The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 190

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 190 Love Your Imperfection

Take my love. I will never ask for too much. Just all that you are. And everything that you do.

-I Have Nothing. By: Whitney Housten-


However Raine didn't take it immediately, she looked at Torak as if she was about to burst into tears, this made Torak panic.

"What happened? Is that hurt so much?" Torak remembered Raine had never had a stomach cramp during her period all this time, but probably this one was different case

Raine shook her head and bit her lips again, she asked Torak to move closer to her with her pleading eyes.

"My sweater and pants are stained" She said as quiet as she could, closed her eyes because this was too embarrassing for her. "What should I do?" She couldn't walk around like this, right?

"It's okay." Torak took off his black suit jacket and gave it to Raine. "Cover your pants with this for the meantime." He said.

Raine looked at the expensive Torak's suit jacket and felt uneasy. This item must be pricey and she if she wore it, it would be stained as well.

But, if she didn't

Raine felt the spark on her head when Torak rubbed her head lovingly. "Don't think too much, I need to take you home so will be comfortable. Wear this and we will go home immediately."

"But, it will be dirty" Raine whimpered. This expensive thing would be dirtied by her menstruation blood the thought of that made Raine cringed.

Ugh! What a poor thing

"I can ask Calleb to buy new clothes for you, but it will take time because there are not clothing store nearby and don't want you to stay there for long time." Torak caressed her red cheeks. "There is nothing to be embarrassed my love, it's a normal thing and there is nothing from you is dirty."


Even at the time like this Torak's words always managed to make her heart fluttered.

"Let's go home?" Torak nudged his suit jacket toward Raine that she received with half- heartedly. "I will wait here."

Slowly, Raine closed the restroom door and finished her 'things'.

It only took Raine a few minutes before she came out with head hung low, there was Torak's suit jacket was wrapped around her waist.

Torak smiled softly but didn't say anything when he put Raine's baseball hat on her head and grabbed her hand to go out of the room.

Raine walked silently beside Torak and let him to lead the way.

When they arrived at the lobby of the restaurant, Calleb and Raphael had been waiting for them inside the car. They also didn't say anything and act as the embarrassing scene was nothing.

But still, Raine was very self- conscious now, especially when she had to sit inside the car. She wanted to put a plastic on the spot that she was sitting to avoid stained the car seat as well, but Torak had another idea because there wasn't any plastic bag there.

Torak pulled Raine on his laps and sat her there.

Raine struggled this was much worse than she had to sit on the car seat. "Torak don't like this" She struggled and tried to get down from his laps, but Torak held her waist and rubbed her back, that felt comfortable, to be honest.

"Stop moving." Torak rested Raine's head on his shoulder, cradle her like a baby.


Raine was sitting that way until they arrived at their home.

When the car had stopped and Raine was about to go inside the house, Torak carried her regardless of her protest and took her directly to their bedroom and then to the bathroom.

He sat her on small wooden ladder inside the bathroom that usually used to reach an item at the higher place.

"It's okay, I can do it." Raine immediately stood up when she watched Torak was about to run warm water on the bathtub. That was too much

"Just sit okay and let me handle this." Torak kissed her forehead and put her back to sit on the small wooden ladder again.

Afterward, Torak run warm water to fill the bathtub and put the soap that Raine like. In no time the bubbles appeared on the surface of the water.

"Thank you" Raine said timidly as she hugged Torak from back.

"You are most welcome my beautiful angel." Torak caressed her arms that circled on his waist.

"But, can you wait outside so I can take a bath?" Raine asked.

Torak turned around and faced Raine, he cupped her face on his big palms. "But, I thought I will take care of you until the end." He enjoyed so much to see how Raine's face turned even redder, the color spread to her ears and her slender neck.

She blinked her eyes adorably before she burst into cry and pushed Torak away anxiously. "No. no. no." Raine was terrified to think that Torak would bath her.

However, Torak didn't feel the same thing as he laughed out loud. "Alright, alright. I will go." He raised both of his hands, surrendered to Raine's assault. It always made his mood improve every time he teased her.

"I will go to the office now. Calleb will be here, if you need anything just call him, okay?" Torak stood at the door, waiting for Raine to reply.

"Okay." Raine mumbled bashfully as she glanced at Torak's trousers and sighed in relief because it didn't stain.

After saying that Torak left Raine inside the bathroom alone to clean herself and went to the living room, where Calleb was watching a reality show with Raphael was sitting beside him, he was on the phone again.

Because Calleb was ordered to look after Raine, Raphael was handling all the work related to the company.

"Ask someone to make a warm tea for her." Torak said to Calleb.

"Got it." Calleb raised his thumb and nodded.

"And don't ever bring this topic and make her uncomfortable." He warned his Gamma.

"Understood Alpha." Calleb said compliantly.