The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 208

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 208 A Vicious Plan For The Alpha's Son

Raine caught the figure of the wizard hunter in time, thus it spared her some time to quickly squeeze her body under the bed. Fortunately her body was skinny enough to fit in.

However, from the sound of the steps, Raine could count there was more than one person that entered the room.

Two? No, there were three of them, and they were all man.

The first man mumbled something in strange language as white thin smoke covered the entire room.

Raine watched in horror when the white smoke crept closer, and hoped the horn of the unicorn could repel it from her. She closed her eyes and waited for what the white smoke would do.

A minute passed and nothing happened.

"There is no one inside the room except the five young witches." The same voice that belonged to an old could be heard, as the white smoke also faded.

So, that was the purpose of the smoke Raine let out a breath of relief quietly.

"What we will do to them?" The second man asked, his voice was so callous and haughty, even without saw the person personally, Raine could feel the feeling of uncomfortable only by hearing his voice alone.

"Burn them all." The third man said curtly, his voice oozed with authority.

"You heard what the Master said." The second man said. "Do it."

"No I can't I can't kill my own kind." The old man apparently was a witch as well, but why he worked with the wizard hunter?

Raine shook her head, at this time she couldn't be bothered with that curiosity. For now, she has to find a way to not be founded by them until Serefina came.

"You can't do it?" The second man's voice laced with viciousness as he kicked the old man legs so he kneeled before the third man.

Raine held her breath, because the old man was staying so low to the floor until she could see his shoulder, if only he lowered his head a bit, the old man would be able to find Raine.

"Please don't make me kill my own people" The old man pleaded pitifully. He was a witch as well, it would be so hard if he had to kill the same witches, the young one on top of it.

However, that was the last words that came out from his mouth because the next second his body fell to the ground with a loud thud and blood pooled under his lifeless body.

The second his life slipped away from him, the old man stared at a girl in purple cloak, who was hiding under the bed, his mind wondered and the last thing that bothered his mind was; how could he not notice that girl?

Under the bed, Raine stuffed her palm onto her mouth to stifle her scream and cries. The sight of the old man's eyes, which staring at her was something that made Raine terrified.

Those big eyes filled with shock and as the life in his soul died out while staring at Raine.

Fortunately she managed to not make a single sound as she shut her eyes tightly, her body trembling uncontrollably.

Raine saw these scenes often in her life, started from her late parents, when Torak killed a Lycan that assaulted her and the man in the mental hospitality, and now this one

People died around her

Though, this wasn't the first time for Raine to see something horrifying like this, but she still couldn't get use to it. Nobody would get used to it.

Raine pressed her palms hard against her mouth to muffle any sound that was going to slip from her lips. She closed her eyes tightly until she saw darkness. She wanted to shut her ears to, but couldn't do so.

Hence, she was still able to hear when one of the two men, which still inside the room, moved toward the five teenagers and made a slashing sound a few times.

The sound of it was so sickening along with the sound of the blood spurted on the wall and spilled on the floor.

"The battle is ended." The third man stated.

The sound of the battle was indeed had disappeared, the only prominent sound was the noisy people chatted on the corridor about what was happening.

"Brad, do you think that people managed to capture the two witches?" The second man asked, the sound of his dagger was being wiped followed his icy voice.

"They will." The third man named Brad answered him with certainty.

At this time, Raine really wished instead of having a power to control the time that she even didn't know how, she really wanted to have a power to make herself invisible, so she could get out of this room and looked for Serefina.

The witch wouldn't die so easily right? She was so calm when Raine mentioned the man that followed them from the bar and even didn't take a little bit of concern when she said they were a wizard hunter.

But, why Serefina had not yet returned, wasn't the battle had been over?

Raine bit her palm to stifle her cry upon the thought something bad happened to her. As the time passed without any sign from Serefina, she was very afraid now.

"That will be good. We can move forward to our next plan." The second man said as he brandished his clean dagger. "But, are you sure with this plan? If something is going wrong, we will be in dangerous situation." The doubted in his voice was palpable.

"Back off now if you are starting to be a coward!" Anger laced in Brad's voice when he shouted at the other man.

The man scoffed disdainfully. "Of course I will stick to the end of this plan, I just want to make sure that everything is under control."

"Everything is under my control." Brad said arrogantly, a vicious smirk curled on the corner of his lips.

"Perfect. After all, to kill an Alpha's son is not an easy task."