The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 192

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 192 Fluffy

Honestly, I always feel jealous whenever you give someone the kind of attention that I want from you.


After Dinner, Torak has a few things that needed to be handled for tomorrow, so he had spent the last one hour inside his study room with Raphael while Raine and Calleb were playing with the rabbit.

"Turn back to your human form! You scared the bunny!" Raine slapped Calleb's front leg in his big grey wolf form while her other hand was holding the trembling bunny.

Calleb laughed out loud when he saw the scared bunny in Raine's embrace. "It's so funny! Thing like this is what we like."

"What? You like to be feared?" Raine asked incredulously.

Yet, Calleb only shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. "That is our nature. Most of the shifter nature is like that. When our prey is getting more afraid of us, the more excited we will become." Then he added. "That was why Stephan, the dragon shifter, chased after you"

"Because I was trying to run from him?" Raine concluded. "But, I was scared of him at that time, of course I will run" She tried to defense herself, though it sounded so pitiful.

"Yes, because that fear. Our kind is like to be the dominant upon other creatures, that's also the reason why Lycans don't like the guardian angel long time ago, because it rumored, they were physically the most weakest creatures among the others." Calleb then emphasized. "Physically."

Raine frowned when she heard that, she shot Calleb a dagger look that was so adorable and made Calleb laughed again by that sight.

"No offense." Calleb raised his hand upon seeing Raine's anger. "I don't thinking that way. Moreover, the moment I was born, the guardian angel had ceased to exist, so I don't know what kind of creature they were."

Raine was still upset. She knew, she was weak, but Calleb didn't need to make it so clear, because Serefina had reminded her about that many times.

"But, all I know, the only guardian angel that I meet is you, and you are not a weakling in my eyes." Calleb sat down on the bench beside Raine, they were inside the greenhouse now. "You managed to overcome your fear and start to talk again, I think Torak is very proud of you."

Raine couldn't help but smile and lowered her head timidly while Calleb sighed in relief because he succeeded to appease Raine's irk. Torak would get mad if Raine was upset when she was with him.

Just like Calleb always thought, his mouth always brought trouble for him.

When Raine lowered her head and looked at the bunny, just then she realized that animal was able to see the shape shifter in their beast form. The bunny on her laps was still shivering out of fear.

"Why human isn't able to see the beast form of the shape shifter while the animal can see it?" Raine lifted her head and asked Calleb.

"Because when we turn into our beast form, actually we are in different realm with human, it's called spiritual realm, and why the animal is able to see us hmm I don't really understand how it works, maybe Torak or Raphael can give you the answer. I don't have deep understanding about this." Calleb tilted his head, trying to recall if there was something in his memory about this, but he just couldn't remember it.

"You need to study more." Raine chided.

"What to do? I am still young, I need more experience." Calleb tried to justify his ignorance.

"72 years old and you call yourself young? You are an old man." Raine sneered him. "I want to come back, maybe he has done with his paperwork."

And then Raine walked out of the greenhouse with the little bunny in her arms, leaving Calleb mumbled to himself. "How about Torak? He is 869 years old, is he a prehistoric creature?"

Afterward Calleb followed Raine to go back to the main house.

Inside the study room, Torak and Raphael were discussing something about their new project when Raine and Calleb went inside the room.

The first thing that fell on Torak's sight was the way Raine caressed the bunny in her embrace.

"Are you done?" Raine walked toward Torak and sat on his laps.

"Yes." Torak's eyes zeroed in at the white bunny. "You seem to like the rabbit a lot." He asked in flat tone.

"Yes. I love it. Bunny is fluffy." Raine said adorably while rubbing the bunny soft fur against her cheeks.

"Alright, it's already late. We will discuss about this in the meeting tomorrow." Torak put Raine down from his laps and stood up. "Give the rabbit to Calleb. Let's go to sleep"

"Okay." Raine still didn't feel there was something wrong with Torak when he handed the bunny to Calleb and followed him walked out of the room.

But, instead of waiting for Raine, like what Torak always did. He went straight to their bedroom and let Raine chased after him.

Even now, Raine still didn't realize something was off with Torak and changed her clothes into her sleeping gown once she was inside their room.

When Raine come back from the bathroom and was about to get into the bed. She almost scream on the top of her lungs when she watched a big white wolf was laying on the bed, occupied almost all the space.

If it wasn't because Raine's mind worked faster than her mouth did, someone would arrive in their bedroom by now.

"Torak?" Raine called out Torak's name as she approached him carefully. "Why do you turn into your wolf form?"

Torak responded when his name was being called and lifted his big head while his blue eyes stared at Raine, and the moment she had sat down on the edge of the bed, the white wolf put his head on Raine's laps and nuzzled her hand.

What is this? Raine thought, puzzled.

The white wolf nuzzled her hand again because he didn't get what he wanted.

Does he want me to pat him?