The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 187

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 187 I Like It Now

Torak was very curious about what Raine really wanted on her birthday. "Then, what do you want on your birthday?" He changed his question tactfully. "Your birthday is only two weeks from now, at least I need to prepare it."

"You don't need to prepare it, this is not something that need a lot of preparation." Raine grinned and nuzzled her head on Torak's neck, her warm breath was so ticklish against Torak's skin.

"But, I think we still need to celebrate it with lunch." Torak thought about a few recommendation restaurants that he had planned to visit with Raine. He was too busy with his work recently, so he could set a foot firmly in this new city, which wasn't his territory, and spent a little time with Raine.

Not to mention Raine had stopped to come here to study when she already took the entrance exam.

"How about eat something that you like?" Torak asked and saw the stars twinkled in those beautiful eyes.

"Steak?" Raine beamed. Actually, it didn't matter with the food, as long as she ate with Torak, she could digest everything. Raine wasn't a picky eater after all.

"I know one restaurant that you will like." Torak caressed her cheeks. "Shall we go now?"

"Will Calleb and Raphael join us?" Of course she wouldn't leave out her buddies, Raine liked it when they ate together. Especially when she took a glance of how Calleb's ears perked up the moment he heard the word 'steak' was being mentioned.

"If you like it." Torak agreed.

And with that, the four of them went down to the parking lot. Calleb took the seat behind the wheel while Raphael beside him and the mate sat on the back.

"The first day will be next week, I think we need to stop by a bookstore to buy something for you after lunch." Torak suggested.

[But, Torak you have meeting with marketing department at 2 p.m.] Raphael reminded Torak through mind link, he didn't want to spoil the fun, but Torak still has some other thing to do.

[Set the meeting at 4.] Torak answered, he thought at that hour he already back.

[Yes.] Raphael started to type email on his laptop for the attendees of the meeting for the change of time.

"Have all of you gone to college also?" Raine asked that question out of the blue, suddenly she became curious.

Referring to what she knew, Lycans have a long life span, did they go to the college during that time?

"I did." Torak chuckled. "I graduated 76 times."

"32 Times." Said Raphael between his activities, replying bunches of emails.

"23 Times." Calleb chimed in and then gloated. "And I always be a valedictorian." The Gamma grinned from ear to ear with smug face.

However, like usual, he got a slap on the back of his head from Raphael. "Stop gloating, all of us did." He even didn't take his eyes from the laptop.

This scene was so familiar for Raine and she always enjoyed to watch them quarrel or argue over trivial things.

"76 times? That's so many!" Raine squalled. "What kind of major that you took?"

"I can't remember them all my love, but I think I took one each." Said Torak while caressing Raine's hair affectionately.

"You must be very smart." Raine mumbled.

"If you have a lifetime to learn that isn't a surprising thing." Calleb said as he hit the brakes because of the red light and turned to face Raine. "But that gradually becomes very boring because you will do the same thing over and over again."

"Eyes on the road please." Raphael pushed Calleb's face away with his hand. "Green light."

A frustrated grumble heard from Calleb's lips as he resumed his focus on the road ahead.

"How old are you to be exact?" Raine asked again, though Torak and the other looked like in their late twenty, but they must be older than that.

"869 years old." Torak answered.

Raine's eyes widened as her lips form an 'O' letter. "We have 851 years gap."

Torak chuckled, Raine was actually counting that. "I hope you don't mind with someone much older than you."

Raine hugged Torak as an answer. "No." She giggled. "How about the two of you?"

"I am 324 years old and Calleb is only 72 years old." Raphael answered Raine. "In our kind 72 years old is consider a pup."

Calleb protested when he heard that. "Don't be ridiculous." To be called a pup hurt the Gamma's pride.

"A pup? That's cute." Raine commented.

"Really?" Calleb turned his face with bright smile to see Raine for her complement, but before he did that, Raphael had slapped his head again.

"Eyes on the road!" He growled.

Raine suddenly remembered something. "Torak, can I have a bunny?" She raised her head to see him, but she met with his frowning face.

[Let's make a bet!] Calleb suddenly mind linked Raphael. [I bet Torak will give in.] And he added. [One month salary?]

It was well known that Torak didn't like to have a pet. Well, why he needed a pet to look after when he already had bunches of mad wolves at his beck and call.

However, Raine would always be an exception for Torak, right?

In the other hand, Raphael rolled his eyes incredulously. What happened with this Gamma, why he always has this sort of bet?

"I always want to have a bunny" Raine added when Torak didn't reply to her. "But, it's okay I don't really want it" She yielded when the frown on Torak's face deepened.

"Okay." Torak finally said before a disappointment spread on his mate expression.

"Really?" Raine sought for a confirmation. "But, this is not what I want for my gift." Raine didn't want to exchange the gift that she really wanted for this.

"Of course, you can ask another thing." Torak reassured Raine.

On the front seat, Calleb laughed quietly as he glanced at Raphael as if saying; 'see? I win again.'

However, Raphael ignored him and mind linked Torak. [Torak, you never like pet.] He reminded him.

[I like it now.] Torak answered nonchalantly.