The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 183

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 183 Why Hasn't He Marked Me Yet?

There are no accidental meetings between two souls.


After ten minutes passed, Raine went down with her black parka in her arm and a small sling back in the same color, as usual, she would go with jeans and sweater also her baseball cap.

"I am ready." Raine said, beaming with smile from ear to ear, wearing her baseball cap that almost covered her entire small face.

If she acted so bluntly this way who wouldn't be able to guess, what the result of her exam?

"Alright, let's go." Calleb twirled the car key between his fingers and let a guard to open the door for them while Raine waltz behind him, if she was a fae, she would have flown by now.

Calleb opened the shotgun seat for Raine before he sat behind the wheel. He didn't use a driver for this trip because he was so boring trapped inside that house and need a little stretching for his tensed muscles.

"Don't you need to make a call, to inform Torak that we will come?" Raine asked as she put on her seatbelt.

"I will mind link Raphael later when we already close enough, that's more efficient because he is not always on his phone at this hour." Calleb replied as he started the engine.

"Oh." Raine nodded her head. She forgot that all the Lycans could do that sort of things with their pack members. "I wish I can do that too" She mumbled.

Calleb turned the car at the corner as they left the house. "Since you are the Alpha's mate, you can do that too" He said in matter of fact tone.

"I can?" Raine whipped her head and looked at Calleb expectantly. "But, how?" Now, she was eager to know more.

"Once the Alpha marked you, you will have the same ability." Calleb answered, he really didn't have any idea about how clueless Raine was with this kind of stuff.

"How he will mark me?" Raine kept asking, the idea to have a telepathic communication with Torak sounded awesome for her.

Calleb glanced at Raine direction and shrugged his shoulder. "He will bite you."

"Bite me?" The tone of her voice increased.

"Yes, The Alpha will bite you on your sweet spot." Calleb pointed his neck. "That's how the mark will appear."

"The mark will appear?" Raine leaned toward Calleb as her curiosity grew. "What is that? Is that some kind like a tattoo?"

"Tattoo?" Calleb contemplated for awhile before he nodded. "Well, you can say that way, but this kind of tattoo is very sacred for our kind." He explained.

"Have you marked someone?" Raine sure has a lot of things to ask.

"I have not yet met my mate, so I can't just mark a random girl." Calleb slightly grimaced when he said that.

Seeing how Torak treated Raine and looked at her with adoration, sometime gave Calleb goosebumps, knowing how ruthless he used to be.

"So, you should only mark your mate?" Rained wanted to confirm her speculation.

"Exactly." Replied Calleb with certainty. "Lycan will recognize their mate immediately once they feel their mate is nearby and the moment they meet with each other, they will mark their other half, claiming their woman. You can say that mark is a symbol of love for our kind."

When Raine heard that her face fell and her expression turned gloomy, she slumped her back against the seat. "But, Torak didn't mark me" She whined.

Calleb almost hit the brakes when he heard that, realizing his mistake. "No, no" He waved his hand in panic.

Fortunately there was a red light so he could face Raine and tried to explain while he looking at her dejected expression. "You are a special case." Calleb attempted to appease her, but didn't have any idea how to handle a sulking girl. "Torak has not yet marked you because he has many things to be considered."

"Such as?" Raine peered at Calleb through her black hair that cascaded down her face and shoulder.

"Such" Calleb tried to find a good reason. He really squeezed his brain for this.

How would he know what the reason of Torak had not marked his mate yet?

Usually Lycan would mark their mate within days after they met with each other, but they have met for months. But why Torak had not yet marked Raine?

"You can't answer that." Raine said sullenly, suddenly her mood turned sour again. She pouted and looked at the trees outside.

"No that's not what I mean." Calleb scratched the back of his head. His mouth always got him into a trouble. "Maybe because you are not yet an a.d.u.l.t see? You are not even eighteen years old yet."

"I will turn eighteen two weeks from now." Raine whipped her head at Calleb direction. She blinked her eyes. "Will he mark me then?"

Calleb resumed his focus on the road ahead, of course he didn't know what the answer for that question, it wasn't he who would mark her, right? "Probably" He said in low voice.

"But, why do you think Torak had not yet marked me, except for the reason that you gave me?" The reason about her age was so lame for Raine.

"Hmm" Calleb hummed, trying to come up with another reason, but before he answered her first question, Raine had asked him again.

"How long it will take, normally, a Lycan will mark their mate the moment they meet with each other." Raine stared at Calleb.

"Well, the longest that I know is around three days because the time you see your mate there is an urge to claim what is belong to you. Maybe for human, the feeling is like love at first sight." Calleb gave some thought about this. He didn't know the exact feeling, but that's what he heard from lycans who were lucky enough to have found their mate.

"Three days?" Raine said it with devastated tone as she slumped her back again. "It has been months and Torak still not marked me yet does he not feel that urge?"

Calleb really wanted to slap his mouth.