The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 19 Shut Them Down

Love her so much that she might doubt your sanity, but not your passion.



"You are so beautiful my love"

And Torak meant it. Her milky skin contrasted her dark hair like the night sky as though it complimented her obsidian black eyes, despite they were sparkling with fear it didn't diminish her beauty. There was a strange pulled that made Torak couldn't withdraw his eyes off of her.

It would never be enough for him to see the angel before his eyes. Yes, she was the guardian angel who was betrothed to him by the moon goddess.

In his eyes, she was so perfect. He would be gluttonous to ask for more of this perfection.

He kissed her knuckled lovingly, "Can I hear your voice, my love?"

Torak's question made Raine bit her lips, she dropped her eyes back to her lap where Torak was holding her hands.

The spark was there, the warm tingling feeling that made her feel safe. It had been a long time since the last time she talked. It was like all the words had left her throat, leaving her in silence.

"Maybe not today." Torak said after Raine still refuse to talk.

He reached out his hand to the back of her neck, pulled her closer, wanted to kiss her alluring lips, however Raine shut her eyes tightly and cowered.

A mischievous smile appeared on his lips as he kissed her forehead instead. This mate- bond was ridiculously possessed him, he wanted more, he wanted all of her.

But, not in her anxiety state now, when every time he touched her she would shiver involuntary.

"Come, you need to eat." Torak put his hand on her back and under her thigh carefully as he carried her out of the bathroom and put her on the bed while he ordered something for her to eat.


After Torak made sure Raine had eaten and slept well, he left her with his Gamma, Calleb. He asked Raphael to bring James and Jen to the room next door, he didn't want to leave Raine alone, but he couldn't possibly show her his dangerous side.

He almost could feel his beast scratched the edge of his mind, agitated because they had scared his mate.

Through the mind link, Torak had heard the reason why Raine ran away from her room and all of this because of Jen

He clenched his jaw when he entered the bedroom and saw James and Jen had been kneeling on the floor. James looked terrified, he dropped his head so low with his broad shoulder slumped down.

Meanwhile, even though Jen was kneeling, but her eyes showed a defiant glint that made Torak wanted to snap her head. It was a form of challenged and an Alpha didn't react well to the challenge.

Aside from Torak, Raphael and the two kneeling people, there were three warriors surrounding them.

"Alpha Torak you can't treat me like this!" Jen shook her head as her blonde hair swayed around her face. "I should be the Luna if she isn't here! You promised my father!" She shouted.

In a matter of second Torak held Jen's neck on his hand, raised her a few centimeters from the floor, so her feet hung, losing their footing. He was livid and his wolf was frenzied, kept pushing him to take control.

"I never promised anything to your shitty father." Torak growled dangerously low. "He will never get the land or the title of Luna for his useless daughter. Don't ever dream about that."

How dare Alpha Xavier shamelessly shoved his daughter and claimed her to be his Luna. He had gone too far for obtaining a land from him.

"Alpha, you will kill her." Raphael warned while trying to hold him back.

Blood has drawn from Jen's face and she almost fainted.

"Alpha!" Raphael called out for him.

Only then, Torak released her. Tumbling on the floor, Jen was gasping greedily for air.

"Lock her up and let Xavier talk to me if he wants his daughter back." He snapped icily. "Look like he needs me to clear his mind."

"No!" Jen howled with terrified expression. "You can't do this to me just because you are the Supreme Alpha!"

"Yes, I am the Supreme Alpha and Xavier needs to keep that in his mind!" Torak snarled at her disrespect action. "Demoted him." He nodded at James direction.

"Alpha" James couldn't finish his word when the other warriors who were standing on guard dragged him and Jen out of the room.

After they left with sobbing and shouting from Jen, it was only Torak and Raphael.

"Alpha, the picture of you and Luna has been on the top search on line an hour ago." Raphael informed him. "What your order?"

Raphael wasn't sure if Torak wanted to go public with Raine, but since many people had known about her it was impossible to hide it. However, looking at their Luna current condition, an exposure to her figure wasn't a good idea either.

"Some people have started to find out Luna's background." Raphael added.

Torak's existence was very mysterious for public, so a little bit news about him would be a hype, either it was about his business empire or his itinerary schedule. Let alone news about him with a woman, the media online was so frenzied about this right now.

"Talk to Jared. If he refused to take down the article I will shut his company down!"