The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 209

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 209 Raine's Plan

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

-Mark Amend-


Upon hearing that, Raine's eyes suddenly opened wide in horror. Did she hear it right? Did they say, they want to kill the Alpha's son?

Only one name in Raine's mind now.


He would be in danger!

But, wasn't he in tight guard, under the Lycanthropes' protection? These wizard hunters wouldn't be able to approach him right? The Alpha wouldn't let any danger came to his family.

Regardless Raine's theory, the wizard hunter wasn't a fool. If Raine could think that way, of course the same case would be in their mind too.

If they were so dare to make a move on the Alpha's son, they would have come prepared. But, what their plan?

Against her fear, Raine opened her eyes to stare at the two pair of legs of the wizard hunters and listened attentively, maybe they would spill some of their plan.

Yet, they did not.

After saying that, the two of them went out of the room, because they didn't have any other business there.

Raine waited until the sound of their footsteps moved further and further, swallowed by the commotion that they had made in the corridor.

Only then, Raine moved her stiff body and carefully not to look at the dead body of the witches, she didn't think she could take it.

Afterward, Raine rolled her body out from under the bed and then leaned her back against the bed frame, she needed some time to catch her breath and arranged her wire mind.

At time like this, where she really needed Serefina, the witch was nowhere. Raine stopped her mind of thinking something bad had happened to Serefina and Fabian. But, the slight thought about that made Raine's body shaking.

Serefina, where are you? Raine whimpered inwardly.

Raine would like to wait until Serefina returned, but apparently she couldn't do that.

The wizard hunter had left the door opened from curios people to look into the room and when one of those people did check in the room, a shrill scream echoed through the corridor.

Once again, a chaotic situation occurred, everything was in mess when dozens people flooded the room and talked to each other, trying to figure out who had killed those poor witches.

Raine, who was hiding beside the bed, missed from people attention.

"Who killed them?"

"They are witches."

"I saw the five of teenagers when I came, they didn't look in trouble."

"The wizard hunter must have killed them. I saw two of them walked out of the room earlier."

"But, this room rented by a witch."

"The Alpha will be enraged, if he finds out something bad like this happened in the ceremony of his son."

When Raine heard that, a crazy idea appeared in her mind.

The fear of the thought someone would hurt Torak was much bigger than her own fear now. Though she didn't know if this idea of her would work out, but at least she needed to try it.

If something happened to Torak in the past, it would affect Torak in the future, right? And if the wizard hunters managed to execute their vicious plan, there would be no 'Torak' in the future, right?

Raine didn't want that to happen.

The fear of losing something so dear to her, was a dreadful feeling. Raine had felt it once, and she didn't want to feel it again.

No, if she could do something about it, though it sounded ridiculous and nonsense.

Clenched her hands tightly, she let out a soft whimper to make people there notice her existence.

Raine's position was hiding beside the bed and covered with blanket, so no one would realize she was there, if they didn't take a good look.

Hearing Raine's whimper, a few people startled and gasped, they thought the dead bodies came to life again.

However, when the soft sound was getting vivid, they noticed there was someone else inside the room.

Their eyes traveled to a blanket near the bed, on the floor, that slightly moved.

"There is survivor!" A guy screamed in surprised and some people moved forward to see what was that inside the blanket.

Once they opened it, they found a little girl, curling her trembling body in fetal position.

"Oh, there is a girl here!" This sentence was repeated again and again until more people come.

"I think this is the girl who traveled together with the witch who rented this room."

"Where is the other witch?"

A burly man stepped to the front and wrapped Raine's body in the same blanket before he carried her away out of the room.

Raine could feel the muscle of his strong arms through the fabric of clothes that he wore. She peered through her wet lashes to her surroundings. At least, she wouldn't be in trouble with the wizard hunter for the time being because of these people.

The burly man took Raine to the other place, it was like a lobby of this building, but Raine wasn't sure how to call it.

This place was so spacious with a few table and chairs as that man put Raine down on one of the chair and asked someone to bring her a glass of water.

"Girl, don't be afraid." That man squatted down in front of Raine, facing her with tender eyes.

He looked like in his early forty, but nothing was certain for age when it came to people like them.

"I am in charge here. I will assure your safety." That burly man said. "Now, tell me what had happened to you?"

At first Raine didn't talk and kept her head hung low, when someone brought a glass of water, she received it and drank it until it left only half.

"Now, tell me what had happened inside there? Someone told me that there is another witch with you, where is she now?" The man investigated Raine.

Regardless of his concern for her, but seemingly consolation wasn't his forte.