The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 191

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 191 Not Allowed To Be Eaten

When Torak returned at 5.12 p.m, Raine was sleeping soundly. Every time she was in period, her smell tended to change to become sweeter, but still the scent of blood strongly could be smelled as well.

Probably because she felt someone was inside the room, Raine shifted on the bed and opened her eyes slightly to see Torak was changing his suit with more homey clothes.

"You come back" Raine rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat down to receive a warm hug and a kiss on her forehead, the thing that Torak always did whenever he had just returned and now became a habit.

"Did you sleep well? Do you feel hurt somewhere?" From what Torak knew, some woman would tend to have some sort of aches during their period, but gladly Raine has none. "I bring something for you. Do you want to see it?" Torak asked, Raine would like it when she saw what he had bought for her and he was so excited to show it to her.

"Yes, what is it?" Raine became cheerful again and forgot her sleepiness as she jumped off the bed and urged Torak to show it to her.

"Come here." Torak grabbed her hand and together they walked down the stairs.

Torak took Raine to the backyard where Raphael and Calleb were standing and looking down at the box with the color of blue.

And as soon as Raine walked over and closed enough to see what was inside, she screamed excitedly by the sight of white bunny inside the blue box.

Raine squatted down beside the box and looked at the bunny, which was only the size of her palm and has the color of pure white that reminded Raine of Torak's wolf.

"She is so beautiful!" Raine squalled, carefully she carried and hugged the bunny close to her. "You bought it for me!"

"Of course it is for you." Torak also squatted down beside her. "What name would you give to her?"

Raine caressed the soft fur of the bunny as she was thinking of a name. "What do you think is a good name?" She looked at Torak, Raphael and Calleb, asking for their suggestion.

"Max?" Calleb said that regarded frown from the three people in front of him.

"It's a rabbit, not a dog." Raphael chided. "And also this is a female rabbit not a male."

Torak didn't say anything while staring at the rabbit on Raine's laps as she caressed her fur lovingly, her eyes literally twinkled with happiness.

"How about Mimi?" Raphael suggested.

"That's a name for cat, you clueless Beta!" This time Calleb the one who shouted at Raphael as he clicked his tongue.

"What do you think?" Raine turned to ask Torak's opinion because the two men were helpless.

"Anything is fine." Torak said monotonously, his eyes still glued at the bunny that now closed her eyes, relishing Raine's touch.

"How about bunny?" Raine said, she looked at the three of them expectantly.

But, Raphael and Calleb only gave her an awkward smile.

"Of course that is a bunny." Calleb complained. "Why do you have to call her 'bunny' again?"

"I think that name is too plain?" Raphael disagreed with her idea.

Because Raine didn't get what she wanted from Raphael and Calleb she turned to Torak again. "What do you think?"

"Sounds great." Torak said flatly. He furrowed his brows, seeing the bunny was sleeping now.

Raine was elated when she heard Torak's approval. "Alright, your name is bunny now." She said adorably. "Bunny's fur is so soft." She mumbled to herself. "Can I put her cage inside our bedroom?"

Raine thought it would be nice for having her pet near her, but Torak actually rejected the idea.

"She can go anywhere inside the house, but not inside our bedroom." He said sternly.

Raine was quite surprised by Torak's strong rejection, but probably the reason was because the smell of the bunny bothered him, after all the lycans have a keen sense of smell.

"Oh, alright" That didn't make Raine's happiness ceased down. "I have been wanting to have a bunny since I was child, but my mother had an allergic with fur, so I have never had one." Raine said.

"Well, now you have it." Raphael said. He brought over the rabbit's cage that was filled with a small cozy pillow for it to sleep, and a place to eat and drink. "I think the food is ready now, why don't we go inside and have our dinner? You can play with bunny later."

Raphael reached out his hand to ask for the bunny to be put inside the cage. Raine gave it to him and watched Calleb took the cage.

"I will put it there." Calleb pointed a small greenhouse across the yard that filled with plants and flower, it was warm there, so it would be perfect for the bunny to stay.

"Okay." Raine nodded. She would visit her bunny again after the dinner.

"Put this to the bunny." Torak suddenly said as he fished out something from his pocket. It was a small rubber ban in red color with a diamond in the middle of it. "Put it on its leg."

Calleb took the red rubber ban and put it on the bunny hind leg, the red color of it contrasted beautifully with it white fur.

"Thank you Torak." Raine kissed his cheek because her bunny looked exquisite now.

"You are most welcome, my love." Torak returned the kiss.

After that Calleb took away the cage and walked leisurely toward the greenhouse, as he walked he met with two lycans, they were warrior that would come to check on the main house, regardless the human guards were everywhere, Torak still have two or three of their kind nearby.

"Do you want to eat it raw?" One of the lycan pointed the bunny. "It has been a long time since I ate a raw rabbit meat, want to share with us?"

Lycan warrior was dominated by their beast side and still has their wild instinct quite strong, so it was common for them to eat something raw, especially when rabbit was one of the options.

"The Alpha will fry you if you eat the bunny. This bunny is Luna's pet." Calleb criticized them. "Tell the other to not allow to eat the bunny that has a red sign on its hind leg or The Alpha will be very mad."

After that he continued to walk to the greenhouse, leaving the two lycans warriors that still confused, they looked at each other as they thought.

Why their Luna was petting a good food?