The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 197

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 197 Grimoire

Just like the other creatures, which looked for the guardian angel to sap their power to became stronger, the witches also have the same idea, but not for the pure blood witch.

The pure blood witches took the same standing like the Lycanthropes regarding this matter, they were already strong and haughty enough to use that kind of method.

"Why is there an angel here?" Fabian frowned at Raine. His eyes moved to assess her, in case he made a mistake by recognizing the creatures in front of him.

It was very rare occasion that an angel walked away from their own village, the place that the shadow warrior was guarded, because once the angel went out of their place, they were either die because was attacked by other creatures and their power was sapped, or couldn't survive the law of nature.

Thus, Raine was being there was confused him.

Ignoring Fabian's question, Serefina spoke straight to the business. "I came to see your grimoire. The family hereditary book."

"What?" Fabian was flabbergasted by Serefina's request. The grimoire was like a treasure for the witch that couldn't be handed over casually, especially to someone who they has just met for less than ten minutes.

"Just like you can see, I am the pure blood witch too." Serefina stood unwavering under Fabian's dangerous gaze. "So, this is my right too, to see the family hereditary book."

Fabian was speechless for a moment by Serefina's boldness, but then he scoffed. "I am the last pure blood witch and I don't know you!" As the blood line was counted from men side, so Fabian mentioned himself as the last one.

Both of them were so stubborn and just couldn't calm down, Raine felt like it would be an another battle again.

Why Serefina has extremely horrible attitude? She shouldn't ask something from someone that way, right? Especially when it was only their first encounter and they didn't know each other.

"This will be so annoying." Serefina grumbled as she clicked her tongue in irritation. "You can see it that I am a pure blood witch."

"Appearance could be deceiving." Fabian was squinted his eyes, he was in defensive position, ready to attack if Serefina did something fishy.

Yet, Serefina didn't take that seriously as she flicked her fingers lazily and put out her closed right palm in front of her, so Fabian could see it.

And when she opened her palm there was a blue flower, the same exact flower that filled the hill. Under Fabian's questioning eyes, Serefina squeezed the flower as it turned into red smoke.

However, the red smoke form a shape of an animal before it disappeared with the wind, Raine didn't have time to figure out what animal it was, as it happened too fast.

Regardless, the expression of Fabian changed drastically. "How can you do that!?"

Seeing her husband was having a long conversation with the two strangers and witnessed what Serfina just did, Cassandra walked slowly to approach them.

"The blue flower only shows red smoke in the hand of pure blood witch" She uttered in disbelieve.

That was the fact and what Serefina did was undeniable prove that she was the pure blood witch as she had said earlier, thus she had a full access to the grimoire that she wanted.

"I have proven myself, now show me the grimoire." Serefina clapped her hands as if there was remaining dust there.

Fabian looked at Serefina in disbelief, but the thing that she had done was indeed only the pure blood could do.

Thus, he took Cassandra's hand and walked back toward the hut while told them to follow him. "The grimoire is inside."

Serefina raised her eyebrows. "Stay behind me." She said to Raine and then she grumbled in frustration. "This old man really something"

Raine, who was out of place, only could follow Serefina and the other walked into the hut.

The hut wasn't big, but was comfortable enough for two people lived there and almost all the interiors there were made of wood.

Though the room was warm, but fire flickered at the fireplace.

"Wait here, I will get the grimoire." Fabian said, grumbling and going to one of, Raine assumed, the bedrooms while Cassandra went to make some drink for Raine and Serefina.

The inside style of this hut reminded Raine to Lydia's house in the village of angel.

It was only Raine and Serefina in the living room, while Serefina was standing near the fireplace, Raine was looking at the blue flower field through the window in oval shape with crossed wood in the middle of it.

Not too long, Cassandra returned first with two steaming drinks that still have white smoke on it.

Raine was so drawn by Cassandra's beauty and apparently Serefina did too, she was staring at the woman without blinking, even when Cassandra handed the drink to her, she was still looking at her intensely.

Raine thanked Cassandra and walked toward Serefina. "She is very beautiful, isn't she?" She whispered to her.

"Yes." Serefina agreed immediately.

Serefina's answer caught Raine out of guard, what on earth she was saying? Raine was confused because she expected Serefina to say something like; she was prettier than her.

Well, both of them so beautiful and couldn't be compared.

Raine pouted, she was jealous again, but slightly relief because Torak wasn't there to see the beauty of this woman.

After giving the drinks to Raine and Serefina, she stayed there and looked at both of them with curious expression.

"Where are you from?" Cassandra frowned. "Your outfit is a little bit"

"Weird." Serefina finished the sentence. "We come from a very far place."

When the conversation just started, Fabian came out from the bedroom while holding a big and thick book, then he put it down on the table.

The book was so big that it covered almost the round table.

"Here the grimoire that you want." Fabian looked at Serefina with cunning smirk grazed his lips, yet the same smile also appeared on Serefina's lips.