The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 195

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 195 The Horn Of Unicorn

"That's horn of unicorn." Serefina replied without slowing down her steps while Raine was half running to catch up with her.

"But, it disappeared into my body." Raine touched her chest where that horn of unicorn had merged. "Will I be all right with that thing in my body?" She was worried. Serefina had said in order to win the war, her death was necessary, but she wouldn't die now, right?

As long as there was time, Torak and she would figure out to deflect that dreadful fate, just like Torak had said, the guardian angel didn't survive the war because no one cared enough to protect them, it sounded cruel indeed, but if they did otherwise who knew what the result would be.

"The horn of unicorn is only for protection." Serefina looked up and then her right and left as if looking for direction before she walked to her left

"Protection? Will it give me some kind of power?" Raine kept asking. Though her night gown was made of thin fabric, but this was so warm, like a summer night. "Like flying perhaps? Or, moving thing without touching it?"

The thought that Raine could do that sort of things excited her.

"It's. For. Protection." Serefina spelled every word sternly.

Raine frowned. "But, protect me from what?"

Serefina abruptly stopped, turned around and glared at Raine while she blinked her eyes innocently, she put an expectant expression, as if she didn't know that the witch almost on her wit end.

Actually Raine did that to irritate Serefina, but half of that questions was something that she indeed really wanted to know.

With Raine was being here, she would miss lunch with Torak and had to skip her breakfast, thus at least Serefina wouldn't get easy from her.

"Protect you from spells. Magic spell, dark spell and curse to the certain point, the horn of unicorn could repel them." Serefina explained impatiently. "You need that because we will enter the village of witch."

Afterward Serefina continued to walk.

"Village of witch village of angel is there village of fairy?" Raine remembered the fae that she met when Torak took her to the Reika Country. The fae was so beautiful and stunning, it would be wonderful if she could see more of them.

"Arrgh!" Serefina let out a frustrated growl. "What Torak fed you so you became so chatty like this?!"

Serefina then made a move with her hand in front of Raine's face, she could feel the cold wind brushed her skin because of her movement.

"Be quiet, I need to think." Serefina, once again, looked around her as if she was looking for sign.

Raine smiled softly, seeing the witch was annoyed, but her smile soon disappeared when she tried to talk and there was no sound came out from her mouth.

Raine looked at Serefina in panic and tugged her hand anxiously, but the witch just brushed her off while callously saying that she needed Raine to shut up for a while. "You will be normal in three hours."

Afterward, Serefina looked up to the moon for long time before she walked to her right.

After five minutes of walk, Serefina stopped again.

Because Raine has nothing to do, following what Serefina was doing, she looked around her, but only the lushes of blue flower that could be seen.

"These flowers are so disturbing!" Serefina grumbled angrily. "Should I burn them down?" She talked to herself, considering her words.

Raine couldn't relate what was wrong with the flowers with the thing that Serefina has been looking for, but since Serefina didn't tell her anything, Raine also couldn't help her, moreover she couldn't ask her again because she made her mute.

But, on Raine's left she watched a blue light of fire from torches, dancing with the wind, and then gradually from the shadow of the flame she could see a hut.

The hut wasn't there before so how it suddenly appeared there?

Raine tugged Serefina's sleeves, but she swatted her hand away, again and again. "Stop it Raine I must concentrate."

Irritated, Raine shouted at Serefina. "There is a hut there!" She pointed at the direction of the hut.

However, that wasn't the thing that made both of them surprised.

"You can talk!?" The pitch of Serefina's voice was so high until it hurt Raine's ears.

"I can talk?" Raine was also confused. "But, you said I will not be able to talk before three hours, but this is only ten minutes."

They looked at each other with furrowed brows.

"No. You supposed to be not able to talk." Serefina was in denial. Raine was surprised her again and again.

This wasn't the first time Raine broke her spell, the most recent occasion she broke her spell was when Serefina tried to strangle her. She broke her spell by moving her hand and scratch her face.

And then now

"How can you do that?" Serefina couldn't help but ask Raine.

Of course Raine couldn't answer that, how she supposed to know? She had done nothing particularly. "I don't know, you are the one who put the spell on me, maybe you lifted it accidentally?"

"Ridiculous." Serefina scoffed.

But, then Raine remembered something. "The horn of unicorn." She pointed her chest. "You said it repels all spells, right?" Her face beamed with new acknowledgment.

Serefina's face fell upon hearing that.

"It really works!" Raine touched her chest while laughing when she watched Serefina's expression turned sour. "So, is it that hut that you are looking for?" She pointed at the direction of the hut.

Raine was pretty sure, the hut was what Serefina has been searching.

Meanwhile, Serefina clenched her jaw. She didn't want to admit it, but Raine was right. She was confused because of the spell on the flowers. Serefina hated flowers, thus it was also her weakness.

"Yes." Serefina said through her gritted teeth.

"You can't see it, can you?" Raine's eyes sparked as she taunted her.

"Shut up and let's go." Serefina yelled at her.

"Alright, followed me." Raine waltzed ahead, gloated with triumphant smile. "I have to thank you for giving me this precious item."

At this rate, Serefina really wanted to shoot Raine with fireball.