The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 182

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 182 The Result

The night of mask party with fireworks would be perfect for Raine if it wasn't because Serefina ruined it with her horrible information about Raine's fate.

This soured Raine's mood for days, she talked less and only a bit more talkative only when she was having a conversation with Torak.

Along those days, Raine would be accompanied by Calleb.

"Hey, don't you want to see the result of your entrance exam?" Calleb elbowed Raine's arm lightly.

Now, they were watching a cartoon in the living room, since Raine didn't have a mood to draw something. She had been spending her afternoons fed her small mouth with all the snacks that she could find inside the fridge with sullen expression.

Serefina once again was gone. No one had ever seen her after the party, even Torak's hunters were not able to locate her, though that wasn't a surprising news to know Serefina was a great pure blood witch.

Raine heard two or three things about her powerful witchcraft from Calleb, who loved to talk about everything if he was boring, and babysitting Raine was one of them.

There was nothing he could do except watching a cartoon with her.

"Ah. I forgot" Raine raised her head, only now she realized it, as her eyes became bigger when she said that. "I will check."

Raine stuffed the snack in her hand to Calleb and ran toward Torak's office room, behind her, Calleb followed, somehow the Gamma was also very eager to know the result, as if he was the one who had taken the exam.

But, when Raine turned on the computer and typed the password that Torak had told him, she pushed Calleb away.

"Don't look." Raine said sullenly. "I want to tell Torak first."

"But, Torak is not here." Calleb protested, it was him who had reminded her, but why Torak would be the first person who knew about this? "You need someone to congratulate you if you passed the exam." He tried to argue with her.

However, Raine was determined to make Torak be the first person who received this news.

"No. Don't look." Raine pushed Calleb away again, this time she was trying to glare at the Gamma, turned her expression as scary as she could make with no avail.

Calleb almost laughed out loud to see Raine's attempt, she looked more adorable that way with creased eyebrows, but wise enough to keep his laugh for himself.

"Why? We are like brother and sister now, let this brother sees it." Calleb made a nonsense excuse. Remained to stand there unfazed, no matter how much strength that Raine had exerted to push him away.

"If you don't go I will call Torak." Raine threatened him. This was the first time for Raine to threat someone, but since it was Calleb, she wasn't afraid if he got angry. She knew he would never get angry to her.

"Seriously you actually use that trick?" Calleb asked incredulously. Since when this little mate of his Alpha learned how to threaten other people like this. But, since Raine was Torak's mate and always stuck with him, there was a high chance that she was infected by Torak's cunningness. "Why are you so petty now?"

Calleb didn't have a chance when Raine grabbed the phone and was about to call Torak's number.

"Alright, alright! I will not see it. Put the phone down!" Calleb said in panic. He didn't want to be punished because of this matter, it wasn't worthy! "I miss her old self, she is cuter that way." Calleb grumbled as he went to the sofa and sat there, away from Torak's working desk, where Raine was busy with the computer.

It only took a few minutes before Raine's expression lit up when she saw the result of her exam on the computer screen. She even giggled to herself and jumped on her seat.

Calleb couldn't help but shook his head. "She is really clueless, isn't she? Can't she make it hard to guess, at least?" Raine said she didn't want to let Calleb knew about the result and wanted Torak to be the first person who knew about it.

However, her expression and her act just now, gave away the answer. It was very obvious.

"So, what the result?" Calleb just asked offhandedly, though he already knew the answer to that.

But, Raine abruptly stopped smiling and turned off the computer before she fled from the office room, leaving Calleb sat alone there.

Once again, Calleb shook his head.

However, it didn't take a long time to poke her head inside the room again as she asked Calleb. "What time Torak will return?"

Upon hearing this question, Calleb raised his eyebrows. "He always returns at 4 o'clock right? Why did you ask?"

Raine pouted and glanced at a digital clock on the working desk that showed 11.14 a.m. It would take a long time before Torak came home.

"Does Torak have a meeting today?" Raine asked again.

"Even if he has an important meeting, knowing him, he will just call off the meeting for you." Calleb said in matter of fact.

Raine frowned, she didn't like Calleb's answer. "No, I don't want to bother him." But, she really wanted to share this good news with Torak and got a word of praise from him. Raine was very happy with the point that she got.

"He will not think of you that way hey! I am talking here!" Calleb didn't believe it, Raine actually left him when he was talking. This annoyed him because she treated Raphael differently. She listened to his words.

But, once again Raine poked her head inside the room through the door that slightly opened.

"If I don't disturb him, can I go to his office?" Raine asked again. Her expectant eyes looked Calleb innocently.

Calleb sighed deeply. This girl was very easy to read. "Let's go." He stood up and strode across the room. "Wear something warm! I don't want to be nagged by the Alpha because he thought I don't take a good care of you!" Calleb shouted when Raine had dashed off again.

"Okay!" Raine's voice was sounded from the second floor.