The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 200

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 200 The First Encounter Between The Guardian Angel And The Witch

Raine was coughing profusely, because the moment Fabian mentioned Torak's name, she was drinking her milk and the surprised made her to spill some of the milk to her dress.

"Careful." Said Serefina, as she looked at the mess that Raine had made in disgust, she handed over a napkin to her.

"Are you alright?" Cassandra asked in concern.

"I am fine." Raine mumble her answer as she received the napkin and patted the wet spot in her dress because of the milk, then glared at Serefina.

What this witch was trying to do? She actually brought them to the day Torak was just born.

Serefina acted as she didn't see that, Raine could say she was an expert to ignore people, and continued to chat with the couple in front of her.

"I had seen their first son too, and the boy is not that vicious too I think" Cassandra added, slightly doubted her own judgment.

"Lycanthropes and werewolves usually will not care about the other creatures as long as we stay out of their territory, pack and family." Serefina said. "Those are the only things that they cared the most."

"Hmm" Cassandra nodded her head. "That how they live, after all."

Fabian still didn't like the idea that they had to go through the Cartier village. "They are haughty creature!" He scoffed.

Beside Serefina, Raine was still not yet over her shock and tugged Serefina's sleeves, the witch was wearing a white dress, which fit with the style in this era, that contrasted with her fiery red hair.

"Is that the same Torak Donovan? My mate?" Raine asked in very low voice until it seemed only her lips that moved, yet Serefina could understand that nonetheless.

"Yes, happy to meet your mate?" Serefina asked in mocking tone. She would always look irritated by the mention of word 'mate'.

Raine ignored the way she talked and only focused on the fact that she would be able to see baby Torak, Raine wondered how Torak would look like as a baby. That thought excited her and it was easy to read what she was thinking now.

"Stop whatever you are thinking now, we will not see him." Serefina uttered the fact. "I take you in this era not for you to see him."

Raine pouted upon hearing that and resumed to eat her breakfast sullenly. The bubble of curiosity in her head plopped one by one.

"I think we are ready to leave now." Fabian wiped his mouth with the napkin and stood up, Cassandra also stood up with him, she looked didn't have appetite to eat anything as all she drank was only a cup of warm water.

"Cassandra, can I have the thing that I ask before?" Serefina asked.

"Oh, I almost forgot. A minute please, I will get it." Cassandra strode across the room and entered her bedroom while Fabian had walked out of the house and was waiting for them at the threshold.

It didn't take a long time for Cassandra to comeback while holding a purple cloak in her hand that she gave it to Serefina.

"Wear this." Serefina said as she gave it to Raine and gave a brief explanation. "This will cover your scent, so no one will know you are an angel."

Raine received it and wore it, but she still asked. "What will happen if they know?"

"The lycanthropes and werewolves probably will not care much about that, but the other creatures that attend the celebration will have their eyes on you. I don't have to explain about how bad for you to be sapped out of your power right?"

Lydia's words rang again in Raine's head about what would happen to the guardian angel that was sapped from her power. The fate of them, would be worse than death itself.

Raine tightened the purple cloak around her and tight her hair up like what Serefina did and followed her out of the house where Fabian has been waiting for them.

The sky started to bright up with the presence of the sun on the horizon with stars were still visible to see, peppered all over the sky with birds soared gracefully. The air was fresh, yet a little bit chill.

Raine followed Serefina walked toward the dilapidated wooden fence and waited there for Fabian, who was saying his private goodbye to his wife and the baby in Cassandra's stomach.

"They look so sweet together." Raine sighed cheekily when she watched Fabian bent over and applied kisses on Cassandra's tummy.

"Their relationship will not last for long." Serefina said in cold tone.

"Why?" Raine switched her attention to Serefina beside her, but the witch was looking at the couple from afar with face that devoid from any emotions. "Something bad will happen to them?"

Serefina averted her eyes and looked at her, somehow Raine could feel a tinge of sadness from the way the witch looked at her until she flicked her head hardly.

"Aww!" Raine protested and covered her forehead. "What are you doing?! It's really hurt!" That flicked wasn't like the flick that Torak would give to her, the pain was real as it brought tears to Raine's eyes.

"Stop asking. You become more talkative day by day." Serefina then turned around when she saw Fabian had done talking to Cassandra and walked away from the threshold.

"But, you don't have to flick my head that hard" Raine whined pitifully.


The vast field of blue flowers was incredibly stunning under the ray of the sun as they walked down the hill.

Raine was enjoyed the scenery very much while listening to the conversation between Serefina and Fabian regarding the book.

"How do you know about the mentioned of the guardian angel inside the book?" Fabian still couldn't get over that fact. "Actually, the book doesn't mention much about the guardian angel as it only tell you about the first encounter between the guardian angel, who possessed the power to control the time, and our ancestor. Not even the previous holder would read that story as they would only look for a powerful spell." He said in matter of fact tone.