The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 196

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 196 The Last Pure Blood

Raine showed the way to the hut to Serefina with light steps as if she could fly.

Who would have thought the thing that Serefina gave to her without any explanation and in very rude way, actually backfired at her.

"But, Serefina" Raine turned around and slowed down her steps, walking beside her. "Why do you think the spell on blue flower is not working on me too? You said the horn of unicorn could repel some magic spell and curses, but I don't think this spell is in the same level as yours earlier, right?"

In Raine's mind, Serefina's spell to turn her mute was a plaything for the witch, but if Serefina couldn't nullify the spell in the blue flowers until she wasn't able to see the hut, this must be something strong.

However, why this also didn't work on Raine and let her see the hut?

"I think about that too." Serefina grumbled, since Raine said she could see the hut, Serefina has been trying to repel the spell that protected it with no avail.

Actually she could resolve it with burning down the entire field of the blue flower, but that wasn't a good greeting to the host.

Raine hummed as she thought about other possibilities. "Maybe this horn of unicorn gives me another power?" She voiced out her opinion.

"Nonsense." Serefina waved her hand, dismissed the idea. "It's probably because the spell of blue flower is still within the horn of unicorn range of ability."

"But, you can't see it." Raine's blurted out. Her comment indirectly said that Serefina was way weaker than the witch that put the spell around them.

Upon seeing Serefina's face turned ashen, Raine walked ahead and didn't bother her again.

Whatever the reason why the horn of unicorn in Raine's body was able to repel the spell that Serefina couldn't do, this was still a good thing for Raine.

They went up toward the hut that was located on the top of the hill in complete silent with the moonlight shone on them, casting their shadow longer than it used to be.

When they were close enough for Raine to inspect the house, she could see the dilapidated wooden fence that only as high as her waist.

"We are here." Raine said while pushed open the wooden fence that was squeaking uncomfortably.

Serefina followed Raine to step inside the yards, only then her eyes could see the hut that she had been looking for.

At first Serefina was a little bit surprised how the hut was still the same like the last time she was here, like time wasn't able to change a tiny part of it, but then she realized, the hut never changed because this wasn't the real time.

By using Raine's power Serefina took them to the centuries before the great war between the Lycanthropes and the Devil happened.

When Serefina was already inside, she stopped her steps and looked around, suddenly she felt the rush of nostalgic feeling swept her body.

Raine also stopped and stood beside her, she looked at the witch questioningly, but didn't say anything to interrupt her moment.

For the first time, Raine saw a gentle smile on her lips, it was so faint until she thought she was seeing thing.

After minutes passed and Serefina still did nothing, finally Raine opened her mouth and suggested. "Should we call the owner?"

"There is no need. He will come out." Serefina said, her lime green eyes flickered when she watched the door of the hut was pushed, open and from inside, there was a man that was very tall and skinny.

That man was wearing black clothes and pants and his hair was as red as fire, the same color of Serefina's.

"Who are you!? How could you trespass my place?!" That man rough voice boomed. He walked closer toward Serefina and Raine.

Raine could feel the anger from that man and she shrunk behind Serefina's back, who held her ground and didn't move an inch, waiting for that man to arrive in front of her.

"Good evening Mr. Alizon." Greeted Serefina.

That man stopped right in front of Serefina, but before he could get angrier, because the young woman before his eyes didn't answer his question, his eyes fell on Serefina's red hair and her captivated lime green eyes.

"You?" His frown deepened. "Who are you?"

Fiery red hair with clear lime eyes were the distinctive features of a pure blood witch. But, it was only him the last pure blood witch that still alive in this realm, so where this woman came from. He didn't remember there was another pure blood too.

"How do you know my name?!" The man became agitated and when he heard a squeaky sound from the door was being opened. "Go inside Cassandra!"

But, a figure of delicate woman appeared from behind the door, standing on the threshold. Her fiery long red hair flew with the wind under the moonlight, she was so captivating beyond words, an ethereal beauty.

"Fabian, who are they?" The woman named Cassandra didn't listen to her husband, but didn't approach them too.

Serefina's eyes turned foggy the moment Cassandra came into her line of sight, but she answered them with steady voice. "My name is Serefina and this is Raine." She grabbed Raine's wrist and pulled her to stand beside her.

"Serefina" The man named Fabian enunciated her name. " You are a witch." That was a statement.

"Yes, I am." Serefina nodded, but didn't explain further.

"What clan are you?" Fabian, once again, glanced at Serefina's red hair and stared deeply into her lime green eyes.

"I don't belong to any clan." Serefina answered truthfully, she didn't associate with those witches in her real era. She was the last pure blood witch and was strong enough to stand on her own.

Serefina's answer made Fabian frowned and then his eyes fell on Raine. "She is not a witch. She is an angel." He stated. "What an angel is doing in the land of witch?"