The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 203

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 203 Cartier Village

A whole new world

With new horizons to pursue

-A Whole New World; Aladin-


The three of them stayed at the bar for two hours. When Raine had been fed and laughed at, they finally continued their trip to the Cartier village.

When they were outside, the sun was scorching hot, burning their skin.

It didn't take Raine even ten minutes, before she drenched in sweat. The purple cloak that currently she was wearing didn't help too, but unfortunately she couldn't take it off of her, in order to cover her identity.

"D*mn! She is sweating like human!" Fabian scrunched his nose in displeasure. "Can't we just bundle her up? She has been trying to reveal her identity!"

"I didn't do that!" Raine retorted.

In this season, with the sun was only above their head, and many layers of dress added to the cloak, Raine was actually had already bundle up and extremely uncomfortable, of course normal human would have been sweating profusely by now.

The problem was, Raine was surrounded by non- human beings and became a normal human at time like this was a sin. She could lost her live without her knowing it.

"She is really hopeless." Fabian complained, feeling frustrated by the situation.

Yet, Serefina, who always been a demanding person, actually became unusually quiet and let Fabian grumbled whatever he want to say.

Serefina then stopped a carriage that was pulled by the odd horses that Raine saw earlier in this morning. Probably this thing could be consider as a taxi in her era.

"Let's go." Serefina held the door open for Raine and Fabian so the two of them could go inside first before she followed after. She told the driver their destination.

Raine was exceptionally excited to be able to be in the carriage that was pulled by two strange creatures like horses with two heads. The three of them sat on the comfy seats as the carriage cantered off.

In front of Raine and Serefina, Fabian rested his head back on the cushioned seat as he mumbled. "The trip to Cartier Village will take at least five hours, I will just take a nap."

Raine blinked her eyes upon hearing that. "If by this carriage, it takes five hours to the Cartier village then were you planning to walk all the way to Cartier village if I am not sweating? How long it will take?" She was dreadful to think about that.

What happened with these witches? Did they really like to walk so much?

"Don't think too much about that, he just teased you." Serefina nodded at Fabian, who had closed his eyes, and then rested her back against the cushioned. "You should take a nap too, I don't want to stop every now and then because you need to take a rest."

With that was being said, Serefina closed her eyes, tried to sleep as well.

Raine scrunched her nose as she looked at Serefina and Fabian, both of them have the same sleeping position with their head dangled to one side and hands in front of their chest.

However, Raine couldn't fall asleep like the two of them, the scenery behind the window was simply so amazing and captivating.

Raine opened the window of the carriage to let fresh air came inside because the carriage was speeding up. She was struck by how dazzled this place was, watching stone statues lining the road until they reached crossroad and then they passed a grand fountains.

The streets were bustling with vendor selling bread or fresh smell tea and strange food.

It would be perfect if Torak was here with her. Raine thought as she daydreamed this magic place where there was real King and Queen.

Looking at this sight, made Raine recalled her childhood when she used to believe there was magic and a castle, she giggled. The magic was true, but she had not yet seen the castle.

The sun still shone brightly and illuminated every dark corner of the street that it could reach. Raine was awake for two hours to relish the scenery around her, but then she followed the witches into a deep sleep, as she was so tired of this abrupt journey and surprises.

Everything happened too fast and sometime she had a hard time to keep up with her new live after she met Torak, there were simply many things that she needed to learn as she found new understanding. Yet, Raine was happier now than her last nine years of life.


"Hey, wake up! We are here." Serefina's voice travelled to Raine's ears as she shook her body lightly to get her attention.

Raine stifled a yawn and opened her sleepy eyes. "We have arrived?" She asked with her rough voice.

"Let's get out." Serefina said as she followed Fabian to get off of the carriage. Raine followed them.

The sun had almost set and left a sliver of gold shade in the sky that gradually turned dark.

Once Raine was outside she was amazed by how this place dazzled at night. Pixie stones, glowing little gems were encased in lamps along the cobbled streets, illuminating the various pathways.

Red brick buildings rose up into the sky. Lycans and Wolves made of stone adorned corner after corner the street to the castle.

Yes, it was a castle!

"Do Alpha and Luna live there?" Raine asked excitedly she was so eager to come close to the gigantic building like in fairytale. "Do they act like a King and Queen?"

Raine didn't walk as she jumped in excitement and was about to hurry over there.

"Is she always like this?" Fabian frowned, seeing Raine's enthusiasm as he walked side by side with Serefina.

"No." Serefina replied, she remembered how timid and coward Raine when the first time she met her. "She was used very silence before."

Fabian looked at Serefina questioningly. "How did you get a guardian angel out of their village under the tight protection of shadow warrior?"

He thought, Raine's strange behavior was a result of someone, who had been keeping away from the outside world.