I be sacrificed in order for you to win?" Raine couldn't help but ask. It seemed that was the case.

"No." Torak said sternly, even his eyes turned black with the way Raine put this matter. To think Raine would be harmed was enough to make Torak scared, not to mention she was being sacrificed for his sake.

If it came to the time Torak needed to choose, the answer was crystal clear for him.

"I will keep you save even if that was the last thing that I have to do." Torak wiped her tears and kissed Raine's forehead. "You don't need to worry about that kind of thing, there must be another way. We will find out about that soon, together."


Raine liked how that word sounded from Torak's lips, it felt like Torak trusted her and thought Raine was reliable to find the solution about this hurdle together.

Raine had forgotten the last time she had done something together.

"Stop crying." Torak turned Raine's body to face Serefina, but then he lifted her chin to look up. "Don't look at her, she is not a good sight to see." Torak reprimanded Raine lightly.

His words brought a smile on Raine's lips when she glanced at Serefina's angry face.

At the same time, fireworks burst through the dark night, fiery blooms among the stars. They sent hot sparks into the cool evening air, searing their brilliant light and vivacious color.

Torak hugged Raine from behind and watched how they light up her smiling face, like a perfect real life photograph.