The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 20 Invader

Come lay with me for hours so we can talk about thousands of nothings while it means millions of somethings



The next day all the pictures of Torak and Raine had been taken down, however the discussion online didn't wane.

Torak and the mysterious girl were on the lips of many people across the country and Raphael had been cracking his brain to do everything to lessen the impact.

The good thing was Torak didn't pressure him about this matter, so the poor Beta could relax for a moment.

And by the mentioned of a moment, it was literary a moment, because early in the morning Alpha Xavier was throwing a fit due to his daughter had been held captive by Torak.

He demanded to talk to the Supreme Alpha directly, but Raphael couldn't grant his request for the meantime.

"Supreme Alpha Torak couldn't meet you at this time." Raphael reiterated his words again and again, but the furious Alpha didn't want to listen to him.

"If he doesn't want to meet me then it's fine!" He spat. "But, I want my daughter back!"

"We couldn't release your daughter without Supreme Alpha Torak permission." Raphael said sternly. "Alpha Torak will inform you when you can meet him."

Alpha Xavier's eyes turned black, his beast was enraged, but it didn't falter the Beta. He remained stoic as ever.

"I will meet him now!" He roared.

The third floor of the hotel had been booked for Torak's Beta, Gama and his warriors. Since the event yesterday, Torak had given them a clear order that he didn't want any insignificant human or any other creatures except his people, were roaming around the floor.

Alpha Xavier punched the bottom of the elevator to bring him up, but Raphael held his shoulder firmly.

"Xavier, I wouldn't push my luck if I were you." Raphael warned him with his guttural voice as his green eyes turned black. "Step back!"

A low growled erupted inside Alpha Xavier's chest. Raphael had been so brash to call his name without his Alpha's title. But, despite his title as an Alpha, Raphael wasn't trivial figure either. He was the second man of the most ferocious lycan who had been walking the earth since centuries ago.

This fact alone was worth considering.

His rage had turned him blind, but if Alpha Xavier pushed it further, it wasn't only he wouldn't get back his daughter, but there was a high chance he would lose his head as well.

Harshly Xavier swatted away Raphael's hand which held him back from his shoulder and stormed to the other direction.

When the angry Alpha had been out of sight, Calleb approached Raphael leisurely. He had been watching their dispute from the side line, didn't bother to interfere because he knew the situation was within the Beta's grasp.

"So, don't you curious what our Alpha is doing now?" He said jovially with grinned etched on his lips when he saw Raphael glared at him.

"Mind your own business Cal." He grumbled as his eyes turned to his normal color.

The grinned on Calleb's lips turned into flirtatious smirked. "Well, if I find my mate I won't like my morning to be interrupted either." He chuckled.

"You are imagining something too far." Raphael smacked the back of the big pup.


Inside the presidential suite, Where Torak had been watching his mate sleeping, the sun had risen but he refused to let the light in.

Torak didn't want to wake his mate up, so he let the curtain closed. He had cleared his morning and afternoon schedule, thus he would like to spend his every second with Raine.

Absentmindedly he traced her face, twirled her straight black hair between his fingers and smiled to himself.

Last night, when he came back from the meeting, Raine had been sleeping. Hence she had no idea that he slipped inside the blanket and slept next to her.

Probably because of the long trip and the small event that occurred that made Raine exhausted, she didn't wake up at all.

Suddenly, Raine's eyes fluttered opened, likely because of Torak's touch or his intense stare that stirred her awake.

Her long lashes trembled before her eyes open. She blinked couple of time and rubbed her sleepiness before she realized Torak presence beside her.

"Good morning, my love." Torak greeted her, full of smile. He had long forgotten when the last time he was smiling like this.

Raine snapped her head up and her black obsidian eyes met his blue one. Shocked, her lips were slightly ajar before she sat straight and scrambled away from Torak.

However, Torak caught her ankle when she turned her body and pulled Raine back. "Where are you going?"

Raine tiny figure was like a little kitten being dragged away by her prey. She struggled from Torak's grip, but it only amused him to see her hopeless effort.

He hugged her from behind, trapping Raine between his strong arms. "I told you don't fear me" He said barely above a whisper in the crook of her neck, taking liberty to breathe in her scent.

It wasn't like Raine dreaded him, but to wake up next to a man who she barely knew still shocked her to the core.

After a minute of struggle and Torak didn't budge, in the end she stilled. His hair tickled her neck and the hands that wrapped her body only made her feel safe.

She didn't know why she felt like that, but she let him hugged her.

After Torak felt Raine didn't struggle anymore, he raised his head from the comfort of her curve. "Let's have breakfast first and then buy something beautiful for you to wear. How is that sound?"

She was still wearing the same oversize sweatshirt and worn out ripped jeans from yesterday, and he didn't like this.

Raine nodded slowly. What else she could do? That was an amazing offer to hear.

His lips form a smiled. "I will take a quick bath and then you can come before we have breakfast, alright?"

Raine nodded again.

Torak loosened his embraced and gave a small kiss on her neck. The simple kiss made Raine fretted, but she felt butterfly were flying in her stomach.

Was it too quick to trust the man that she had only known less than forty eight hours ago? Raine confused, but she did trust him.

She was silence, but didn't mean Raine was unaware of his intimate actions.

Who is this man?

Torak got off from the bed and sauntered into the bathroom. The sound of the water could be heard in the next second. The sound was so clear, seemingly Torak let the door opened. Raine blushed with this realization.

On the bed that seemingly fitted seven people, Raine examined her feet. The incision from yesterday had healed.

She scrambled out from the bed and tested them, the pain was no more, so she took another stepped toward the curtain and yanked it open.

In a flash, she was bathed in the glowing sunlight. Instinctively Raine turned around from the blinding light and covered her sleepy eyes.

When her eyes had adjusted, she opened them slowly.

However, something caught her attention and made adrenaline rushed in her veins. She was blinking rapidly at the figure right before her eyes, it almost like she didn't believe there was someone else inside the room.

But, that figure started to talk in low eerie voice. "Finally, he found you."