The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 198 She Knows All

Serefina peered at the grimoire on the table indifferently.

"Here the grimoire that you want." Fabian sat down beside Cassandra and put his arm around her shoulder, he pointed the grimoire with his chin.

Serefina didn't move an inch when she waved her hand toward the grimoire and in the next second, that book caught fire. The flame was the color blue and it didn't take long time for the book to turn into dust.

Cassandra shrieked and Fabian abruptly stood up in shock as their eyes zeroed to the remaining black spot where the grimoire was.

"What you have done!!?" Fabian roared and the entire hut was shaking, gravel and dust fell down from the ceiling.

"Serefina" Raine crept closer at the witch while her eyes looking at her surrounding, it felt like they were in the middle of earthquake. "Why did you do that?" She was afraid that this hut would collapse, it was fine for the three of them because they were witches, they could use some sort of spell to save their life.

But, Raine wasn't a witch and though she was immune to some spell, but she didn't think the horn of unicorn inside her body would be much of help when the ceiling fell on her head.

"Stop your poor acting." Serefina commented lazily. "Stop playing with me, give me the real grimoire."

All of sudden the hut stopped shaking and everything became still.

"How do you know that was a fake?" Fabian folded his arms on his chest arrogantly, this sort of act reminded Raine of someone. "Nobody had ever seen the grimoire since years ago."

The grimoire that Serefina was looking for wasn't a personal grimoire, it was a hereditary book from the first witch that would only be given to the first son in the family and he would keep it until he could give it to his son and so on.

Though Fabian wasn't the first son of the family, but he was the last one in their bloodline.

"Unfortunately I am not coming from the past." Serefina mimicked Fabian's gesture as she folded her slender arms too. "I come from future."

"Future?" Fabian scoffed when he said that words. "Don't make me laugh, maybe you are blessed with a foresight, but to say you are coming from future is too much, right?"

Ignoring Fabian's rhetorical question, Serefina shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly. "I am not here to convince you about my origin and I don't have much time for that." She tucked her short fiery hair on the back of her ear while saying. "Mr. Alizon, I think you need to say goodbye to your wife for awhile. We will leave to get the grimoire early in the morning."

"What!? I am not taking any order, especially not from a young witch like you!" Fabian was irritated by Serefina's way of talk, Raine would agree to it if she heard this. Fabian thought, he should be the one who called the shot, not her. "Maybe you don't know about the rule of the grimoire. That book is only given to the first"

"son of the family." Serefina ended his statement then sighed deeply when she watched Fabian frowned. "I know the rule."

"But, you get the wrong person. I am not the first son and also that book shouldn't belong to woman." Fabian tried to find another excuse.

"That book shouldn't belong to the third son of the family, but it ended up with you, so why you couldn't bend the rule for me too?" Serefina opened her palm to stop Fabian to rebuke her. "You have that book and you have been hiding it in the sacred place, because you are not the first son and obviously I am not too, that place wouldn't open for me, but I know a way to open that place and I need you to come as well."

Fabian was flabbergasted by Serefina's knowledge about the family rules. "Who are you? And why do you need the book?"

Serefina glanced at Raine before she said. "I want to know about the guardian angel, who possessed the power to control the flow of the time."

Upon hearing that, Fabian's face darkened, he clenched his jaw. The thing that Serefina wanted to kno was indeed described inside the grimoire.

Fabian had opened it once when he received it for the first time, he even spent a week to figure out that book and learned the existence of the guardian angel who could control the time.

The story of the angel related to their ancestor's fate and only a handful people from their family who knew about this story, because not all of the holder of the grimoire would spend time to read their history.

"Cassandra, can you prepare a room for them? I will prepare my thing." Fabian caressed his wife's cheeks.

"Can I go with you all? I don't want to be left alone." Cassandra whined and leaned over to Fabian's touch, her eyes glimmered expectantly.

"I will comeback as soon as possible." Fabian assured her. "Moreover, you can't take this long trip."

"Don't worry, he will return within two weeks." Serefina said casually and added. "Moreover, there is something more precious that you must protect."

There was a surprise passed Cassandra and Fabian's expression, their lips quivered to form a question, but Serefina answered it before they could ask.

"She will grow up to be a very beautiful and elegant lady and the most important thing is, she will be a great witch, a powerful witch who will not be underestimated by others." There was a smug smile on her red lips.

"'She?'" Cassandra said that words incredulously. "But, how it is 'she'?"

This was another surprised that Serefina had given to Fabian since she arrived, yet if they were a little bit aware, they would realize that Serefina was walking toward the guest room with Raine followed behind her.

Though this was the first time she was here, but it seemed she knew this place like the back of her hand and moved freely.