The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 186

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 186 A Gift

Cause all of me loves all of you.

Love your curves and all your edges.

All your perfect imperfection.

-All of Me, by: John Legend-


Back to Torak's office, Raine was drinking her milk like an obedient child, but her eyes showed the otherwise, when she finally put down her empty glass and met Calleb's eyes, she grinned.

"I don't know that woman will come." Raine talked defensively before Calleb could speak first. She felt like the Gamma would accuse her.

"Don't worry." Calleb waved his hand to dismiss the topic. "I have her handled."

Just now Calleb noticed that Raine was actually quite mischievous and talkative. Ever since she could talk again, she has a ton of questions for every conversation.

However, Raine would only act that way when she was with Raphael and Calleb, or course she would talk more with Torak than she did to the two of them, yet when she was with someone else that she didn't know, she tended to be as quiet as an ant.

"Really? I didn't cause trouble, right?" Raine jumped from Torak's seat and raced to sit beside Calleb on the sofa.

"No. What kind of trouble you can make in Torak's company? If anything Torak will have her memories to be erased." But, it required Belinda to come to do that job, just like what they did when Torak killed someone in the hospital.

"Is the mate bond is that strong? Until Torak can't bear to get mad at me?" Raine pulled her legs close to her chest and hugged them out of habit.

"You can say so." Calleb be reminded, which for Torak and Raine's case, the mate bond only worked on Torak alone. But, at this rate, who would care about mate bond, as Raine was so clingy toward Torak.

"Is the mate bond can disappear?" Raine asked curiously.

Calleb frowned upon the question. "I have never heard the mate bond can disappear." He answered truthfully. "Why do you ask that?"

Raine's sullen face made Calleb assumed there was something behind her question.

"Nothing." Raine shrugged her shoulder, trying to act nonchalant yet failed miserably. "Serefina said if there is no mate bond between Torak and I, Torak would have killed me, because he doesn't like a weak creature." Raine confided.

"Nah, don't think too much to what that witch told you." Calleb made a disgusting look when the mentioned of Serefina's name. "Torak will not kill you even if you are not his mate. This era we live in now, is not the same era like centuries ago where you can roam around the land and kill anyone that annoyed you." He tried to put it simple.

"But Aeon said the same thing." Raine mumbled. She remembered what the similar thing that both Serefina and Aeon had told her and that kept bothering her mind.

"Yeah, and both of them are annoying." Calleb slouched his back against the sofa and turned on the television. "You shouldn't take annoying people's words seriously."

Hearing Calleb's statement made Raine chuckled and joined to watch the television instead of pursuing the topic further.

Not too long after that, when Raine and Calleb enjoyed watching one of the reality show program, someone pushed open the door that made Raine turned her head while Calleb continued to watch as he already knew who was coming.

"Torak!" Raine's smile bloomed from ear to ear as she dashed toward her mate.

In no time Raine had her arms wrapped around Torak's neck like a baby octopus as she giggled happily. She was very happy today.

"What a pleasant surprised my love." Torak couldn't help but smiling also to see how happy Raine was. Everything that made his mate happy would make him to feel the same, though it didn't relate to him at all.

Torak peppered small kisses on her ear that so ticklish and made Raine laugh even loud.

Seeing how different Raine today made Raphael confused, he put down a pile of doc.u.ments on top of the table as he sat down beside Calleb.

"What happened to Luna? She looks incredibly happy." Raphael asked Calleb, who didn't spare a single glance at the love birds.

"She passed the exam." Replied Calleb curtly, his focused was still on the television. "But, pretend that you don't know, she wants to tell Torak first about this." He added when Raphael was about to approach Raine and congratulated her.

Raphael, who almost stood up, sat down again and looked at Calleb in confusion. "And how did you know if Luna didn't tell you?"

Lazily Calleb glanced at the Beta. "She has been acting that way ever since she saw the exam result. What do you think the result of the exam?" He explained it with; 'that's so obvious' tone.

On the other hand, Raine dragged Torak to his leather chair, sat on his laps and opened the University's web.

"Look. I am passed." Raine pointed at the result of her exam with the word 'passed' in the end. Her point was quite high that she could brag about it.

"I know you will my love." Actually, Torak had known Raine's point before she did, but he would never let Raine knew as he hugged her carefully as to not squash her body. "What do you want for your gift?"

Torak would give her everything she wanted right away once Raine said it.

Raine looked at Torak seriously. "Can I ask anything?"

"Of course." Torak ran his fingers along her black hair. "Anything for you."

Raine thought about that hard and to see the wrinkled between her brows, Torak chuckled. "No need to think that hard, I didn't say you can only ask one thing."

That meant, Raine could make a list of the things that she wanted and Torak would fulfill all of them.

However, there was only one thing that Raine really wanted. "Can I say it on my birthday?" She asked that made Torak confused.

"You can ask another thing on your birthday."

"No. I really want this on my birthday."