The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 2 At Night 2

Scary cry, fearful face covered with loam

Surrounding the place were many beastly creatures

The place looked haunted with grave yard nearby

All creatures enclosed me, I gave a shout

-A Scary Night, by: Kavitha Krishnamurthy


The man's black sweater had torn into shred while his long black hair fluttering behind him.

Raine whimpered when his bloody hand grabbed the back of her pajamas and whisked her out of the room.

He dragged the little girl away along the hallway of her bedroom. She screamed once again on the top of her lung, calling her mother and father. But, there was no respond from them.


The scary man just past her parent bedroom, they should be heard her screaming, no matter how deep they had slept.

She cried and tried to get away from the man's tight grip.

She stabbed her nails onto his hand, but his skin was like a marble. She tried to hit his leg, but he even didn't seem aware of her effort.

Lastly, she bit his hand which grabbing her pajamas.

The man stopped walking as he raised Raine on his left hand. Her attempt to runaway annoyed him.

With a low growled he shoved Raine toward the display cabinet made of glass, where her father put his miniature towers from the places that he had visited.

The glass was shattering the moment her body collided with the display cabinet and in no time the tiny shards pierced her skin in certain places on Raine's body that caused the little girl wailed in pain.

The broken glasses scattered all over the floor.

"Mommy Daddy" She cried when the fragment cut her feet the moment she tried to stand up.

But, her fear for the man in front of her turned her numb as she backed away from him and ran toward the open door in the living room.

As Raine dashed toward the entrance direction, she caught a glimpse of two dead bodies laid on the floor. Blood was oozing out from their open wound.

She knew them!

"Mommy! Daddy!!" She cried in horror. The scene too terrified for her.

Raine slumped on the ground as a loud ear shattering scream escaped from her lips. She was shivering and shaking uncontrollably.

Covering her eyes with her hands, she felt that man approached her again and yanked her from the floor.

Raine screamed when she felt her body flew in the air and crashed the wall, the pain was simply unbearable.

However, it wasn't only her who cried in pain, but that man also let out a high pitch shouted and cursed.

Raine lowered her hand from her face and slowly raised her head to see what was happening to the man that caused him to scream in anguish.

That man was holding his right hand as the bulging vein was visible to see. It showed how much pain that he needed to endure at that time.

Seeing the opportunity to escape, the little girl dragged her aching body toward the door which connected to the front yard of their house.

She would go to Uncle James who lived the next door and asked for help. With that thought in mind, Raine forced herself to ignore the aching pain from her feet that had bled when she moved as fast as her feet could go.

Faster faster

Rained said to herself when she ran past the doorstep and landed her bare feet on the grass. The dew on the grass made the pain worse, as though she was running on top of thousand needles, yet she didn't dare to stop and whined.

When she had ran halfway through the yard and almost reached their main gate, something hit her back very hard. She yelped and arched her back in pain.

Her breath hitched when his sharp and long nail dug the skin on her shoulder.

"Stop or I will kill you!!!" He yelled on top of Raine's face.

However, his threat didn't stop the little girl to fight him, she kept struggling to free herself until her bleeding hand touched his upper arms. The scary man screamed in pain once again and loosened his grip on her shoulder.

The understanding dawn on her as she looked back and forth from her bleeding hand to the anguish expression of the man above her, apparently, her blood was the source of his pain.

Without thinking twice, Raine put her bleeding hand to his bare chest and the moment their skin made contact he shrieked in anguish. "Bitch!!!"

Before he could hit her, Raine wriggled her body and escaped from him. She stood up quickly, yanked open the gate and rushed to the direction of Uncle James's yard.

The scary man didn't follow her and Raine didn't have a gut to find out why.

She ran across the empty street to the white house next her house. Fortunately Uncle James never locked his gate, otherwise Raine wouldn't be able to enter his house. The moment she reached his terrace she opened her mouth to call out for him.

But, there was no voice that could be heard, she tried a couple of time with no avail. Frustrated, she pounded her small fist against the wooden door and kicked it hard.

Pounding and hitting, again and again until the commotion that she made woken up the people inside the room.