The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 205

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 205 Ambush

That man was there, wearing all white, standing near a food stall while glancing at Raine every now and then.

Raine frowned and looked at him, but he always avoided her eyes. Who is him?

"We will stay a night here." Fabian then brought them to a yellow building that looked like a motel. "You can book your own room, we will meet here before the sunrise tomorrow and before that, I don't want to be disturbed." He said.

Fabian grumbled and quickly retrieved a key from the inn owner, afterward he dashed toward the pointed room.

There were many creatures in this village and most of them were Lycans, werewolves and witches, those who didn't share the same pure blood as him and only knew some magic spell. The three of those were on Fabian top list of creatures that he didn't want to see.

Ironically, he was in Lycans' territory and attended to their festivities, thus as much as possible, he didn't want to mingle with them.

Serefina looked Fabian's retreating back and shrugged her shoulder. Fabian's antipathy toward Lycan had run deep in his blood, without him knowing it, he would run into a female Lycan and mated, a year later they would have an adorable girl as well.

Fate sometime could be so laughable, but as it had happened, there was no way one could change it. Serefina couldn't do so even though she was travelling back time.

There were rules and every breaching rules, would have consequences and it wasn't something that Serefina could afford.

Beside her, Raine tugged to her dress. "Maybe this is only my paranoia, but I see a man, who keeps glancing at us since we were at the bar." She decided it would be safe to inform Serefina about it.

However, Serefina's answer was very calm as she retrieved a key from the inn owner. "I know. He is a wizard hunter." She said.

"Wizard hunter?" Raine narrowed her eyes at Serefina's answer. "He is here to capture you?" The questioned mark was filled with doubt as Raine unsure that her guess was right.

Upon hearing Raine's statement, Serefina laughed heartily before she signaled her to follow her toward their bedroom.

"He must have known that Fabian and I are witches and on top of that is the pure blood witch. They will get a handsome payment if they managed to capture us." Serefina contemplated, didn't even a bit worry about this fact. "How much they will pay you at this time around?" She seriously thought about it as she scratched her chin.

"Serefina! This is a serious matter, don't talk about it so casually!" Raine cried helplessly when she watched the witch didn't even worry.

"Do you really think they can capture us?" Serefina scoffed as she put the key in the keyhole and turned the door opened. "You really have underestimated me."

"You can't take your enemies lightly." Raine retorted and locked the door hastily, afraid there was someone would barge in.

"Why? Do you worry if something bad happen to me?" Serefina raised her brows with arrogant expression.

"Worry?" Raine reiterated. "Of course I am worry, how can I go back to my real time if something happened to you?" She made a logical reason.

Serefina sneered when she heard that and walked to the bathroom, ignoring Raine completely like she always did whenever she didn't like something.

The night has arrived and the people outside were celebrating the second heir of the Alpha Lycan's.

From the whispered in the corridor, before they entered the bedroom, a beautiful woman talked to her friend about the opened gates.

They said the Alpha and Luna would show up for a few moments to the public together with their first son and their second son.

At that time, they would be able to see the baby from afar as the Luna would hold the baby Torak and made the first appearance with him in the public to receive everyone' blessing.

Though it was on the baby swaddle, Raine really wanted to come and see Torak as a baby from afar. Not only that, she wanted to see Torak's parents and his brother as well.

But, the problem was; how to make Serefina accompanied her to go there? The witch seemingly has zero interest in attending such occasion.

Raine couldn't go there alone because she didn't dare enough to roam around a place that she didn't really know.

"Serefina" Raine called her when she just walked out of the bathroom, gave her best to try.

They wouldn't visit this place every day and be in this occasion every time, so if she missed it, maybe there wouldn't be a second chance.

"No." Serefina replied immediately even without looking at Raine or listening to her plea.

"But, I am not yet saying anything." Raine displeased.

"I think I don't need you to say anything to know what you want to say." Serefina replied haughtily as if she could read Raine like the back of her hand. Well, for certain point it was true. Raine was easy to read.

"So, you know what I want" Raine taunted Serefina as she sat on the edge of the bed while glaring at the witch, who was changing her dress onto something more comfortable.

"You want to see the celebration, the baby Torak and his family, am I right?" Serefina raised her brows as a smug smile smeared on her lips. She indeed knew everything.

"Wrong." Raine lied with straight face, but Serefina wouldn't be so easy to fool Serefina.

"And then what do you want?" A smug smile on Serefina's face widened. "Stone of dew?"

But, before Raine retorted Serefina's words and continued their squabble, suddenly the room turned dark, the only source of light was the fire from the road outside that illuminated the room in dim light.

Though the festivities still continued outside, yet, inside the room, it was so quiet.

"Come here Raine." Serefina's voice was slightly tense when she called Raine over to her side.

"What happened?" Raine ran toward Serefina and stayed beside her.

"We are being ambushed."