The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 199 The Second Son

Early in the morning, Serefina woke Raine up from her deep slumber.

Because the sun had not risen yet, the entire room was dark, the only source of light was the flicker of a fire from a candle that almost died out.

Raine rubbed her sleepy eyes as she looked at her surrounding through her lashes. "Where am I?" She yawned and tried to open her eyes to look at Serefina in front of her.

"Wake up, you sleepyhead and dress up!" Serefina threw a dress to Raine and walked out of the room while saying. "Get up, if you late for breakfast, you will not get any."

Raine stared at the dress in her hand in the dim light as her mind recalled the event yesterday and sighed in regret because she couldn't have a lunch with Torak, she did wonder about Torak's reaction the moment he found out Raine had disappeared again.

Serefina should have told Torak about this or at least she could leave a message, but no. The witch always looked for trouble with Torak. She must have done this intentionally to irk the Alpha.

Raine stared at the dress in her hand and felt the softness of its fabric. It felt good. Then she jumped off the bed and wore the dress.

Because of her grumbling stomach, she was reminded when the last she ate

Raine even didn't get her breakfast yesterday.


When Raine entered the dining room, there was only Serefina and Cassandra, talking.

"Good morning." Mumbled Raine because the two of them were too engrossed in conversation to notice her.

"Oh, good morning." Cassandra smiled politely at Raine while Serefina simply threw her a glanced and signaled Raine to sit beside her.

Raine followed her signal and sat down beside the witch as she started to pour herself a cup of milk, she knew the jar was contained with milk because this wasn't her first time in this era, yet this was the first time for Raine to see Serefina was having a conversation with other people without irritated them, Cassandra even seemed enjoying the topic.

"So, my child is a girl? Are you sure about that?" Cassandra asked in amazement. "How do you know that? Even for the pure blood witch, to be able to see the future is considered as a talent."

"I just know it. There is nothing special about this." Serefina shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly upon receiving praise from the woman.

Raine was trying to stop herself from jeering at Serefina's words. The witch knew nothing about future, but she acted like she was powerful enough for having such ability, but she wisely didn't make a single remark about it and tried to busy herself to eat her bread and milk.

However, now Raine was curious about the identity of Cassandra, she must be someone that Serefina had known.

"A powerful witch?" Cassandra fascinated with the words as a soft smile appeared on her lips. "That sounds so great. My child's name will be known to many people I can't wait for that day to come." She rubbed her stomach affectionately.

The thing that Cassandra didn't know and Serefina didn't tell her was the fact that she wouldn't be there for her daughter when that moment happened.

A moment later, Fabian joined the early breakfast in bad mood as if the wrinkle in his brows carved permanently between his eyes.

"We need to take a detour for the trip to the sacred place." Fabian informed Serefina in gruff voice. He stabbed his meat in irritation and munched it.

"Why?" Serefina slightly raised her eyebrows questioningly, so did Cassandra, they mimicked each other perfectly.

"The Luna of the Lycanthrope is giving a birth to a son, so they will make a ceremony in the Cartier village and around that area." Fabian stopped for a while to gulp down his milk. "I don't want to be in the same place with the lycanthropes, their kind, sometime, very unreasonable. There is a high chance to irritate them without we are aware about it."

"Oh" Cassandra made an expression as if she just remembered something. "The ceremony of the heir of the Alpha will be spectacular. They also did this when their first son is born." She recalled something.

"Yes, the security was so tight at that time, even though they said every creatures might join the celebration, but I don't think they could move freely there as the lycanthropes are feared by many." Fabian added.

The celebration was open for any creatures, but they would be under strict supervision and wouldn't be allow to see the Alpha's baby.

The only thing that caught the other creatures' attention was the sumptuous meal and the chance to see the most feared Alpha in this realm.

The words of Alpha made Raine turned her head to listen to their conversation.

"In normal day, Cartier village is the fastest route to take to reach the sacred place." Cassandra stated as she drank a cup of warm water instead of milk because she had an allergic to milk.

"Let's take a detour." He grumbled.

"No, we will take the usual route through the Cartier village." Serefina said in finality as she gulped down the warm water in her cup.

"Don't you hear what I said?" Fabian stared at Serefina sharply.

Yet, once the stubborn witch had decided on something she would go along with her plan. "Don't you care to return early for your wife and child?"

Serefina's comeback made Fabian shut his mouth. Of course he wanted to come back as soon as possible, if it wasn't because Serefina had proved herself as one of the pure blood, Fabian wouldn't leave his pregnant wife alone in their home.

Seeing the atmosphere became so tense, Cassandra tried to lighten up the mood as she ask in casual tone. "I had seen the Alpha and he seems not that scary and troublesome." She uttered. "This celebration is for their second son, do you know the baby's name?" Cassandra asked Fabian beside her.

"Torak Donovan." Answered Fabian in flat tone.