The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 189

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 189 Embarrassing Moment

When the steak that they had ordered came, the manager sighed in regret because Raine wasn't on her seat, yet she already took off her baseball hat.

The only sight that he could see was her back as she stood alone in the balcony, only if she turned around, he would be able to see her.

People were so curious about what kind of person the woman that could capture Torak Donovan's heart and how beautiful was she?

But, even when the manager made a noise to draw her attention, the girl still didn't turn her body. In the end he should leave with the other waitresses with curiosity that almost killed him, after Torak dismissed him.

The moment they left, Torak personally approached Raine and hugged her from behind. "Let's eat before the steak becomes cold." He kissed her nape and grabbed her hand to lead her back to the room.

The steak was so delightful and drink was so fresh, but most of that was the way Torak treated her during the meal.

Raine was getting used with how Torak spoiled her, she imagined it would be nice if she met him earlier so she wouldn't have to endure those terrifying experiences.

However, she didn't regret it also because it was in the past and she was so happy with Torak in the present.

Raine was munching her the last piece of her meat, which Torak had cut for her, when her wrist was grabbed.

She looked up and saw Torak was frowning. "Yes?" Raine was confused as she was stared that way and when she looked at Raphael and Calleb, both of them also have the same concern etched on their face.

"Are you hurt?" Torak asked, then his blue eyes looked down to assess her body, but there was no way Raine was hurt under his watch.

Raine also frowned, she didn't feel like she was hurt. "No. I am eating."

"But, why do I smell blood from you?" Calleb also assessed Raine, there were three of them and the metallic scent couldn't be smelled until just now.

"Blood? But, I didn't" Wait. Did he just say blood? Raine stopped mid- sentences as her expression turned ashen. In the next second she jumped from her seat and had her back stick to the wall behind her, held her hand out to stop Torak from coming closer to her.

She needed to check on something.

Raine peeked at her behind with dreadful expression. Just like what she had thought, she could see a dark stain on her bottom, because of her oversize sweater, the dark stain also tainted the bottom edge of her sweater.

Raine felt like crying now.

Why this must happen in front of them? This was so embarrassing!

"Raine?" Torak took another step closer, but Raine took steps back while biting her lower lips, her bows furrowed. Then, a realization hit Torak as he smiled indulgently. "Come here, it's all right." He waved his hand to call for her. "The restroom is over there" He pointed to the private restroom across the room.

Raphael also finally understood what was going on and took the initiative. "It's okay, I will buy what you need."

There was only one person inside that room who was still clueless as he moved his eyes from Torak and Raine then Raphael, who was about to go.

"What happened? Is she hurt somewhere? The smell of blood is so thick now." Calleb's expression show a genuine concern.

But, his comment made Raine gritted her teeth and her face turned crimson red as if someone just boiled her entire body.

[She is on her period! You idiot!] Raphael chided and glared at Calleb before he walked out of the room as if he didn't hear anything so Raine would be less awkward.

"Come here Angel, it's okay, it's a normal thing. There is nothing to be embarrassed." Torak tried to persuade her, he reached out his hand while approaching her.

This time, Raine didn't move away, but she glanced at the restroom that Torak had pointed. "Turned around." She said. "Turned around please."

It was fine if it didn't leave a stain, but the problem was, there was a stain of her blood that quite visible on her bottom and she didn't want either Torak or Calleb saw it.

Torak obliged and turned his body he zeroed his eyes at the balcony.

"Calleb too." Raine frowned at Calleb, who was still staring at her, a bit at lost.

Only after Torak shot him a dagger look, he turned his body and looked at the same spot as Torak did.

After that, Raine walked slowly with her back still against the wall, she looked at both of them with wary.

When the sound of the door being closed was heard, Torak moved his gaze toward the restroom and walked closer. He knocked the door. "Raphael will come with the pad, I will ask him to buy pain relief just in case you need it, so just stay there for awhile, okay."

"Okay." There was a faint answer from inside.

Torak didn't take this matter serious, as he talk about pad and stuff calmly, but Raine couldn't get use with that, she covered her face with both of her palms while sitting on the toilet.

All this time her period was always irregular probably due to her stress, that was why, she didn't know when it would come. She also didn't have a symptom like a stomach cramp or anything, only she has a little bit mood swing, but it was consider normal.

There were not an extreme change, thus she didn't prepare for this. Especially when she was so happy to know that she passed the college exam.

Not long after that, there was another knock and then Torak's voice was heard. "Open the door for awhile."

Raine poked her head through the gap of the door, she was in bad mood now.

Behind the door, there was only Torak, holding a white plastic bag that he handed it over to Raine.