The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 194

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 194 The Land Of God

Raine's eyes widened in surprised as they traced down to the spot where Serefina had stabbed her. She couldn't see what was that, but the tip of that thing slowly merged into her body, until nothing that could be seen.

The weirdest thing was, Raine didn't feel any pain just like someone who had been stabbed, but she did feel something warm spread on her chest to her body, reaching the tip of her fingers.

"What are you doing?" Raine was flabbergasted, touching the spot where that thing had penetrated her body. "What is this?" Raine couldn't feel the existence of it, thus she looked at Serefina in horror. "Say something!"

Serefina rolled her eyes as if tired with Raine exaggerated reaction. "Look around you." She said lazily.

Only then Raine realized that she wasn't in the dining room inside the house, but she recognized this place nonetheless.

This was the dessert that Raine had visited when she travelled back to the ancient time and was brought to the city of angel.

Serefina brought her to visit this deserted place again, the same landscape of sand, tumbleweed and dead grasses along with the harsh sun above her head, though Raine only observed this place for a while before she fell unconscious, but she was sure this was the same dessert.

"Recognize this place?" Serefina asked, without caring about Raine, she walked ahead as her eyes scoured the area.

"Why we are here?" Raine asked in panic, swallowing her protest because Serefina had stabbed her earlier, Raine followed her and tugged onto her dress, afraid if he was left behind.

"People call this place is the land of the God." Serefina glanced at Raine who was tugging her dress, but didn't complain.

Because Raine had just awake, she was still wearing her peach sleeping gown with long sleeves while Serefina, she looked awfully beautiful in her body- hugged knitted sweater with the color of red and dark high waisted jeans.

Serefina has that kind of body that could make any men wanted to worship her and any women burst into tears of jealousy.

Raine couldn't help, but compare herself with her, even in this situation, her jealousy to Serefina's body didn't cease down. She sighed deeply, fortunately the witch personality was so obnoxious, so Raine could hate her without feeling guilty.

"Land of God?" Raine tried to focus at the matter in hand and get rid of her superfluous feeling. "What is that?"

"The place that connected every realms." Serefina drew a circle motion with her forefinger in the air, as if she was drawing something, a ring of yellow light appeared, following her movement. "The portal to another realm."

Raine couldn't see what was behind the ring, which size was as big as her body, but Serefina surely did know what was that.

She took a step closer at time with Raine followed behind her. "Stay close with me if you don't want to get lost." Serefina warned her.

Of course Raine didn't need to be told twice, the first experience was enough for her, she didn't want to wonder in this strange land alone again.

"Where are we going?" Raine suddenly pulled Serefina's hand when she was just a step away from the glowing ring.

"Don't ask too many questions and just follow me." Serefina glared at Raine.

However, Serefina had been glare at her for many times that made Raine didn't feel the same amount of fear like before, she kept asking. "Are we going to the village of angel?" Honestly, she didn't want to go back to that village again.

"No. I will not go to that ridiculous village." Serefina scoffed. "That ridiculous village with their ludicrous rules."

Somehow, Raine chuckled upon hearing Serefina's statement, and for rare occasion, she agreed with the witch.

"So, where we will go?" Raine deliberately asked, because she knew Serefina would be so irritated if she kept doing so, at least she could do this to take her revenge on her.

Yet, Serefina only glanced at her and walked like a model on a catwalk through the glowing ring that she had created.

In the other hand, Raine's smirk faded as she hastily followed her.

The blinding light forced Raine to close her eyes tightly, but she could feel Serefina's hand within her grasp, she couldn't afford to lose her grip or else, she didn't know what would happen to her.

"Until when do you want to close your eyes?" Serefina's sharp comment was heard as Raine felt her hand was being swatted away.

Raine opened her eyes abruptly and took her surroundings.

They were no longer in the dessert, but now they were surrounded by blue flowers that Raine didn't recognize what kind of flower they were.

Raine was so astonished to see this beautiful scenery, not only that, apparently it was midnight in this realm as the full moon shone radiantly in the night sky.

The sky was so clear without cloud or stars and on earth, row after row blue flowers bloomed to the fullest.

Raine couldn't help, but wanted to touch them when she heard Serefina lazy warning. "Don't touch. It's poisonous."

Abruptly Raine drew back her hand. "Why don't you say it earlier?" She whined. "I could have been death."

"Don't exaggerate. The flower will not harm you, but the thorns will." Serefina took a petal of blue flower and squeezed it between her fingers. "The thorns will put you into deep sleep."

"Like the story of sleeping beauty?" Raine asked innocently as she approached the witch, though Serefina said the flower wouldn't do any harm, but she wanted to be in the safe side, who knew this witch has something in her mind and did something nonsensical again.

Serefina sneered at Raine's question and walked away. "You don't have imagination."

The road was slightly uphill, but the witch walked on her high heels just fine, another thing that made Raine amazed about her.

"Why this has to do with imagination?" Raine mumbled. "Wait. Tell me what was that thing that you used to stab me?"