The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 204

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 204 That Man Again

"She is not from the village of angel." Serefina blurted out the truth, though witches were so harsh with their words, but they didn't like to tell lies, that was against their nature.

"Not from the village of angel?" Fabian confused expression gleamed under the glowing little gems' light. "So, where did she come from?"

Fabian looked at Raine who was staring at the pixie stones that fascinated her.

"She comes from the place faraway from here." Serefina answered it with ambiguity.

"And how about you?" Fabian turned his eyes on Serefina, he was holding the same curiosity toward the young woman beside him about her original. How could he not know her? Even before last night, he had never known that she was existed.

"So do I." Serefina replied curtly.

Fabian was about to ask again when they heard a loud and sharp gasping sound from Raine in front of them.

When they turned their attention, they saw the girl had squatted down on the road with two big black wolves prowled around her.

Serefina and Fabian quickly fastened their speed as they approached her. not only the two wolves, there were two more approaching them in their human's form.

"What's going on?" Fabian stared at the two Lycans in their human form that were as tall as he was while Serefina helped Raine to stand up.

"We find her suspicious." The Lycans with blonde and curly hair replied to Fabian. "What is she?" He nodded at Raine's direction.

This was the thing, which they didn't want to happen. Especially when they had not yet entered and walked past the village.

"She is a fae." Serefina replied, blurted out a lie. A lie that was needed in time like this.

"And you are" The lycan sniffed the air before he stated certainly. " A witch."

"They are with me." Fabian stepped in and stood between the Lycan and Serefina while Raine was standing slightly behind her.

The Lycan scrutinized Fabian before his expression turned into recognition. "Fabian the pure blood witch" He smiled ever so faintly. It was unsure whether he acknowledged Fabian in good term or not.

"She is bleeding." The other lycan in his human form sniffed at Raine and furrowed his brows. "Is she hurt?"

Raine bit her lips, she felt embarrassed when he mentioned the word 'bleeding'. She was indeed in her period.

Serefina looked at Raine with a fleeting of surprised in her eyes, but it disappeared quickly as she replied. "She was hurt her h.i.p.s on our way here." She said smoothly. "But, it's fine now."

As the Lycans and wolves tended to have remarkable strong senses, they could smell the blood from Raine, while Serefina and Fabian weren't able to do so.

Fortunately the cloak that Raine was wearing could manage to cover Raine's original scent, so those Lycans only smelled it as an ordinary blood.

"Dress her wound tightly, we don't want a strong smell of blood filled in the air and turn some creatures crazy in our celebration day because of the scent." The Lycan in blonde hair warned them before he signaled to the other to give way for Raine, Serefina and Fabian.

"I will try to cover the smell." Serefina said as she nodded her head politely.

"When she got that injury?" Fabian asked when they had put quite far distance from hos lycans, he didn't remember Raine was getting hurt.

"No, she is fine. It is only her period." Serefina explained it briefly.

"Period? Angel didn't have period. It is only human that will bleed every months." Then a realization hit Fabian. "Is she human?"

Raine was blushing profusely upon hearing Serefina's words, they were talking about her period like she wasn't there and it was a normal topic to be discussed.

"Yes, she is human." Serefina glanced at Raine who was walking close to her now with red cheeks.

"But, I definitely certain that she is an angel." Fabian grabbed Raine's wrist and pulled her so she stood in front of him and scrutinized her body attentively. Raine squirmed uncomfortably under Fabian's eyes she felt this wasn't appropriate to be stared that way. "No, I am not making a mistake, she is an angel."

"She is an angel and she is also a human." Serefina concluded and grabbed Raine's shoulder as she put her away from Fabian's gazes.

"How could that happen?" Fabian's eyes still searched for Raine's figure beside Serefina. "The angel will not have period like human."

"She is an angel and she has period." Said Serefina a little bit annoyed because they were talking about this worthless topic.

For Raine, she was beyond annoyed because they were talking about her condition in that kind of attitude and as if she wasn't there. She really wanted to put to stop in this conversation.

"What do you mean by she is an angel and human? That's never happened before." Fabian still couldn't let go of the topic, as he became curios about Raine's identity.

"That's what I want to know." Serefina put to end to Fabian's curiosity. "That is why I need the grimoire to know more about this."

"Do you want to say that she also has the ability to control the time?" Fabian stared at Serefina as they walked along the bustling street where the festivities would start.

"We will not be here if she couldn't." Serefina answered as she winked her eyes. "Time is mystery. Don't ask too much, you will know gradually when the time is right." She dismissed the topic.

Though it was still confusing for Fabian, but he couldn't pursue that matter at the moment.

Not only the castle area, but the celebration had started even when they walked into the village entrance.

White color adorned beautifully in all over the places, turned this village into clear white as if covered with snow.


Raine remembered Torak's beast also the color of white. So, probably this was their color, like purple color for nobles.

Then, among the crowd Raine saw that man again, the man who was staring at her at the bar.