The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 207

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 207 The Battle Between The Witch And The Wizard Hunter

"Keep me occupied?" Serefina frowned. It was so strange. Why they want her to be occupied? "What are they? Wizard hunter?"

The four of them looked at each other before the taller men answered. "Yes, yes I recognized them, they are the infamous wizard hunter in this City." he answered readily.

"If they were wizard hunter, why they didn't take them?" Raine pointed her fingers at the floating teenagers while looking at Serefina questioningly.

"The witch that has not reached their true power is useless for them." Serefina blurted out the harsh truth.

The four of them lowered their head, ashamed by their arrogant attitude before, they thought Serefina and Raine were mere witches without powerful magic that they could bully as they outnumbered them.

Who would have thought this would be the end.

"Spare us the great witch, we are here for the festivities and because those wizard hunters offered us some money, we swayed a bit and betrayed our kind" The raven hair girl pleaded, she looked good with her words. "In the end you and I, we are the same kind"

Serefina raised her eyebrows incredulously as her lips curled into a mocking smile, Raine would like to give those teenagers an advice to not flatter the witch over here, it wouldn't work anyway, but the fact that she didn't care about them, kept her as a spectator at the side.

"Serefina I think this is a bit fishy" Raine glanced at Serefina's vicious expression, as if she was brewing a plan what the most entertaining punishment for them in her head.

"I know" Serefina folded her arms. "But, these kids over there will not know anything about the wizard hunters' plan, thus I will keep them for awhile, maybe there is one of the hunter come to check on them."

"Serefina" Raine called her name again. "How about Mr. Alizon? The wizard hunters' aim must be a strong witch, right? And pure blood witches is the strongest witch." She voiced out her opinion.

Serefina's smirk faded, she gave some thought to what Raine said. "They will not be able to defeat him so easily and quietly, and I didn't hear the sound of battle."

If the wizard hunters were about to take Fabian down, there was no way the witch would go without put a good fight and the battle definitely wouldn't go in silent.

When Serefina mentioned the word 'quiet', Raine widened her eyes as she stared at her in a daze. "But, Serefina I think this sound is not coming from the celebration outside"

At first Raine didn't realize it, as Serefina was having a battle inside the room with the five teenagers and when the ruckus inside the room died down, Raine thought the noisy sound was coming from the street, they were having celebration after all. It would be so weird if the celebration went so quiet.

However, only when Serefina mentioned the situation was so quiet inside the room, Raine realized that the sound was gradually getting louder and it didn't sound like a celebration anymore.

"What kind of sound? I don't hear anything" Serefina didn't finish her words when she felt something strange.

Aside from their own voices and the noisy that they made inside the room, she couldn't hear anything, though before the room turned dark, she still heard the commotion from the streets.

"But, the sound is very loud." Raine stood up and walked over to Serefina. "Now, it sounds like a few people are fighting"

Serefina tilted her head as she was getting confuse, because she didn't hear anything.

"People are fighting?" Serefina narrowed her eyes. "There is no sound"

"No way it's very loud." Raine was also getting anxious. Why Serefina couldn't hear that? The sound was so loud. Only then she realized. "Serefina! The spell, there is a charm in this room so you are not able to hear anything!"

Raine could hear it because she wasn't affected by the charm because of the horn of unicorn that Serefina had put on her. It warded off simple charms.

"D*mn it!" Serefina cursed out loud as she waved her hands frantically to make a complicated hand sign as she murmured some spells. That was why the true reason why they asked them to make her occupied. To divert her attention from this strange silence situation.

The loud of noise from certain direction and the commotion from the streets, exploded inside the room when Serefina finished to repel the charm around her.

She cursed inwardly again and didn't even bother with the four teenagers as she knocked them off, before she dashed out of the room.

"Stay here!!!" Serefina sped toward the room where Fabian was staying, the sound of people fighting also came from that direction.

Raine halted her steps when she was about to follow Serefina because of her warning. Actually she wanted to go also, but she thought it would be best if she stayed away from the battle that she didn't even know how to fight it.

She would just hinder their movement if she came, hence Raine retreated inside the room and looked for the five people, who were laying unconscious on the floor.

Raine took the initiative to find something to tie them up together, so when they regained their conscious, they wouldn't be able to run away. Serefina maybe wanted to deal with them again.

While searching for the item, Raine heard loud of commotion from outside the room and many footsteps on the corridor, people were cursing and shouting.

"Crazy witch! Find another place to fight!!!"

"Those wizard hunter are too much to look for a fight in this occasion!"

"In this rate the Lycan will wipe them out!"

Bustling of people talking and running echoed inside the room and Raine ignored it all as she focused on the matter at hand.

She would be in trouble if those five troublesome teenagers woke up first before Raine could tie them up.

However, when she was busy looking for any kind of rope, she heard someone pushed open the door hastily.

Startled, Raine whipped her head toward the door as she caught a sight of the same man. The wizard hunter.