The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 188

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 188 Go Public ?

Raphael booked a private room for the four of them in one of the best steak restaurant in this city and let the manager to show them the way to their room.

The manager was a young man with curly hair and glasses that perched on his high nose, he obviously knew Torak and glanced at the woman beside him a couple of time to see her face.

But, because Raine was wearing her baseball cap and was surrounded by Calleb and Raphael, it was hard to see her face clearly.

There was only one thing that the manager was very sure; Raine was very young.

Within the business circle, there was a rumor about the appearance of Torak's woman. Torak took his partner with him when he attended the mask party.

But, because of the mask that she wore, no one could see her face, nonetheless they were very certain that this woman was very young with fair skin and skinny body also her raven hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall.

Based on that description, the manager assumed the young girl in the party was the same girl that was beside Torak now.

The problem was, no one ever dare to bring Torak's private life to be public consumption as they didn't want to tip the wrong side of this cold- blood CEO.

Regardless, all the single ladies were still gossiping behind his back while looking for the opportunity to have a chance to be close to him, which never happened.

The manager held the door opened for them to enter. He, personally, served them along with two waitresses.

This room was an VVIP room, which not an ordinary businessman could book, with the best view of the city and the sea. People inside could hear the sound of waves and seagull.

If only they arrived before the sun down, they could see the breathtaking scenery of the sunset above the horizon from the balcony of this room.

After the four of them took their seat, Torak gave the menu to Raine, for her to order anything that she liked.

Actually, Raine didn't quite understand with what kind of meat that she wanted to eat, because for her everything looked the same, given the fact that all this time, it was Torak, who chose for her.

"I want the same thing like you." Raine closed the menu and looked at Torak, because she couldn't decide the steak that she wanted to eat, everything on the menu were mouth- watering and expensive. The astronomical cost for a single meat made Raine grimaced. In the past she could use that money to dream about renting a cheap room for herself, away from the orphanage.

Now, the manager was very sure that Raine was only a teenager after he heard her timid voice.

After the four of them gave their orders, the manager and the two waitresses walked out of the room, only then she took off her baseball cap and went to see the sea from the balcony.

"Careful." Torak warned Raine when she jumped from her seat and dashed toward the opened balcony.

Raine raised both of her thumbs, but didn't slow down, seeing that Torak couldn't help but smile. She was crying mess when Serefina told her about her dreadful fate at the party, talking about she didn't want to die and about she wanted to live a long life with Torak.

The sight of her tears broke Torak's heart as he promised her there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe.

However now, seeing Raine was very happy and excited, probably she had forgotten about that. Torak could say if it wasn't because of the horrible things that she had gone through, his mate was actually a happy child and a positive person.

She has that kind heart that belonged to the angels, as she was one of them. Her radiant smile was so bright and radiant that could shine the dark corner of his soul, bathed him with hope and the meaning of real life.

"Torak, why don't you announce your relationship with Raine to the public?" Raphael asked Torak while looking at Raine who was enjoying the wind that played with her hair. "I think she is ready now."

"Not now." Torak said, he looked at the same sight as Raphael with traced of warm smile and soft gazes that he had never shown to anyone before. "This is not the time yet."

"Lucifer has made his move and spread the rumor about your mate, Raine will soon be in danger, if all of the creatures search for her." Raphael informed the same thing to Torak again.

This information had been bothering Torak for weeks, aside from his purposed to look for Serefina was for her to train Raine, he also wanted Serefina to give Raine another layer of protection.

Yet, that witch disappeared again after she relayed a devastated news after the party ended and like usual, no one could find her anywhere.

Torak started to think that her appearance that night was only a revenge to make Raine uncomfortable.

"You already have plan in your mind right?" Raphael was squinted his eyes. He knew Torak wouldn't decide something without thought about it thoroughly and since he was being so adamant to delay the idea of going public with Raine, he must have something in his mind.

"I do, I will tell you when the time is right, just keep your eyes on that Dragon shifter, make sure he keeps her safe and will not cause trouble for her."

Originally Stephan was pointed to look after Raine silently, yet he didn't listen and chose to appear in front of Raine the moment he saw her.

Torak almost clawed his face if he wasn't reminded that he still needed him, and also though Raine was a little bit surprised by his sudden appearance, Stephan actually did nothing that could harm Raine.

Moreover, Raine didn't reject the idea for Stephan to look after her.