The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 201

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 201 The Same Bad Personality

Serefina listened to Fabian's opinion, but didn't say much about it. In the end she only said. "Because I see 'things'." To appeased Fabian's curiosity.

There was no need for Serefina to explain it in detail because Fabian would have a hard time to believe it too, and this was a better way to keep all in place just like how it supposed to be.

Raine, who was walking behind them, tilted her head as she has her own theory, but it sounded so crazy even before she could voice it out.

At first Raine was so fascinated by the blue flowers, however as they had walked for hours, the beauty of the unique flower didn't captivate her anymore when she felt her feet became stiff and sore because of the long walk.

"Is it still far?" Raine finally asked gingerly, she didn't want to slow them down, but her feet really couldn't take it anymore.

"Around one hour." Serefina said in flat tone.

It was unsure whether it was because Raine was too weak for physical activity or the two witches simply have a very strong stamina, but even after hours of walk, both of them didn't even break a sweat.

One hour more

Raine gritted her teeth and held back her complaint as she walked slowly behind both of them.

"Don't blame me, but blame him who is very stubborn for us to walk out of this stupid blue flowers' field rather than to tear the spell down." Serefina glanced at Raine's painful expression. "If only he set this place free from his protection magic, we will be able to reach the Cartier village faster." She put the blame on Fabian.

"I will not risk my wife safety for that sort of convenience." Fabian said stubbornly.

Because of Fabian's protection magic, they couldn't perform another magic within the protection spell in this area.

"You can charm this place again once you returned." Serefina complained.

However, her complain was going to the drain when Fabian dismissed it with the reason. "Who will know what will happen during the time when this place is not protected? There are many creatures looking for us nowadays I can't risk to take that option young lady." Fabian answered her in sarcastic tone.

Raine could relate that as Torak would do the same for her as well if he had to leave her alone, that was why Calleb would always be with her whenever Torak wasn't around. He trusted her to the man that he trusted the most, only then Torak could feel a bit at ease.

Serefina let out a frustrated sighed and threw her hands up in defeat. "Whatever."

Even though Raine could relate with Fabian's reason, but it didn't change the fact that her feet almost fall apart as she follow them silently.

When one hour passed and they could finally see a steel gates in the faded color of white, Serefina took Raine's hand and together they walked pass the gates.

The gates was a magic, because the moment they stepped out from it was a beautiful scenery of a city's old historical quarter, this place was amazing.

A large, expensive carriage was passing them by, led by the strangest animal Raine had ever seen, they were like horses, but has two head in each their body with silver stripes.

At the sight of them, Raine's eyes widened, and on instinct, she scurried behind Serefina's back. "What is that?" She whispered to the witch, but she put her focus on the crowd of people around them.

"Let's go." Fabian said, walking on the road at his right side with Serefina and Raine followed behind him.

When Raine turned around to look at the gates where they came from, the gates was still there, but every passerby seemingly didn't notice about it and just walked without giving a single glance.

With new scenery around Raine, she was distracted from her sore feet, but this only for awhile as the pain disturbed her again.

"Serefina I am so tired and my feet are really hurt, can we take a rest for a while pease?" Raine pleaded, as much as she didn't want to slow them down, yet her feet couldn't take it any longer.

Inadvertently the two witches stared at Raine in mocking face as they said in the same tone and words. "You are so weak."

This harsh comment made Raine frown and slightly taken aback.

"I thought it was only a rumor when they said angels are weak creatures among us, physically, but now I realize that rumor must be true." Fabian stated harshly.

If it was Raine's old self, she would have burst into tears when she hear that rude comment, but thanked to Serefina, she started to get used to hear that sort of comment, yet it was still hurt nonetheless.

Raine fell into complete silence as she stared at Fabian.

After he made a ruthless comment, apparently he still has his conscience attached as he looked around for a bar for them to take a rest.

"Come on, this way." Fabian signaled them to follow him.

Though Fabian was ordering them around to follow his lead from now and then, odd enough that Serefina didn't take an offense about this, knowing her dominant self, she would argue with him.

"Rude comment, bossy, bad attitude" Raine listed Fabian's behavior and looked at Serefina beside her, the two of them walked a few steps back from Fabian, so he wouldn't be able to hear their conversation. "You really take after your father"

Raine's last comment made Serefina whipped her head and stopped her steps. "What did you say?" Her face turned ashen when she looked at Raine and this made her puzzled.

"Why? Am I wrong? You are not their child?" Raine also frowned, she was pretty sure when Serefina told Cassandra that her baby girl would be a powerful witch, she was bragging about herself.

"Wrong." Replied Serefina curtly as she continued to walk inside the bar.

"I am weak, but I am not stupid. No offense, but you two have the same bad personality and the rare talent to annoy other people." Raine groaned as she followed her entered the bar.