The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 202

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 202 Rest At A Bar

Despite Serefina's rejection to admit the truth, Raine could see her expression slightly change a bit when she mentioned Fabian as her father.

"So, he is really your father, isn't he?" Raine pressed the topic again and walked quickly to catch up with Serefina.

Abruptly Serefina turned her body and glared at Raine viciously. "Listen." She inhaled deeply to compose herself. "There is something that you shouldn't say it out loud even though you know the truth." She said in warning tone.

"So, that is true?" Raine ignored Serefina's warning tone and insisted to her opinion.

This time Serefina didn't bother to talk to her and strode away toward Fabian, who had sat down at one of the table, then ordered herself a drink.

Raine followed Serefina and sat down beside her as she concluded that her theory was right, yet didn't talk about that again because the witch didn't want Fabian to know about the truth, there must be a reason for her to keep it secret.

"What do you want weakly?" Fabian asked Raine carelessly.

"That's rude." Raine stared at Fabian, who was sitting in front of her, in annoyance she didn't even bother to hide her dissatisfaction.

"Give her a cup of cold water." Serefina didn't even bother with Raine and Fabian squabbled as she ordered the three of them drinks.

Despite the fascinated city's view outside, Fabian chose to enter this poorly lit bar. This damned place was nearly empty, there was only a few barflies in the corner.

One of them has been looking at Raine and Serefina, the only female there, with his dark eyes, but when Raine looked at him back the man averted his eyes and took one extra shot then hiccupped.

Raine decided to not think much about his action and waited for her drink while massaging her aching feet.

"We have to reach the Cartier village before the sun down." Fabian said in gruff tone. "I don't want unnecessary trouble because we bring her along." He nodded his chin at Raine.

Raine pretended to not hear what Fabian had said, the witch saw her as a burden. It was expected from him.

Serefina glanced at Raine. "I think the cloak will hide her scent well." She said. This wasn't a mere cloak, because she had asked Cassandra to put something on it, so it would be perfectly fine for Raine to roam around.

"The scent is fine, but her behavior is another case." Fabian looked at Raine up and down. "Overly timid and soft nature even without her scent I will have my own suspicion toward her. She is either an angel or a fae and nothing good will come from both creatures."

The angel would draw attention of dark creatures that coveted for power while Fae would be taken as a slave. This was the era where the weak party would perish.

While some lucky fairy would be under the protection of the pack of Lycans or werewolves because of their useful power, some of them would use their power to hide from their predator and led a secluded live.

And for the angel, they only lived in the village of angel, where the shadow warriors guarded that place tightly and no one would be allowed to enter the area.

"No one will realize if she is an angel, because no angel will leave their village and if they assume she is a fae, no one will do anything to her because we will enter the Lycan's territory." Serefina assessed the situation.

Fabian shrugged his shoulder. "I just warned you."

The drinks came. A man that Raine assumed was a barboy put down two big size bottles of beer and a cup of cold water on the table.

Serefina pushed the water to Raine and let her to drink.

As Serefina and Fabian chatted about the grimoire, Raine looked at the road through the dirty windows as the sunlight fell on her face, it was a sunny day and there were a lot of thing that piqued Raine's curiosity.

However, she felt that again. The feeling of someone was staring at her and it came from the direction of that man with dark eyes.

When Raine turned her gaze to stare back at him, at the same time, he stood up and paid his bill and then walked out of the bar.

With that, Raine thought she was getting a little bit of paranoia because of this whole situation and brushed away her wariness.

Not long after that, a few plates of snack that Serefina had ordered come and distracted Raine's train of thought as the shapes of them were so peculiar.

"What is this" Raine pointed at the small thing like black stones that was still steaming with white smoke.

"Stone of dew." Said Serefina as she plopped one into her mouth.

Raine blinked her eyes and looked at the thing that Serefina called as 'Stone of Dew', it looked like stone, but nothing like dew.

Raine took it one and surprisingly, the stone is not hot, but cold instead. She took a bite of it, yet she was mistaken again, it was nothing but very soft and moist in her mouth.

"Good, right?" Serefina looked at Raine's cheerful expression as she pushed the stone of dew's plate in front of her. "Try the other dishes too. You will not find it anywhere."

With that, the conversation turned to be the two of them introduced all the food on the table to Raine, some of it has a strong smell with bitter taste that almost made Raine puke, while the other was so sweet until Raine's teeth ached.

There was nothing Raine could eat, except the stone of dew.

Meanwhile, Serefina and Fabian enjoyed to see Raine's reaction after she tasted the food and made a sharp comment about her weak endurance. Not only that, they also tried to order another strange things for her to try.

At this point, Raine assumed the sharp tongue ran down in the family of witch.