The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 206

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 206 Keep You Occupied

"We are being ambushed." Serefina scoured her eyes through the darkness of the room and mumbled something as suddenly the room turned bright and showed five people had already inside.

Three men and two women.

The five of them were so surprised by what Serefina had done, but then they smiled viciously toward Raine and Serefina.

"As expected from pure blood witch, your power is so amazing indeed." The woman in blue cloak and has a short golden hair with a pair of eyes cat, talked to Serefina, tauntingly.

"I think I didn't invite any of you." Serefina tilted her head and looked at them with mocking smile.

"Who are they?" Raine whispered from behind Serefina's back. "Wizard hunter?"

"No." Serefina answered while kept her eyes on the five of them. "They are only lowly witches." She raised her voice intentionally when she said that, incurring the anger from five of them and made Raine grimaced.

Raine had never seen Serefina was battling anyone except squabbling with Torak, hence she was a little bit worry now, after all Serefina was outnumbered by the enemy. Of course Serefina couldn't count Raine, as she couldn't fight alongside with her.

"B*tch!" The other woman with raven hair cursed at Serefina loudly, she didn't even bother to hide her anger as she made a strange motion with both of her hands.

Upon seeing that movement, Serefina's eyes gleamed with killing intention as her hand made a cut move in the air, deflected whatever the raven hair witch tried to do.

"Move back." A man, who was taller than the other three men, talked in calm tone, but his brown eyes locked on Serefina.

Serefina scoffed upon seeing that and Serefina's palm grew bright with magic. Seeing what Serefina was about to do, the other two men stepped ahead and helped the taller man to shield them from the blast hit from Serefina.

However, it was too hard for them, as they tumbled back and one of them landing at the raven hair witch's feet.

"Don't provoke someone that you can't handle guys." Serefina grinned triumphantly, she act as if she was teaching a lesson to bunch of ingrate children. "Quality overpower quantity girls, remembered that." Serefina said as she tilted her head at Raine.

This resulted made Raine sighed in relief. It showed Serefina has the upper hand in this situation regardless their enemy number.

Serefina readied a blast and aimed it straight to the taller man's chest. It would hit him hard if the golden hair woman didn't intervene with magical shield.

"What do you want? You know, the five of you is not my opponent, why bother to even try?" Serefina asked lazily, her centuries of experiences, let her knew that the five witches before her eyes merely a teenagers, who knew nothing about magic.

If Serefina was serious with her attack, not even the five of them combined their power could prevent the damage that she aimed.

"Shut up! Don't you dare to talk!" The fiery temper of the golden hair woman, flared up as she dashed toward Serefina with her right palm glimmered with yellow color of magic, she moved so fast until Raine couldn't see her approaching them.

But, only by a lazy wave of Serefina's hand, the woman was thrown across the room and hit the wall with a loud noise, leaving a visible dent there.

The Raven hair girl gasped upon seeing her friends, while the other three men were trying to approach her, but Serefina had another idea.

She clapped he hands together and from her intertwined fingers a glowing tendril like a transparent robe appeared.

It moved like a snake in the air toward the remaining four of the people in front of them.

Their eyes opened wide in shock as the four of them tried to use everything that they could and every spell that they knew to deflect the glowing tendril, but to no avail.

As if the tendrils were not even affected by their effort.

Once the tendrils reached to them, it sn.a.k.e.d on their bodies and floated them in the air, losing their balance and their footing were scarier than they thought as their hands and feet flailed to any direction in attempt to be free from this strange magic.

"Please great witch, spare our life" The raven hair girl pleaded, she looked terrified as she looked how far she was from the floor, though she just floated a mere 2 meters away, probably she has a phobia.

"It will depend on how you will answer my question" Serefina's smug face was very bright when she heard the plea from her enemy.

The moment Raine saw that, she knew that the problem was handled. Actually, she was quite disappointed, how could the five of them was defeated so easily?

Raine wanted to see how Serefina lived up her name as the powerful witch for over centuries, but seeing the situation now, it almost like Serefina was bullying a bunch of teenagers.

"We will answer all of them. All of them we are here only for the festivities" The man with the same raven color hair chimed in, looking at the similarity on their faces, Serefina was almost certain that both of them were sibling.

"Now, who had ordered you to attack me?" Serefina leaned her body against the wall behind her while Raine simply didn't want to bother to hide behind Serefina's back again and sat down on the couch comfortably, enjoying the scene before her eyes, because at least, Serefina wouldn't punish them the way Torak would.

"There was a group of people there were ten men approaching us" The third man tumbled with his words. "They offered us to attack you."

"Attacked me?" Serefina frowned. "Don't you know that I am a pure blood witch? What on earth do you think you can defeat me?"

Pure blood witches was quite feared even in their own kind, as they held power of spell more than other witches.

"The man didn't mention to defeat you that man only said to keep you occupied for more than five minutes." The raven hair girl replied.