The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 193

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 193 We Have To Go Now

Raine woke up early when she heard the running water in the bathroom, Torak must be taking a shower right now.

Raine looked around her and found herself was wrapped inside the warm blanket, but the last thing that she remembered from last night was; she was cuddling with the big white wolf that occupied all the space on the bed until she had to snuggle between his front legs.

Raine didn't mind it though as it felt so warm and comfortable, later she would ask Torak to turn into his wolf form again so she could cuddle with the beast.

Not long after that, Torak walked out from the bathroom with a towel was hanging low on his waist while the water dropped from his hair and broad shoulder.

He looked directly at Raine, who poked her head from the blanket.

"Good morning my love." Torak walked over toward Raine and kissed her cheeks wetted her face.

"Hmm morning." Replied Raine while wiping her face from the water. "It's so early are you going to office?" Raine yawned.

"Yes, I need to meet someone." Torak rubbed his wet hand against Raine's face to wake her up. "How if we have lunch together later?"

Raine swatted Torak's hand away, irritated because now her face was all wet, then she used the blanket to wipe her face again.

"Okay." Raine agreed and got off from the bed, she approached Torak and took the towel from his hands.

As if Torak already knew what she was going to do, he lowered his head to let Raine dried his hair. He had never lowered his head to anyone before this, not even when he faced death itself during the war.

But, now he did that naturally.

Raine chuckled to see Torak this way as she remembered how the white beast last night asked to be patted and offered his head, just like this.

"What it's so funny?" Torak asked, but he didn't lift his head.

"Nothing." Raine said lightly. "I like to start my morning like this." She kissed Torak's exposed nape that made the Alpha's body shivering.

"Alright." Suddenly Torak lifted his head and took Raine's hand. "Because you already woke up, let's having breakfast together. Wait for me down stair I will dress first."

Raine nodded and walked out of the room.

She was very comfortable with Torak and started to begin to initiate the kiss first and without her knowing it, she didn't bother anymore to show her affection like the way she kissed Torak's nape earlier.

If it was Raine from months ago, she definitely wouldn't do something like that. But, she was different now and it was a good thing.


Torak touched his nape, he could still feel the goosebumps all over his skin because of Raine's kiss, even his eyes flickered with dark color.



A woman's voice greeted Raine the moment she stepped inside the dining room and as soon as she heard this, Raine felt her irritation flared up.

She thought it would be a great day, she started the morning with a smile on her face and even she would have lunch with Torak later, but who would have known that this woman would come to visit at time like this?

"Don't give me that look." Serefina waved the bread knife in her slender hand and pointed it to the chair in front of her. "Sit."

Though this area was protected with spell so no spiritual creatures could come nearby, but this spell was put by her, hence she could come and go as she wish.

Sullenly Raine sat down on the chair beside the one that Serefina had pointed. The witch only raised her eyebrows upon receiving Raine's little rebel action.

"What do you want? Chocolate? Strawberry? Peanut?" Serefina pointed the three jars of jam in front of her while holding a slice of bread in her other hand.

"No, thanks, I don't want any." Raine replied, staring at the door with anxious expression.

Every time Torak met Serefina nothing good would happen. They would either try to tear each other or started to yell at one another.

"Alright, chocolate then." Ignoring Raine's rejection, Serefina put the chocolate jam on the bread and took one more bread to make it like a sandwich then gave it to Raine. "Eat."

Raine frowned. "I said I don't want it." Her voice neither loud nor quiet, but she said it firmly.

"Nice, you begin to defy me more often." Serefina flicked her finger and in the blink of an eye the bread disappeared into thin air. "Since you don't want to have your breakfast, then we can go now."

"What do you mean with 'we can go?'" Raine literally shrunk back to her seat and looked at Serefina with worry expression when the witch approached her.

"Of course going to where I have promised you." Serefina stopped before Raine and folded her arms impatiently. "Now stop whining and stand up."

"But" Raine looked around her. "But I have not prepared anything"

"I will tell you if you have to prepare something, but since I told you to stand up, so stand up." Serefina was getting more and more irritating the more Raine met her. "We will go now. Moreover, nothing you prepared will be useful anyway."

Raine suddenly had a bad premonition. Serefina was being secretive like this rose her suspicion. "Where we will go?" She insisted to know.

"To the time before all of this started." Serefina grabbed Raine's hand and forced her to stand up because she couldn't wait forever.

Once Raine stood up, she swatted the witch's hand aside and took a step back out of habit whenever she felt threatened.

"At least I have to tell Torak about this, he will be worry." Raine said.

Yet, Serefina brushed off her excuse. "No need for that." And as she rejected Raine's idea to inform Torak, she pulled out something from her pants pocket.

It happened very fast, even Raine couldn't see it coming.

Serefina raised the item and stabbed it right on Raine's heart.